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  1. After you browse for a file, are you clicking the "Attach This File" button?
  2. I have to say that font is quite good, although it's a little too perfect. Too consistent, too sharp, no horizontal streaks.
  3. We just played this last month in the High Score Competition. You can find a copy for the FG here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241547-high-score-competition-february-chisholm-trail/?p=4190271
  4. You can try using a dot matrix font on the laser to see if you get any nostalgia
  5. I had problems booting a Triton XB cart and the things that worked for me were: - clean the TI cart port - clean and add a thin layer of solder to the XB cart edge connector http://atariage.com/forums/topic/266898-super-sensitive-xb-triton-xb-cart-rarely-booting/?p=3788499
  6. Just a note that the listing description says:
  7. I had to add a "9" to the filename to get it to run in Classic 99: MunchManBeta3_9.bin
  8. I think you are close to solving it.. see my post here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/164295-gcc-for-the-ti/?p=3885112
  9. Now that you mention it, you are right - there is an implementation out there. I am not sure how far along it is though.
  10. No, neither stdio nor stdlib are implemented. You will have to use Tursi's libti99, which has a usable printf. AORG - is this the location where the code resides when running? If so then you can specify it with a linker file. Again, see the samples in the first post. Some of those will specify >6000, as they are in the cart space. Data generally resides in 32k expansion at >A000. As for formats other than EA5, I am unsure. The only one that I use is a straight "bin" which targets the cart ROM space.
  11. Ralph, I get the same error when I run your build command. I know for sure that my GCC environment builds. I've had better luck using a makefile - you can find examples of these in the samples in the first post of this thread. Those samples are however, geared towards building binaries that are run from the TI Cartridge ROM space. I can dig into it a little more later, I just don't have the time now.
  12. Nevermind, I think I have something here that uses libti99.
  13. Could you post your testprog.c?
  14. There is an archive file inside the first post in this thread called "gcc-installer.tar.gz". It contains a bash script that contains the "exact steps". The bash script downloads the proper gcc and binutils versions, and applies the patches. The needed patch files are in the archive as well. If you are trying to do it manually, you can figure out the versions of gcc/ binutils needed from the patch file names: binutils-2.19.1-tms9900-1.7.patch gcc-4.4.0-tms9900-1.18.patch The first patch file above has a name which indicates it requires binutils version 2.19.1. Likewise, the second patch file requires gcc version 4.4.0. As for Cygwin - sorry I have no idea.
  15. As a 13 year old I took apart my TI because I wanted to see how it worked on the inside. I got it apart and thought I could make it go faster (don't remember how exactly). Anyway unbeknownst to me I ended up killing the power supply. I tried turning it on but the LED did not come on, and obviously neither did the TI. I was at Radio Shack some time later and noticed they were selling some kind of board that output the exact same voltages as the TI power supply. I didn't know this at the time, but I believe these were the QI power supplies that TI had sold to Radio Shack. I purchased the board and stuck it in the TI and it came back to life. I was super excited about my fix, and my hubris caused me to do some other things with the TI that killed it for good.
  16. I've been considering doing a custom board that would replace a SNES joystick's (not NES) internal board. The board would not contain any electronics, other than perhaps diodes. It would simply map the directionals and fire buttons to the TI's 9 pin port. I'm sure you could do the same for an NES style controller.
  17. For the hoarders on here, and I know there's a few of you , someone is selling 11 working TI wall warts: https://ebay.us/ES7Cs8 $40 + $20 shipping
  18. There is a zip file in the first post of this thread. It appears to be what you are looking for.
  19. Once again playing for the TI high score competition on AA TI-99/4a: St. Nick 90 Minutes
  20. 20430 Thanks to the Packers playing horribly today, I had some time to play St. Nick.
  21. Losing code - It's happened to a lot of us, me included. Many years ago when I was a college student, I spent many a night in my campus computer lab writing code. On one occasion, I had been up all night doing one of my programming assignments and thought I should clean up my directories. This was all command line stuff back then, and I did a "delete *.*". I was horrified when I realized I was in the wrong directory. I managed to stop the deletion process, but lost a lot of my code. It was definitely a hard lesson. On the plus side, I learned to be more careful in the future. Also, since I had written the code once already, it was easier the second time. You can rebuild it Bucko!
  22. From what I can tell, 2015E is the last version Rich has put out: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/163627-rxb-rich-extended-basic/?p=3558025
  23. St Nick is also in this post: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/253095-flashrom-99-finalgrom-99-image-repository-12142018/?p=3559160 The filename seems to indicate that 32K is required, though I'm unsure if that is the case.
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