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  1. I have ran Bupsystem on MacOS through Wineskin and it works fine. Folder management is a bit wonky but like I said, it works.
  2. I tried Knights of the Old Republic and it crashes on my PC when I try to make a new character. It's not a total loss, I could try it on my cousin's PC or my brother's Mac via steam. Perhaps a non Steam version might work. Thanks anyway for the keys.
  3. Thanks for Battle Chasers key. I had that on the wishlist for a while and it's kind of hard to get a Steam gift card with the lockdowns.
  4. That potential mp3 player add-on gives me some ideas like having a Double Dragon game with soundtracks from Streets of Fire or The Warriors running the background while playing. Or maybe having a Pengo game that plays the many, many, covers of "Popcorn".
  5. I was wondering why you would want to this.
  6. I suppose it is fun work on the hardware but like I said, somebody needs a make some hacks. I already mentioned Double Dragon. Another one I can think of is Karateka. The controls on that one are pretty awful. Another one I guess could be Xenophobe.
  7. The only game I can think of that could use three buttons is Double Dragon but some has to hack that game to make work with three buttons.
  8. I did put Bupsystem emulator exe into a Mac wineskin and the emulator does work. I didn't try out the game with it, yet.
  9. They are lacking in the quantity of PC games. I can't blame them too much, their video game culture is almost revolves around consoles and arcades.
  10. Sure but I don't think a lot of players and homebrewers would want pay that much for that. $50, maybe, but that's out of reach for most buyers.
  11. I just beat the game using the unlimited lives cheat and then beat normally.
  12. Uh, how much did you pay for this "fixer upper"?
  13. Well you did something that the people working Star Citizen couldn't do. Complete it.
  14. Well, if adding paddle controls isn't doable, would adding driving controllers doable?
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