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  1. Bakasama


    I suppose you can turn it in a port of the Parker Brothers pseudo sequel of Frogger, Frogger II:Three Deep
  2. Bakasama


    I do remember Curt thinking of selling hi-score circuit boards inside surplus XM cases, maybe something similar with just a PokeyONE on a circuit board in case. I mean selling PokeyONE pass thru cart of some kind with game that needs an external pokey seems like a better deal than paying game + $40 for each and every game with a pokeyONE build in.
  3. I think it would help to post the full version of the theme song. Not many people may know that the TV version cuts off the last verse. Don't worry about that, I got you covered.
  4. Gamestop does have some value, they one of the few stores I can buy a Blizzard gift card. I can't find those in places like Ralphs.
  5. He also approved of The Clone Wars, considered by many to be the best Star Wars animated series ever made. I guess it helps he paid out of his own wallet to fund it. I'd say it's lose some and win some with Lucas.
  6. DUDE that's sick. Does that mean somebody made a SCUMM editor?
  7. But what about: Ewoks... a Star Wars Story Porgs... a Star Wars Story Life Day... a Star Wars Story Lone Star... a Star Wars Story Han Shot First... a Star Wars Story
  8. The reason starting at the left most is a sound strategy is because the longer the game goes on the harder the game gets.
  9. I would use any Firefox fork that let me use NoScript at least.
  10. I think I rather driving controllers for those. At least, those can get a second fire button. Of course somebody has to design a new case or somehow put new button somewhere.
  11. The game seems to have a limit on how often you get the replays. It seems like every five levels. Of course those were on watermelon levels.
  12. I used trigger the replay a lot. Triggering the replay seem to be the easiest on the watermelon levels.
  13. It's a good port for it's time but after Homebrew with speed up hack (the most well known version in the arcades) added into the game as a option, there really isn't much of reason to get the game other collecting.
  14. Another thing I do remember is a bug with the area with two motherships. I think the bug was with the second mothership. Sometimes after destroying the second mothership, the ship would just fly back to life with the top piece missing and you can bomb it again.
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