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  1. Thanks. I looked through this, but I was unable to figure out WHAT files to use to convert into the ctg files. It's really very confusing reading for me. Is this to be used in Linux, maybe? Either way, it seemed beyond my understanding.
  2. Hi All, Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by asking, but I was wondering if anyone could link me, google doc me, or e-mail me the bios files for TI-99 on the Retropie. I have been searching the net all day for TI-994A.ctg (case sensitive), and there is just nothing out there. I'm extremely frustrated. TI-99 was one of my favorite game systems. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. So, I got two intellivisions this weekend at a garage sale and I was stoked. I would keep one and flip the other. However, the one I plan on selling is doing something really strange. At first, it worked great...then, after switching cartridges several times, it stopped reading the cartridges and just kept giving a black screen or a screen with jacked up data. So....I cleaned out the cartridge slot using pipe cleaners and rubbing alcohol. Now, it reads the cartridge, boots up with the title screen, but...for the first 5 seconds, the screen is black and white (no color). After that first 5 seconds, the color kicks in and everything is fine after that. Any ideas on what is causing this, and how to fix it?
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