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  1. I repaired two drives with the same problem. The price is for 4 cogs but I received 6. The plate layout is probably configured for 6 to yield 4 after inspection. Anyway, they work like a charm. Here you go: https://www.shapeways.com/product/M84R343FR/4-x-gears-for-macintosh-512k-vintage-floppy-drive EDIT: I missed the second part of your question. Yes, you will have to manually eject if your gear will not engage.
  2. You wouldn't have a link to that hardcore Apple II website by any chance? I have posted this request on a number of retro-computings forums. The Apple II Documentation Preservation Project has not archived the manual. Any lead is appreciated.
  3. I'm trying to track down a user's manual for the AST Multi I/O card. It is supposed to provide parallel and serial ports, as well as a system clock for the Apple II. I managed to locate a utilities disk image for the card on Asimov but I have been unable to find any written documentation. It has a series of jumpers and DIP switches that, without some functional understanding, are useless. Any help is appreciated.
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