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  1. Also, I hope that I am not the only one who is eagerly waiting. If financial support would be needed I am sure some of us could get funding organized
  2. Yeah, I hope it will. Hopefully in my lifetime... we Jag lovers are... what´s our average age btw? Did anybody ever analyze this
  3. Would a port of one of the rare good strategy games on the ST be worth considering? I am thinking of Utopia or Populous maybe (I do know about and own Defender ot Crown of course). There is not even a decent port of chess available on the Jag or is it?
  4. I guess there is still now news regarding Soul Star? My hope that a release will ever happen is fading unfortunately
  5. Btw, is The Last Strike already out?
  6. Ah, surely sounds plausible from your POV.
  7. Great, finally a Tennis game - but why not Great Courts, which is possibly the best and most playable game of Tennis on the ST, according to many incl. myself?!
  8. I would buy both the CD and cart
  9. Sounds good. Thanks for the update CJ!
  10. Thank you for your response. I assume you are being asked this a lot: But can you give us any status? Like "its 7/8/90%" done or which issues need to be fixed or if there is any timeframe? This is one of the games that almost made me buy a SegaCD back then - and I opted for the Jag.
  11. Has there been any activity on Soul Star for the Jag lately? Or is it canned... for the next 2 decades?
  12. Well, me and my 8 year old son love to perform 2-player gaming on the Jag. In fact, that´s what we play most. Sensi Soccer, Joust, network Doom although the lockups are tedious. A good 2 player mode would be a major reason to buy a game. Just ordered Defender of the Crown by the way and Draconian for the 2600. I wonder if DotC can save games.... we will see.
  13. It seems as if this kind of games can be played more effectively by an experienced player. Then again, some things never change: my personal highscore in Pac-Man for instance is nailed at 59.650 for years. And I own a cabinet to play it as it was used to be played to rule out any hardware variations. I do not seem to make any progress. I guess hand-eye-brain-coordination work differently on different types of games. It can not only be age.
  14. Absolutely fabulous. Isn´t it interesting how the gameplay of these classics feels "slow" by today's standards? I already noticed this when playing Xenon II on the Jag. 30 years back this was acknowledged as "frantic action". Back in the day we were sitting in front of the monitor with friends getting red faces and sweaty hands from all the action on the screen and the sheer amount of enemies.
  15. Hi, I have also received the new pro-controllers yesterday. I have only tested them briefly but compared to my original pro-controller they feel and play exactly the same. Great work, really. What others experience happened to me with the original Jag-pads. After disassembling them it was always a bit of a trial-and-error game to get the dpad to work correctly again. All in all I am very happy with these controllers and can only pay the highest respect to those who picked up the gauntlet and went through all the steps. I guess finding a good manufacturer could have been the hardest challenge.
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