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  1. Yes. The feel isn't as nice, but if someone wants a "springy" reset, instead of a hard click - this is it. I really can't find any with the larger diameter. I got mine as ALPS surplus stock a couple years ago. I don't think ALPS has made these for 20 years. These look like they copied ALPS - they be slightly better quality, but I don't promise any thing. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32856932082.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32843368100.html Also, to anyone reading this, Buy 5-10 minimum. Then Test with a multi-meter that has test the audio beep. The beep should be instant and loud. If have to wiggle the button or hold it down, don't use for a reset switch. This will save you from head-ache down the road.
  2. I'm sold out. And I don't think I can find more in this size. There is a slightly smaller rubber/ silicon generic versions of with the same size pin mount size. Mine are about 1cm wide and the generic 8mm will work, just will have a smaller dome.
  3. Main site works for me, but other parts - 404 error.
  4. If you like RF, Keep an eye out for 90's Phillips or Magnavox tvs. Their tuners are fantastic. -great picture. If you lived in MN, I have one I'd give you.
  5. Console5.com sells cap kit for a lot of consoles. You may want to try a cap kit and voltage regulator on like a 2600, then a crystal. Old age and being stored in hot closets, attics and garages can take there toll on caps. Long periods of non-use isn't great for caps either. I've had some "junk" 2600 change color pallet or go from almost no color to normal after warming up.
  6. Are you using metal tool do the adjustments? If you are trying to do the adjustment with the power ON, plastic tool need to be used. Metal tools have interference issues when used on live units. You can use them, but in tiny adjustments with it off.
  7. My parents Panasonic plasma has a screen wipe. A bright white 3" wide bar rolls across the screen for 10 to 15 minutes. Had to use it a couple times - leaving the tv on SVU with the TNT logo on the bottom for 6 hours a day really does leave a mark.
  8. You should read this: Why is my TI-99/4A in Black and White? https://www.pagetable.com/?p=672 So, you can try tuning the modulator in the individual consoles using tools like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PACK-OF-2-Velleman-VTPT-6-Piece-Plastic-ALIGNMENT-TOOL-and-Tuning-Needle-Set/282051047122 And if that doesn't work, replace the crystals. Or, you can get a cheap old VCR style tuner (with out the tape part). Those have memory buttons tuned with a little knob - making the "tuning" permanent. something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/193409251514
  9. Are you using any old school rf switch boxes or switches? Like this happens when - say you just hookup just a 2600 with a RCA to F-type (coax) adapter to the TV or the sony unit? Any difference between using CH 3 or 4 - or 2 or 3 on older 2600s. Is you stuff all from the same country too? This problem your having Is pretty strange. Most of the digital tuners from the 90's (like your sony thing), work great for this kind of thing. Hell, My 1991 Phillips 19" has a great RF tuner, I have a PS3 tuned to CH 3 right now. Streaming older tv shows on thing look great. My Model 1 genesis looks as good as composite on that tv. You've got a real head scratcher.
  10. How many and what consoles do you have? The B&W problem on two different tuners leads me to say its not the tuners.
  11. Somebody's Great Grand Pa: "I need a house, a tractor and a full size piano for Ma" Owner of General store: "I'll go get the Sears catalog!"
  12. If you have any extra after pre-orders, put me down for a kit. Thanks.
  13. Put me down for Two. Thanks
  14. https://www.harborfreight.com/trim-and-molding-tool-set-5-pc-64126.html https://www.harborfreight.com/5-piece-upholstery-and-trim-tool-set-99739.html I've personally use the hard plastic set on the top to pull apart my 5200 knob. Both will work, but, the hard plastic won't nick or gouge anything. Get a 20% off coupon, head down to Harbor Freight and resell them here for twice the price! "Custom 5200 controller Tool!" "Rare!" "Vintage!"
  15. 5. Limited places to purchase. Most thrift store won't touch old computers with a 10 foot pole. CRTs are a no-no. If they do get them, they right to the trash/recycle. If you find an old empty disk caddie at goodwill - it probably had diskettes inside. But, store rules are to toss them. Or, This was my computer when I was kid/ this was my kid's computer. Thats how most of my Craigslist buys went. Reason 3 too. Hardware wise, its probably the easiest to get a working computer running and set-up. Most people over 30/35 will have some memory of seeing or using an A2 at their school. The only reason I knew Atari made computers was because I got a junk 65xe In kindergarten that worked for a week. Didn't really know about C64 until I got one from a goodwill in my early teens. But my first MEMORABLE computer memory's were using a IIgs to learning LOGO in a lab with 30 computers. Or playing Oregon Trail on the classroom as a reward or on a rainy recess day. I even went summer program the Parks and Rec. had at local middle school and got use the LEGO Technic kit thing with an apple 2. I'd say a good chunk of 30/40 somethings now have regular decent paying jobs. So more buyers and less product means higher prices.
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