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  1. Somebody's Great Grand Pa: "I need a house, a tractor and a full size piano for Ma" Owner of General store: "I'll go get the Sears catalog!"
  2. If you have any extra after pre-orders, put me down for a kit. Thanks.
  3. Put me down for Two. Thanks
  4. https://www.harborfreight.com/trim-and-molding-tool-set-5-pc-64126.html https://www.harborfreight.com/5-piece-upholstery-and-trim-tool-set-99739.html I've personally use the hard plastic set on the top to pull apart my 5200 knob. Both will work, but, the hard plastic won't nick or gouge anything. Get a 20% off coupon, head down to Harbor Freight and resell them here for twice the price! "Custom 5200 controller Tool!" "Rare!" "Vintage!"
  5. 5. Limited places to purchase. Most thrift store won't touch old computers with a 10 foot pole. CRTs are a no-no. If they do get them, they right to the trash/recycle. If you find an old empty disk caddie at goodwill - it probably had diskettes inside. But, store rules are to toss them. Or, This was my computer when I was kid/ this was my kid's computer. Thats how most of my Craigslist buys went. Reason 3 too. Hardware wise, its probably the easiest to get a working computer running and set-up. Most people over 30/35 will have some memory of seeing or using an A2 at their school. The only reason I knew Atari made computers was because I got a junk 65xe In kindergarten that worked for a week. Didn't really know about C64 until I got one from a goodwill in my early teens. But my first MEMORABLE computer memory's were using a IIgs to learning LOGO in a lab with 30 computers. Or playing Oregon Trail on the classroom as a reward or on a rainy recess day. I even went summer program the Parks and Rec. had at local middle school and got use the LEGO Technic kit thing with an apple 2. I'd say a good chunk of 30/40 somethings now have regular decent paying jobs. So more buyers and less product means higher prices.
  6. I'm putting selling these on hold until next year. I'll be replying to the two PMs shortly. Thanks
  7. Thanks for setting up this reservation system. I keep missing the batch releases by like 30 minutes every time. And now I can unsubscribe from the "sd cartridge for 7800?" thread. No more 10-30 daily email dumps to read. So, for real, Thank you.
  8. NO, I will never stop watching. Korone Is an unstoppable force of adorableness. And everything she is in, is a blessing unto humanity.
  9. Does your 1902 have only DIN jacks(1902A) or on DIN and one 9 pin d-sub(1902)? Also, did the this set-up work on the 1084 when set to digital RGB/TTL?
  10. Ok, I saw your vid adtpro on a 1084. I think it's a settings problem on the SS2 for the 1902. I think you are getting it to kinda of work now because older analog screens could be pretty generous when it came to input signals. A pic on the top snycslayerII (ss2 for short) would definitely help.
  11. If you can get a Genesis to work (analog to TTL), The IIgs should too. I can't find a manual or even a good pic of the jumpers for SyncSlayer II. The IIgs uses composite sync. The 1902 uses TTL input. So, if you have some documentation that might mention jumpers changes for those conditions, That would be were I'd start. What has the IIgs fully worked with before? Like monitors / cables & etc.
  12. What is the monitor used and Does the IIGS to SCART cable have anything extra in it? Like caps or sync stripper?
  13. Yes. Had to good looking for them. PM with your order. Will take now take POPMONEY transfers too. Thanks Also updates the +3 qty price. Was $1 each switch after the third. Now are $3.
  14. Do you mean selling at all, or just in stock? Console5 is an American seller but is out of stock. Good store - very good customer service. https://console5.com/store/colusb-usb-power-supply-for-the-colecovision-colecoplug.html All of console5's coleco stuff: https://console5.com/store/catalogsearch/result/?q=coleco
  15. Really? was that in the last 3 months? I haven't ordered in over that long - last time I did, it was a little over a week to the midwest. But they/ he makes top notch cable and has very good support / service. I would use his cables over stock / oem cables anyday.
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