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  1. Subscribed. The videos look good. Watched the one on your book covering SNES games, I'll have to keep an out for them next time I'm at a book store.
  2. READ THIS: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-Power-Supply-Adapter-Part-No-CO62195-C062195-/302950897731
  3. Yup, I got half a dozen game gears sitting around waiting for new caps. And for me to not be busy / lazy. 🙄 This also reminds me, are your recapped macs still getting used?🕹️
  4. This was kind of gone over in this thread: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/269054-connecting-old-systems-like-2600-to-modern-tvs This is what I posted in that tread - great opinions for multiple RF inputs - plus cheap on eBay. Just copy a part # and search eBay - usually $5-25. Some have coax and RCA connectors. Here is a list from that thread with the radio shack / Archer switch types / part numbers. All are pretty cheap and work well. all coax (type f) unless listed. 15-1260 - white Push buttons - black with wood sides - 3 outputs (two select-able) five inputs with one RCA 15-1261 - same as 15-1265 but wood grain and bigger knobs 15-1262 - like 1261, but three out 15-1263 - powered 4 * 4 composite video + stereo ( not coax, but listed for info) 15-1264 - three out - no rca in - amplified 15-1265 - silver - five in - two out. one connector in a rca 15-1266 - Black push button - two out - five in - no rca 15-1267 - NES / sega automatic switch 15-1268 - OLD school atari style slide rf swtich - both 75ohm and 300 connectors 15-1269 - another old school rf switch - 300 ohm connectors only 15-2100 - black push button three out - no rca - amplified
  5. Your confusion has made me confused - All the cables we were talking about is to use the RGB 15khz out. The cable is Apple IIgs (only) db15 to scart 21pin. That cable is one VERY FEW ways to get RGB out a IIgs - most of the other solutions are adapters - RGB to component. Or, special internal card that output VGA 30khz. I think there is a box that connects to the 15pin on the back and converts the 15 to 30khz. Somebody has made a slot card that outputs HDMI too. This is the thread on Atari Age. Generally speaking, the SCART connector is used because most European monitors / TV used the SCART connector for RGB. So, now its easier to use SCART cables a good SCART switch. I have the gscartsw with my NES, SNES, 2600 and others. It works great. More info on good switches here - https://www.retrorgb.com/scartswitches.html The Apple II's have composite out as well. I would only use that If you are playing old Apple II games. The Apple II used a weird color "mixing" or "blending" that only looks "right" on a composite CRT.
  6. Pm me your address so I can get your a quote. (click my profile pic and the link at the top right that says send message.) But just a heads-up, it might be $15-20 for just shipping. I've ordered some Chinese knock-offs recently, but have got a chance to verify that they will work correctly. If they do I can send you a direct link as it may be cheaper. If they do work right, I will probably sell those for slightly cheaper - The ALPS Switches I have are running low as well.
  7. https://hotrodarcade.com/products/pokeyone-atari-pokey-chip-replacement-for-atari-arcade-games Before everyone gets too excited- These are for Atari arcade games. From the website: " Will PokeyONE work in my Atari 400/800/1200 home computer Regrettably, no. The Atari home computers require certain POKEY functions that are not supported in version 1.0 of the PokeyONE. Will PokeyONE work in my Atari 5200 or my Atari 7800 homebrew cartridge? Maybe...? We haven't tested PokeyONE in these applications, so we can't guarantee compatibility."
  8. Some of the tvs like that have "fine tuning" knobs - the knurled inside the knob. Does any thing else work on ch. 3?
  9. The NES to 7800 adapter I saw on the Rikki & Vikki review from the 8-bit guy had NES game pad to 7800 adapters. Has anybody bought these from somebody or made them personally? Literally all I can find info wise is the website of the guy who designed them: http://tailchao.com/ProSystem/index.php or a post from the Rikki and Vikki thread comes up about someone else wanting them. That site has Gerber files to make the pcb, but programing micro-controllers is out of my wheel house. Any info would be great, Thanks!
  10. I had this problem with a ps1 after replacing a broken spindle. I don't know if the sega cd spindles are ceramic - if so, they break easy. If anybody reads this and want to adjust the spindle - don't use a screwdriver! The best thing I found for pulling them off is two of these on each side: Just a cheap SD card cover cut to size. They also work pretty well for setting the height of the spindle. Leave it under when pushing down and it will be a about 1mm off the base of the drive motor. That seemed to be a pretty good starting point.
  11. You read my mind! But I was thinking A. N.other K.ey B.oard How 'bout some pics of the inside?
  12. That is a steal. I thought I was getting a deal when Half-Price Books had the Book for $19.99 new. Its listing in USD as $20.49 and $4.99 shipping! Looks like they have another pretty good deal - 3 for $23 on bunch neat stuff too. https://m.us.zavvi.com/gifts/3-for-20.list Thanks for the heads up! I might just buy a second copy of the book.
  13. Have you tried any local classic games stores? I've seen loose copys for $5 -20 at some of my local places - when they have them. Also, try searching by the part # I got this on ebay for $20. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-Pokey-chip-C012294B-01/113670943284?hash=item1a7750f234:g:jF0AAOSwq5dcesi~&frcectupt=true Best may have them for $20 + shipping. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/custom-i.htm
  14. Cheap was in quotes - Cheap for apple. They were still twice as much as every one else. I meant even for the 90's mac being poorly made for the price point (the pizza boxes mostly), at least the lower end Apple monitors are better quality that 90% of pc market.
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