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  1. Vintage Stock requires anyone buying a PS5 / Xbox one S to but an extra controller and two games with it to discourage scalpers.
  2. I gave up on it too after beating two of the dungeons due to the goofy time travel stuff
  3. I ordered Deepstone Catacomb and Panic Rooms without logging into my store account and have no way to see if they have shipped or not.
  4. I put this in a cjm X:64,ntsc,accuratedisk,driveicon J:1*:JU,JD,JL,JR,JF,JF,1,2,JF,A,B,C,JF,4,5 J:2:JU,JD,JL,JR,JF,JF,F1,F2,JF,1,2,3,JF,F3,F4 port 2 doesn't work in Impossible mission. How do I get it to use either port as port 1 or port 2 in any game?
  5. I have the latest update. How do you edit the cjm files?
  6. The triangle buttons on the joystick suck. I keep bumping them by accident and is there a way to turn them off? What does an up arrow in the upper right corner of the screen mean? I keep seeing it.
  7. nothing on but the mayrid of corprate name bowls on.  Do we really need soo many?

  8. finally got mine today. Games on Carousel keep running in PAL mode.
  9. https://www.lemon64.com Lemon64 went down after someone attacked it. Sounds like a DOS attack. Sad.
  10. Prices for the newer Nintendo 3ds XL with the camera knob above the buttons and new 3d sensor are insane on Amazon and Ebay  Anyone know where I can find one cheep?

    1. SlidellMan


      Good thing that I bought my NEW 2DS XL when I did.

  11. I am having the reset issues on both my 5200 with vcs adapter and my Sears Heavy Sixer. Good to here there is a problem with the Atarivox itself and not my consoles.
  12. been playing GTA V on Xbox one.   Can't get Duke of Death car or Dodo seaplane without being a returning player which means having to play the game on xbox 360 first and then on xbox one.  I don't wanna buy an xbox 360 and 360 version to get those vehicles and the stock car races.

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