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  1. I am trying to get my v3.3 gameshark to work with star wars episode 1 racer. It is set to Mario Bros 64 and other keycode. Gameshark stars with episode 1 racer attached but the game won't start after choosing start game. Any ideas?
  2. There are videos that came with gamebase 15 and have been in every version since. Does anyone know where I can find them?
  3. I got the needed files on my own.
  4. can't download from there.
  5. The hard drive on my last laptop crashed and now I am trying to replace mame and its roms. I can't get deco cassette to work because i am missing vod_7e and every version of cbdash I fnd online doesn't have it. I used to know where to get mame roms but those places are gone and I am afraid of what other missing rom files I will need. I couldn't find a full romset for the latest mame all I could find on usenet was a set for mame 145.
  6. I found it in gamebase 128 it is called litter patrol. don't know what issue it came from.
  7. There was a game in compute's gazette for the 128 in which you drove a trash truck around a screen and over a roadway collecting litter. Anyone know what it is called?
  8. I am looking for musical sprites from power play issue 12. I started typing it in after struggling with getting blackjack to work from the same issue I ran into a line with no checksum for the magazine entry program which won't allow any line to be entered in memory line 30\. I typed in the save command and checked the directory while GTK3 vice was running and it came up on the directory but didn't get saved on the disk image when I tried to load it in after resetting the emulator it was gone. Power Play is full of sloppy program listings. Program lines generate error messages from the mag entry program when correct ,lines missing checksums which need to be typed in. Can the programs be downloaded from anywhere. https://archive.org/details/commodore-power-play-12/page/n101/mode/2up
  9. I had gamebase apple ii on my last laptop and it was lost in a hard drive crash. There was a version of cops and robbers in it with a trainer to prevent mummies from hurting you and allowing you to walk through walls. Anyone know where I can find that version?
  10. https://pretzel-logic.itch.io/munchkin64 created by Pretzel Logic Munchkin 64 is a port of K C munchkin for commodore 64. It has the original mazes and an arcade mode with ten new mazes.
  11. I found it in gamebase. Crossroads 1 and spider.ml are machine language programs and I don't know how to copy them from other disks
  12. I wonder if it was because I switched the emulator between reversion 1,2, and 3
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