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  1. Arcade works is sold out. Is there anywhere to get blinking light win? https://www.arcadeworks.net/products/blw?variant=36483581116569
  2. Tapper wasn't cheap it was $49.99.
  3. How much money do you make from the ship mini game? I use rapid fire on b on my advantage to get into it.
  4. NPCs are annoying in this game. Several times they have blocked my path in towns and caves where bats block the road from time to time.
  5. Is there any difference between the gold game genie and the black one? Do they have different code screens?
  6. I have a fighter ,white mage ,black mage , and black belt at level 9. Can't figure what armor and weapons are best for all but the fighter. Is there a better way to read pdf files because Microsoft Edge won't let me zoom in far enough to read the small text?
  7. I just got a wico joystick and three games at vintage stock today. Will it work with the trackball version missile command? I got megaforce , tapper , and planet patrol.
  8. Been working the Swamp Cave. Got a long sword out of it. Can't deal with paralyze no items to cure it. At level 8 with all characters.
  9. That strategy guide looks like the Super Mario Bros 3 one I had years ago.
  10. I had all the Nintendo Power issues in PDF format but lost them after a hard drive crash on my first laptop years ago. I would love to own the first ten issues but they are expensive on Ebay.
  11. I got to Elfland and can't figure who can learn spells and use certain weapons. Was using a guide on Gamefaqs but I am still confused.
  12. Bowser's castle has several rooms where you could fight the final battle was someone drunk at Nintendo when they designed that level? Not mention there are two boss rooms side by side when you do trick to disable Bowser's fireballs.
  13. Part of me wants to kill the creator of Marble Craze because I feel they are trying to kill me with insane difficulty.   Can't remember which paddle does what at times , can't stop rolling in time , and can't move slowly enough to complete the levels.  I don't think anyone have completed it  Is getting easy enjoyable games to hard to ask for anymore?

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    2. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      I gave up on the game. There were certain elements about it (beyond the controls) that were unfair. (Such as restarting you prior to an obstacle that you already cleared, situations where your timer could just run out over and over, etc.) More frustration than fun for me. But I know some people really like it.

    3. bradhig1


      I tried to hack it in Stella but couldn't get the timer and lives counter to stop

    4. bradhig1


      I got all the eggs in duck attack.   Marble Craze is like Adventure 2s death after being eaten once by a dragon with no reset option.

  14. should have been trackball support.
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