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  1. https://gizmodo.com/my-favorite-childhood-gadget-of-the-80s-the-speak-sp-1832140129 Basic Fun has made a new version of it. I saw some today at Crown Center in Kansas City at a toy store for $44.99. I have an original one with membrane keypad and both Speak and Read and Speak and Math which is missing a battery cover.
  2. We had a Tornado Emergency here in Kansas last night and there was another one in Ohio. People in Ohio were getting killed while idiots whinnied about some reality show getting interrupted

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    2. jaybird3rd


      Our little town was hit by an EF-3 last year, so I can sympathize with everyone in harm's way. Stay safe!

    3. save2600


      Heart goes out to everyone dealing with this shit. ugh

    4. KaeruYojimbo


      I worked at a TV station in Kansas for 10 years. Every time there was severe weather, we got bombarded with phone calls from people angry that we were interrupting their program when they weren't in the path of the storm. If I had a nickel for every time I had to explain to one of those morons that our broadcast signal didn't cover only their house...

  3. I am having the save problem with my gameshark n64 it works with super mario 64 but not donkey kong 64. I changed the keycode to diddy and it won't boot on anything now.
  4. When games become chores in there own to beat they are not fun anymore even Nintendo's game like Super Smash Brothers Switch and Hyrule Warriors. Beating the story is as irreverent as beating one level. Why can't get game have only a handfull of unlocks and story mode instead of being over padded with unlockables , grinding, and too much work.

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    2. DragonGrafx-16


      Super Smash Bros. is all about multiplayer for me... always was.

    3. Jin


      Thinking more about it, most of the Switch games I own are fairly linear story-driven affairs. Doom, Sonic Mania Plus, Fe, Night in the Woods, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Resident Evil: Revelations 1 & 2 all fall into that category. Basically just steer clear of multiplayer focused titles like Mario Kart, Smash, and Splatoon and you should be good. =)

    4. digdugnate


      i bought SSMB in December- i unlocked all the fighters, but i'm frankly bored with the game.

  5. sick of restricted character battles where you can't choose characters. Can't past a FI only batle in adventure mode cause she is level 16 with no magic / fire protection and I need moblin flank. Can't beat Cia level on legend cause she is level 1. Gaming was fun up till Wii/WiiU now it's over bloated with too many unlockables and the story mode seems irrelevant anymore. Too many unnecessary difficulty spikes , and games taking months instead of hours to beat. Why? What was wrong with just a simple story and a few unlocks? I know there are ways to hack cheats into Switch but I can't find anything on how to do it without running into porn ,malware ,and viruses. Could someone PM me how to do it?
  6. I can't get the ball past the pitcher and I am lucky to get on base. I know holding the joystick in different directions hits in different ways but the AI is always there when I hit the ball. How do you get the ball to the out field?
  7. I got out my Sears Telegames Heavy Sixer and it works fine on it.
  8. Activision made checkers for the 2600 did they ever think about making Chess for it as well?
  9. i ordered a new one. I hate the fact the 7800 power supplies have a weird connection to the console.
  10. I just got an av modded 7800 today and my power supply for my original 7800 was duct taped where the wires connected to the brick and it wasn't working and when I removed the duct tape one wire is broke off. I saw one on ebay.
  11. Went to look it up on electronic playground and the site is down.
  12. I can't hit all the silos on the 2600 version. Enemies keep coming up behind me. I have beaten the Intellivision version. All the videos I see on Youtube are people just shooting spaceships and not the silos.
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-7800-AV-OUT-MOD-ALL-PARTS-INCLUDED-FREE-RETURN-SHIPPING/132332839054?hash=item1ecfa6e08e:g:HmYAAOSwMGVacFcX HDMI mod for Atari 2600 has anyone done it to their system here?
  14. I was playing game 3 and when it reached 99999 points the score rolled back to zero. No kill screen.
  15. I was just playing this and couldn't figure out why I didn't lose a life. I wonder if they wanted to call it Attack of The Killer Tomatoes but couldn't get the rights.
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