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  1. True Blue Mini USB stick has 480 games on it. They also make USB sticks for the Playstatoin Classic Mini. https://www.truebluemini.com/c64/
  2. I used batteries in my controller. I used to use rechargeable power paks in my Wii controllers and they didn't last nearly as long as batteries. How long do the Xbox one rechargeable power paks last compared to batteries?
  3. before you fight the final boss in Kingdom Hearts you have to go through four cutscenes to get back to the action insane.
  4. and way too many cutscenes I keep skipping. I though Final Fantasy X had a lot. Kingdom Hearts 3 has pro menu as part of dlc with cheats in beginner mode thank god.
  5. I was played Qbert-rebooted on Xbox one and couldn't get through level 37-2 because of too many green guys constently changing cubes back to first color. I threw another Xbox one controller in frustration. Modern games are just too much work and not fun anyone when beating story mode doesn't feel like you completed it. Kingdom Hearts 3 for example is way too padded with unesscary extras, collecting items for making other items, the chef minigame , battlegate 14 with a crazy hard boss I can't beat even thou I beat the story mode boss. I wish game developers would take a look at the psychological affects of crazy hard stuff in games before putting it in just to please a niche crowd of hard core gamers. I am tired of throwing controllers because of hard stuff I don't want to deal with.
  6. raging and throwing'em to the floor over parts in Kingdom Hearts 3. I have another one but the right stick drifts up.
  7. no wonder these modern controllers break soo easily they are soo hollow on the inside.
  8. already broke one controller on Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 boss fight. Out to get another tomorrow. Rotten gamer rage settin off my anxiety
  9. If I use headphones does the sound on the TV go mute?
  10. What is that weird port next that headphone jack on the back of the controller?
  11. could you make some Star Raiders overlays for me?

    1. pboland


      Please check your PM's.

  12. Could I get some new Star Raiders overlays for the 5200?

    1. wongojack


      Send a message to @pboland

    2. ten-four


      Sorry, I do not make overlays at all.

  13. I put a new mylar flex circuit in the joystick and it works fine now. handle is still spinning around ,but I think something in the handle is broken and that can't be fixed.
  14. Used Save States on Stella after 20 levels this screen came up.
  15. I was using save states in Stella and reached level 17 when I messed up my save. I can't help it sometimes I push up when I should press down and don't know why?
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