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  1. I just got my vic 20 today and I am looking for games to play on it. I don't have any expansion carts yet. I can find more C64 stuff online then VIC20 stuff.
  2. If games made in the 1980s can work on both systems then this game and demos should to. Slow the clock by giving it more frames of the same image to draw , slow the timer , anything. Are there any ntsc demos?
  3. Do the Boss Joystick and the Command Control Joysticks have the same internals or is there a difference? I have seen command control sticks with red handles like the boss and wonder if they are the same stick.
  4. I get upset about it cause people people at Lemon 64 make fun of NTSC every time it is brought up.
  5. cause I want to run it on my real NTSC 64
  6. Why does it need a memory expansion here in the US? Same problem with most of the demos they are in PAL but never converted to NTSC. They complain it's too hard to make them for the format here. I am sick of it. NTSC was choosen here so stations didn't have to broadcast two seperate siginals and we didn't have to get rid of black and white sets for expansion color sets in the 1960s. Did people in the UK have to ditch their old sets when PAL was adapted and by expensive color sets ? It makes me feel like we commodore users in the US get no respect from the rest of the world.
  7. I have been thinking about grabbing a vic20 but the prices on ebay are crazy.
  8. Anyone use one of these and know how much apple II software works with it? Makes me wonder if they got sued by Apple.
  9. How rare are these and how much ram does it add?
  10. I have been looking for an NES rom hack called Zelda's Embrace and the only ones I find are just the original game renamed. Zophar's Domain used to have it.
  11. Funny they called it Adventure Vision and no adventure games were released on it.
  12. Got my FCSStick today. Just need to find cables for disk copying.
  13. keep getting 403 forbidden errors. Makes it hard to download stuff from romhacking.net
  14. I have an A/V modded Famicom and FDS. I have a fdstick ordered. Does anyone know where to find translations?
  15. I read about it in a book I have called the Game Console. It has info on just about every system made except the 100+ pong consoles in the 70s
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