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  1. birdbrain v 4.5. Pick up fish and take them back to the bird. BIRDBRAI.BAS
  2. It's working now. Haven't seen any other problems OVERREAC.BAS
  3. Over Reaction game where you get to be like Homer Simpson and run a nuclear power plant. Can't get the gauges from the core temperatures to display in the right places. Haven't caused a meltdown yet. OVERREAC.BAS
  4. https://themiddlespaces.com/2015/09/08/for-a-good-time-calling-up-sexist-impulses-to-sell-video-games/ Old parker brothers ad with bathroom covered with writing. I remember seeing it in a comic book.
  5. fixed problem in data statements. It's working now. hcmtyp.DSK
  6. This photo shows a box for Pole Position on the Apple II was it ever released?
  7. Apple ii version of Wild Kingdom. Can't get the graphics for the tigers to work. Corrections in issue v 5.2 game in issue 4.3 hcmtyp.DSK
  8. Commodore 64 version has graphic issues too and doors open that far away as well.
  9. I am working on the apple ii version of the same game right now and the doors work the same as the c64 and ti99a versions. Fire button opens door two doors from you.
  10. Got another one. Wild Kingdom for Apple ii. Keep getting syntax error 65030 when there is no line 65030 Can't really do any debugging till I get around that. hcmtyp.DSK
  11. This is as good have done so far. WILDKING.BAS
  12. Doors won't work anymore WILDKING.BAS
  13. doors and player movement not right. WILDKING.BAS
  14. Wild Kingdom keeps getting a bad subscript error in 400 which is correct. WILDKING.BAS
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