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  1. I needed the shield to get through the green tank room. Here is the store room with all the eggs..
  2. Ran into two problem areas One there is a door that you can't enter without being killed by a green tank on the otherside a glitch maybe. The other is through a white door in the berzerk area that leads to an endless looping set of screens after picking up the last egg but before taking it to the flashing door.
  3. Is there a version of hackomatic for windows 10 because hackomatic 3 crashes when I switch to multicolor mode.
  4. I can't enter the final room after beating the cobra and I have crown. The room won't change into the version with an opening on the top. I can't map the is posted online because I can''t the tinny tiny numbers and can't zoom it in on internet explorer or whatever browser windows has now.
  5. how do you take scrrenshots and can you record videos with it?
  6. where can I get updated stella 6.1 for retron 77. The image I used the first time is bad.
  7. I tried a different sqlite file on it and the system works now. Many homebrew carts still won't boot and nether will Pitfall 2.
  8. I put 6.1 on my retron 77 and all I get is a blank screen when I boot it without a cartridge
  9. ran into a nasty glitch In the yellow room leading from the start area to the blue cave I hit the right wall and got stuck in it causing me to return to the start room and lose a ton of health losing the game.
  10. I just got a copy of Spacemaster x-7 today and it wouldn't work on my 7800 even after cleaning it. I put it in my heavy sixer and the game runs fine. Doesn't make sense.
  11. Is this true and has anyone found it yet? http://www.ataricompendium.com/game_library/easter_eggs/vcs/26avcstec.html
  12. I head there is a easter egg you can reach with the blue ballon. I tried walking through the walls all over the place and couldn't find a thing other then the last door for the flashing egg. I feel like I am the only gunter here. http://www.ataricompendium.com/game_library/easter_eggs/vcs/26duckattack.html
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