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  1. Yes, that also occurred to me well after I'd recorded, edited and published the vid Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  2. Hello everyone! It's time for another Atari ST game. This week we've got an arcade classic from Atari Games, converted by Elite for the Atari ST... a little late if anything, but it's still fun!
  3. Whether or not you did on YouTube, you did now, and it's much appreciated. Thank you so much!
  4. Only just saw this reply for some reason -- Tapatalk badgers me with notifications for threads I'm not actually following but fails to tell me when someone actually has something nice to say to me Thank you so much for your kind words -- knowing that other people "get" what I'm going for definitely makes doing all this worthwhile!
  5. Hello everyone! Been starting a new job this week so completely forgot to stop by and share this week's Atari 8-bit vid. Here it is for your delectation if you haven't already seen it! It's a really cool take on the Tetris formula that no-one seems to know much about -- would love to know more about this if anyone is familiar.
  6. Afternoon all! Time for another ST game. This time around it's the second official video game of Quavers, the curly cheesy snack. Featuring Colin Curly, but not voiced by Lenny Henry in this particular release, sadly.
  7. Greetings everyone! Hope you all had a good holiday period and that getting back to work (where applicable) hasn't been too much of a struggle! Here's this week's Atari 8-bit game -- Mastertronic's Universal Hero. A game that makes me appreciate those times when adventure games are a bit more verbose! A hearty thanks to everyone who has stopped by and watched some videos or subbed to my channel of late -- I've seen a noticeable increase in views and subs since I started posting things here, so I can only assume I have you lovely people to thank for that! Atari fans truly are the best
  8. Hello and happy new year everyone! Here's this week's ST game: the Ocean adaptation of Taito's arcade classic, The New Zealand Story. Enjoy, and I hope you all had as lovely a new year's celebration as was possible under the present circumstances.
  9. G'day fine folks! Here's this week's Atari 8-bit game -- an unusual one from Adventure International that I could never get working on my real Atari from our dodgy "computer club" disks back in the day, so I was curious to give it a try. It's Triad!
  10. Merry Christmas Atarians! Business as usual on my channel over the festive season (largely 'cause I have stuff queued up already) so here's today's Atari ST game -- following the "open world adventure" format of last week, it's one of my favourite games from back in the day: Paul Woakes' wonderful Mercenary III: The Dion Crisis. Enjoy, and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for all your kind support!
  11. I have yes -- it actually arrived today! A Christmas miracle.
  12. Managed to snag one from Retro Gamer Stuff, and it's already shipped. Looking forward to it! It does my grizzled old heart good to see how many people are excited about this thingummabob, too. Long live the Jag.
  13. Aha, thanks for the correction, I've updated the description. Shame, it would have fit right in with the other Synapse stuff that *did* get an XEGS re-release!
  14. Good morning ladies and gents! Here's this week's Atari 8-bit game for your enjoyment -- the all-time classic Shamus. Always loved this game, and still play it regularly to this day.
  15. Hello, hello! Got a much better game than last week for you all today. In fact, it's probably one of the most technically impressive games on the base ST -- I didn't know that this had an ST release at all until recently, as I assumed it was a strictly DOS PC affair. Was happy to be proven wrong, though! Here's Legends of Valour, a game specifically cited by Todd Howard as one of the main reasons The Elder Scrolls exists. Make of that what you will.
  16. Howdy all! Forgot to post this on Tuesday so you get it today alongside this week's Atari ST episode. This week's A8 game surely needs no introduction. (walks off)
  17. Nice, all of these are on my "would like to check out" list.
  18. As a new Jaguar owner, I'm interested to hear what games people are particularly fond of on this delightfully peculiar system. I've always been led to understand it was a bit of a 2D powerhouse, but the industry's shift to favouring 3D put a bit of a spanner in the works. So with that in mind, then, I ask you: what are your favourite 2D games for the Jaguar, both commercially released back in the day and more recent?
  19. Is there a list of places that will be stocking the GameDrive anywhere? I have no problem ordering from AtariAge if need be, but was wondering if there were UK/European distributors lined up. Got my Jag today, looking forward to getting some game time in! Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  20. Morning lads and lasses! Today's game is a title I wanted to revisit because I remember my brother tearing it a new one when he reviewed it for Page 6, and I was keen to see if he was right. (He was.) I should mention, however, that I discovered after putting the video together I was actually playing what appears to be an earlier version. This is Karting Grand Prix by Anco, or more specifically the version of it which is preserved among the Automation menus. The standalone version found on Atarimania runs a little better and addresses a couple of things I mention in the video but is still... somewhat questionable, to say the least! Still, sometimes you gotta play stuff like this to truly appreciate the good games out there, huh?
  21. Morning everyone! It's Atari time again. Well, it's always Atari time, but it's time for a new video anyway. This time around I take a look at Questron, a game I was too terrified to play back in the day because it looked complicated, but playing it now (and having a good knowledge of how RPGs work) I think I would have probably gotten along with this just fine. It's simple, it's primitive by modern standards (or even by the standards of later RPGs on the A8) and I get precisely nowhere after killing myself in the local cathedral, but I had a good time nonetheless.
  22. I reviewed the Atari Jaguar for Page 6/New Atari User (issue 68) here in the UK back when they were quite hard to get hold of. My brother was working for a company that published a number of different magazines at the time, and he would often bring home bits of hardware for us to fiddle with when he came back to visit. One time he brought the Jaguar with Cybermorph, and we had a good time with it. As I was just getting involved in writing for Page 6 at the time, I took the opportunity to co-author a review with a friend. I was 13 at the time, and given that all we had to play with was Cybermorph there was only so much we could experience, but I remember finding the potential of the system quite exciting. I didn't have much contact with it beyond that, but in more recent years as I'm pushing 40 I've been really rediscovering my Atari past in a lot of ways, mainly through the video series I've been producing, plus the recent Lynx collections for the Evercade. I got some money from my parents for Christmas, so I though an interesting thing to spend it on would be a Jaguar, so that I could finally explore it properly for myself. I managed to get a good price on one on eBay with three games and an RGB SCART cable, so now I'm just waiting for it to arrive, pondering what games I would like to try and pick up boxed copies of -- and crossing my fingers that the GD will be available soon
  23. I do indeed. I spend so much time hopping between these two sites I frequently get them muddled up. Thank you!
  24. I'm joining the Jaguar family this Christmas and am looking forward to this becoming available. I signed up on the AtariMania list, anywhere else I should be keeping an eye on?
  25. A big thanks to everyone who has stopped by my channel as a result of my threads here -- I was hoping I'd be able to get to know some of the broader Atari community a bit better, and judging by my view and subscriber counts, it seems I made a good choice to say hi here Thank you again for your continued support -- I know what I do is niche-interest but it's important to me, and I love it. Anyway, here's today's ST game: Jupiter Probe, from Microdeal. This was one of many games from the prolific Steve Bak and featured music by the one, the only, Rob Hubbard. It's a decent enough shoot 'em up that offers a stiff challenge -- though one could argue it could do with a few more game elements like powerups and suchlike. Enjoy!
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