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  1. My Doom2 is only on cartridge and can't remember which version it was, don't think I have a ROM of it I'm sorry to say as back when I bought it there was no option to play a ROM on the GameDriveSD card reader, I think it would play on Skunkboard but they seemed pretty rare so best option for me was a boxed cartridge.
  2. It will be one of these he is selling v98 Intro level Entryway Underhalls The Gantlet The Focus The Waste Tunnels The Crusher Dead Simple Tricks & Traps Tenements The Catacombs The Abandoned Mines Monster Condo AC2011 version Intro Level Entryway Underhalls The Gantlet The Focus The Waste Tunnels The Crusher Dead Simple Tricks & Traps The Inmost Dens The Courtyard The Living End Mine is excellent (can't remember which it is) but you get around 12 levels then the game just ends - that one will be the same I would assum
  3. Doom 2 on cart was never a proper release but for me as a lover of Doom I just wanted to play the Doom 2 levels on the Jaguar and I loved it, it was a great addition to my boxed cartridge collection but no way would I have paid that for it - I knew I was buying a pirate game but it was just the same price as buying a Telegames title except for one big advantage - the box and label looked far far better and anyone who has bought a Telegames title will know 100% what I mean by that.
  4. Doesn't mean it will sell at that price, I can list Chequered Flag and ask for £200, doesn't mean I'll get it... I've got one and was worried about listing it for £100 which was marginally more than it cost me a few years ago
  5. Well here's another mini console getting a release: the Amiga with 25 games that include the ones below plus more to be announced. Alien Breed 3D, Another World, ATR: All Terrain Racing, Battle Chess, Cadaver, Kick Off 2, Pinball Dreams, Simon The Sorcerer, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, The Chaos Engine, Worms: The Director’s Cut, and Zool: Ninja Of The ”Nth” Dimension I wonder how many will be the same as what's on Jaguar or that have been recently converted from the Atari ST?
  6. Got mine as well - Spidex, Wormhole, uwol, beast buster, alien syndrome and a Teenage Mutant Turtles in the colour i did not have... Got them all now and totally delighted with the quality of them all from day one...Actually quite glad there will be no more for a while as the Mrs goes crazy how much I have spent since all the ST games started so a little break for my bank balance will be a good thing :)
  7. I have one of the versions on cartridge that I picked up years ago and it was great but I can't remember which it was. It came in a box with some stuff on the box all about some European Jag Festival and then I got another one that was in a Doom2 Jaguar box but both were the same game as I was hoping one was the other hack but ended up with two of the same just in different boxes...
  8. Ebay has got worse and worse for anyone selling anything - and ebay keeps sending any buyers a reminder that anything they bought has an 'easy returns' policy on it so it puts in their head from the moment of purchase that this item can be returned free of charge anytime within the first ten days. It's a new thing they are trialing but all it does is make a buyer think 'great i can return this' - yes they could return in the past but now a buyer gets an email per purchase telling him all about how easy the new returns policy is... I did used to sell a few items to Europe and USA but now ebay adds so many charges likes sales tax to certain states that it puts buyers off when they see the extra charges so private sales may be the way to go.
  9. I bought mine (boxed with all games in box) as a buy it now on ebay for £299 ($400) around 3 years ago but even then that was a low price as the guy put it on as a buy it now and I snapped it up. If you do use ebay, over here in the UK, every two weeks most sellers get a special offer where any item you sale (what ever the price it sells for) you only pay £1 in fees instead of the usual 10% which is a massive saving if you are selling something that is going to sell for a high price as normally a (for the sake of example) $500 sale would give ebay $50 at 10% then you also lose about 3% to paypal so if you did use ebay look to sell it on a special promotion. ebay does seem to be the place to go to get the maximum money for the items you sell but you must send any item you sell tracked and signed for or some people will say it never got here and they will get a full refund and keep your machine - there are a lot of crooks on there and if people pay with a credit card via paypal then even after ebays refund deadline has gone (45 days I think) they can still do a paypal or credit card charge back up to 6 months after the sale has ended so long after you have spent the money they can ask to send it back for a full refund - that's why I keep proof of postage now for 6 months before I throw them out - and yes I learned from experience the whole credit card charge back fiasco on an ebay sale once in the past. If you don't want to use ebay take a look at what price they sell for and if you never get the £1 selling offer in the USA knock 10% off the price and see if someone on here wants it - and in UK we have loads of facebook 'local' selling pages but you'd be lucky to find someone on one of those who was looking for one. I would say source prices on ebay - knock 10% off for fees you would incur and sell on here, maybe even knock a bit more off if not using paypal and at least that way you'll be selling to someone genuine
  10. Half tempted to buy it and then send it back to him as game not complete and have him pay return postage from UK to France lol - actually no, I've got better thing to do!
  11. Looks like someone is selling a lot of CD games for the Jaguar - did not even realise Carrier Command was playable on Jaguar https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-CARRIER-COMMAND-Atari-JAGUAR-CD-jeu-homebrew-game-for-collector/154367718991?hash=item23f108764f:g:yIEAAOSwADVgR4HE https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-BLACK-LAMP-Atari-JAGUAR-CD-jeu-homebrew-game-for-collector/154369008242?hash=item23f11c2272:g:wasAAOSwz0JgS5pE In honesty is anyone going to buy these copies on CD when the Roms can now be played via SD card...I think burned copies of these kind ofRoms for Jag CD will be a thing of the past soon - or am i missing something?
  12. Funny enough I contacted that guy on etsy just yesterday to ask about his Jag CD boxes and was disappointed to find they were cart sized boxes so anyone doing proper size cd boxes for even just VidGrid and Blue Lightning would get a sale from me.
  13. I decided a long time ago to have a full carts collection and miss out on Primal Rage and Braindead 13 due to how infrequently they showed up in their big boxes, I also started to note the crazy prices for them even when it was just the CDs without big boxes... On the other hand I did buy two Flappy Mcfurs having missed out on the first run of Another Worlds and deciding not to make the same mistake again and the original Flappy Mcfurs were really cheap ($45 each) so the cost of two (with postage to UK was same price as one, postage wise to the UK)... Was nice to see with Flappy Mcfur such a low price for a box, cart and manual... Not sure how many copies of that were sold but I know each buyer was limited to a max of two copies and they did seem to be out of stock really quickly.
  14. And that's why I collect sealed games and not loose cartridges or games in tatty boxes - the JagGD will I think have an impact on loose cartridges but hopefully sealed and excellent condition ones will still be collected in the same way that Spotify has not put an end to people collecting Vinyl records... I think as we move into a world of digitally downloaded games people will hark back more and more to the joys of a physical box and cartridge in the same way they do with records... Who knows, I could be totally wrong and my games collection could become worthless but I'm willing to pay my money and take my chances that physical games will still be desirable in many years time... And hopefully by then the Jaguar as Atari's last proper machine might be more collectable than it is today... Who knows...
  15. In terms of items you sold for Jaguar - what games were you surprised with in terms of prices? It just interests me to see what was most desirable to buyers... In fact if you could would you give us a top 10 in terms of prices if you can - it is always interesting to see what games are wanted as I remember when Attack of the Mutant Penguins was £15 for sealed and brand new and I bought six of them - and still have them as shown in the recent pic of about 30% of my sealed Jaguar games collection... I know some people think it's a dirty word 'profit' when applied to Jaguar games but I didn't buy over 120 sealed original games to lose money on them... Over the years I've traded up and bought from all over the world and am pretty proud of my collection and am equally proud of the prices I paid compared to what they would cost to buy now so it genuinely interests me to know what your best sellers were... I have zero intention of selling any games as I think in years to come games collecting (of mint sealed games) will be pretty big - I guess we all take a gamble on what we collect and keep fingers crossed that we are collecting something that might be like Kenner Star Wars figures that rise in price as opposed to Beanie Babies that plummet in price.
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