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  1. As the price of the Jag CD unit has risen considerably I've been trying to get some plastic protector box type thing for mine but none of the retailers who stock protector boxes for Jag consoles, N64 consoles etc have them as they would probably sell very few but I've found a not too bad alternative that with a little DIY works quite well and is a pretty close fit... Two Funko Pop boxes for product: https://www.ppjoe.com/collections/sale/products/ppjoe-star-wars-the-last-jedi-rebel-three-pack-pop-protector-rock-solid-funko-vinyl-protection And with a little bit of alteration it makes not a bad fit as two sides (length and height are near perfect) but they are too thin so with a bit of knife work two boxes can be made into one which gets closer to the width of the Jaguar and with the left over bits from the box you can slot some plastic in either side and then sellotape...Looks great front and back but the sides are a bit less great, but for anyone wanting to plastic seal a Jag CD box the Funko Pop boxes aren't a bad option with a few bits of sellotape - only problem is getting it back out again!
  2. Had it not been for the fact that in 2015 I still had a Jaguar and about ten games from back in the 90s in my mums attic I probably would not have got back into the Jaguar and might have looked at collecting for one of the other consoles on that attic - Atari 2600, Intellivision, Colecovisiion etc, but the machine was still there and more importantly Tempest 2000 was still there. Since then I've picked up all the sealed games for it for cheap when they were all available years ago for in some cases a fifth of the price they now seem to cost and also a boxed (hardly used) Jag CD for £295 off ebay that came on as a buy it now about two years ago and that had all the packaging and games inside the box that even back then was a really good price... I do find it crazy that the sealed games collection I have built up over the last three years is now on the whole worth three times what I paid for it (except of course for chequered flag!), but then again many other consoles have seen big price rises too... I think the lesser selling consoles of their days are always going to more in demand for collectors than the N64s that are always available and that sold in such huge numbers that they will never be hard to find.
  3. I have a cartridge of some jaguar Golf game that I never played, it came with a bundle of games I once bought, I think it is little more than a demo, I suppose a box for it would be handy if you did one and that is what stargunner is talking about.
  4. I bought when on clearance from UK games store 'Electronics Boutique' in the 90s - £5 per game and £5 (or £10) for the machine... Bought 2 machines (still have an unused one) plus 10 games and was amazed by how brilliant Doom was as I had never played it before - Tempest 2000 as well was amazing and AVP was great too... My machines and games sat on my mums attic for about 20 years until I came back to it in about 2015 and decided to build a full collection of games for it - really grateful my mum never threw any of my machines out as I think I would not have returned to the Jaguar had it been missing from the attic.
  5. Let's hope when they do another run of Another World the guy selling pirate copies on ebay UK does not effect the sales of the actual game as it will be a big shame if a new run is done and the take up of buyers is lower than it should be especially when so many of us have bothered him for so long and asked him to do another run of them.
  6. It's the modified looking cart that made me wonder especially with the Iwar being clear... Thanks im-reg Good to know
  7. With customs fees added from USA it becomes a gamble getting games from America, I bought some recently and they all got here with no fees added and other times I have been less lucky - but yes I would rather buy direct, but was also just curious if this is original as its in a colour of cart that he sells as cartridge cover/slot protectors... And Iwar I never remember as being in a clear cart as all those early Jag games like Iwar where in the normal colour carts which the clear shell is also one he sell as a slot cover too... I did mainly just wonder if carl had ever done Protector SE in an orange cart many moons ago or if what is on ebay is just a pirate copy of it. I did think it might be due to the fact that the seller also has cartridges in that orange colour for sale, but I really don't know and would hate to buy one that is not original.
  8. One of the few games I don't have is Protector SE, however one has turned up on ebay which looks good, but was that game ever released with a colour cartridge like the one in this listing? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PROTECTOR-SE-ATARI-JAGUAR-100-GENUINE-COLOR-SHELL-BOXED-WITH-INSTRUCTIONS/133496236164?hash=item1f14fee884:g:s~IAAOSwdFJfOr7N He also has an Iwar in a clear cartridge but I thought all the early/original Jag releases like Iwar were on the regular colour carts and not on clear https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/I-WAR-ATARI-JAGUAR-100-GENUINE-CLEAR-SHELL-BOXED-WITH-INSTRUCTIONS/133496241546?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D225076%26meid%3D530ea9fa0a6e4c81bca1b5a183f8a56f%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D133496236164%26itm%3D133496241546%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3Ad23ef93c-e135-11ea-a29d-74dbd1800b73|parentrq%3A00ea42191740a6881cbc17e6ffffdfd4|iid%3A1 I know some of the game the lad sells are classed as repros/pirates but with a game like Protector SE still being available from Carl I would hate to buy a copy that is not legit - just wondered what Carl/others think of the games due to the colour of the shells. Thanks in advance.
  9. I love Gyruss so anything close to it in style is great for me. I always remember the actual Gyruss video game was in a club where I lived so this will be nice to have and give a good try. I will wait till Gaztee has them with a nice box I think as those boxes he does are so good.
  10. Well that was a double treat this morning - both new games and this little flyer in the box - one of the few games my son plays on our old modded Xbox that runs MAME (Multiple Arcade machine emulator) and one of my favourites too from back in the day... Yes, i will have fries with this!
  11. The Bitmap Books people that do amazing quality books have a new one coming out that looks like it will have some things of interest in it for us Atari fans. It is all about the most famous games that were never made and features 80 games and is over 600 pages. I can swear for the quality of these guys books as their Atari 2600/7800 book is a thing of beauty so there is no reason to think that this one will not be amazing too. It mentions on the promo page that some of the games covered are: Deathwatch (Atari Jaguar) Green Lantern (Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, SEGA Mega Drive and Super Nintendo) Solar Jetman (Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga 500 and ZX Spectrum 128K) Rolling Thunder (Atari Lynx) and if you look inside the promo pages for the book there is even more Atari stuff in their too. I have no affiliation with the guys who make these books but just thought it may be of interest to some of us on here. They really do the most amazing quality books, I bought the Atari 2600/7800 one and am hoping this one will be equally as good when I have the spare money to order one once I am back at work. https://www.bitmapbooks.co.uk/products/the-games-that-werent?mc_cid=5d7195898b&mc_eid=877f041afd
  12. For me 100% unofficial, I class all those games that were in the shops as the official games, and I'd include the telegames stuff too as it was around at the time the Jaguar was selling in retail outlets. By the time of Battlesphere that was not the case. I own a pretty much mint sealed BSG (only top plastic sliced to get to game and other stuff inside) and did question myself when I bought it as my whole intention with Jaguar was to collect all the official games, but then you end up expanding on that... ST game ports and all the newer releases that have sprung up over the years like Flappy Mcfur (remember that!), Rebooteroids etc
  13. I have everyone of those original jaguar game releases and have a full sealed set of them all and that is my only sealed jag game i don't have in a plastic protector box as i have not found one for it so i hope someone can help you as I would like mine in a plastic protector box too - yes it is sad keeping them all sealed, but when you can play any of the Jag games on SD card these days you might as well do the same as me and keep as many of them sealed as you can especially as the sealed ones will be worth more than open ones if you ever had to sell them in the future... Let me know if you find someone sad (like us) who has found a protector for that sealed game :)
  14. I don't know how accurate the Atariage store is on here, but when ever I click on 'Most Popular' in the Jaguar store it always seems to be Rebooteroids that is always number 1. If that is accurate (based on monthly sales maybe) I think it is great that a true quality release for the Jaguar is the one that keeps selling well - Defender of the Crown at number 2 and probably running very low on stock seems to be at that number a lot too... But great to see that people buying Jaguar games have clearly heard Rebooteroids is a brilliant game.
  15. having ordered your 2 new st games, would be happy for this to go in their box if you wanted to save some postage money and an extra box.
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