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  1. The guy selling the boxes from Croatia looks like he has now stopped doing it, I had a look on his ebay page recently and his last 5 or 6 feedbacks were all negative with people saying the boxes they bought never arrived. He used to sell on Etsy as well but has left that site as well
  2. I was just wondering what cartridges are due for commercial release in 2020 - we seem to have been spoiled in recent years so I was just wondering if that will be continuing into 2020 or will the lack-lustre response for some recent Jaguar games maybe go against future Atari Jaguar releases. I am just wondering what companies/individuals have lined up for a 2020 cartridge release and about how many games we can expect as recent years have seen plenty of cartridges released commercially - some excellent and some not-so, but all adding to keeping the Jaguar nice and buoyant.
  3. Really hoping this is still all go for later in the year as it looks like a cartridge that will be well worth buying
  4. I must have bought mine from him as it did come off ebay, and the time frame against when these posts started and the time I bought mine looks very similar. Thinking back I am sure I spotted someone selling one, and when I did a 'sold' search they had sold multiple ones over the space of a few month - so once one sold another one was listed shortly afterwards, the interesting thing was the price of each subsequent one had dropped so every time one was sold the next one would sell for less until I got mine which I think he said was the last one when I emailed and asked if he had any left (can't remember what number is on mine), but the reason I was keen to buy it was the early sales had been for quite a lot of money, but towards the end they were fetching about $60 to $70 once the market had been flooded... I think his first few sales did very well, but the final ones went for similar to what a copy would cost off Songbird these days.
  5. So this is where my singed Frog Feast came from, learn something new every day when you do a good search on this site!
  6. I have an attic full of all my old systems that I owned (Atari 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision, ZX Spectrum, N64, Jaguar) and then the ones I bought over the years at charity shops and car boot sales (Nes, Snes, Amstrad, C64, Megadrive, Sinclair QL) as well as the various games I have picked up cheap on car boots and some not so from ebay. I have concentrated more on the Jaguar in the last four years as that seemed like a machine I could gain a full collection of sealed games for as they are still in supply and were pretty cheap. I acquired most of the loose carts I wanted to play back in the 90s when I first bought my Jaguar for £5 and figured sealed games was a good option to collect as the price difference in 2015 was not much especially as Telegames in the UK had (back then) most of the original games all still sealed - the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein sealed were only £25 so it seemed if I wanted boxed games (having already got loose cartridges) sealed would be a better option for great condition. I have over the years sold poor condition boxed games and bought back sealed condition ones, I have sold sealed ones and bought them back cheaper - so over the last four years I have built a great collection that is now complete and it has not cost me the earth as I have traded my way up which has been a really enjoyable hobby. It has been a great hobby trading up and up until I have every game from the original releases all sealed - I know some people frown upon collecting sealed games, but I do think having sealed ones was a better option especially as all the Jag titles were so cheap (well in the early days of my collecting!) - any I want to play (and there are only a few) I had loose carts for, but even that seems pointless now with Saints SD card reader.
  7. I figured somebody would be able to pass this onto the correct people. It is the first time I've seen Another World being copied, plenty of other titles I have seen, but never Another World - I am sure the team behind Another World are in France so maybe that game is being done by someone the RGC team know as the seller is from France too... Let's see if the listing disappears. Also another guy is doing Another World Jaguar boxes (minus the games) - I assume RGC never game him permission for those either https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Another-World-Jaguar-ATJ-Art-Case-Replacement-Box/254324495727?hash=item3b36ebd56f:g:2msAAOSwNkxdTBH5
  8. First time I have seen on ebay someone selling copies of Another World on ebay. Some guy in France. I always thought it must have been a hard game to copy (for some reason) as I have never seen pirated copies of it for sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Another-World-Jaguar/133263424625?hash=item1f071e7c71:g:mWYAAOSwgsddpesk Looks like he has sold plenty judging by the feedback.
  9. In relation to why the guy was selling his games collection: The guy selling lived in Kendal which is an area that floods quite often, the only place he has in his house for his games was the cellar and it flooded last year, but he was home and got all the games and consoles out of the cellar before the water got in. It made him realise how much money he had in the cellar in games and how (had he not been home) he could have lost them all. That was why he was selling them, he did not have loads of Jaguar games, but had more Neo Geo titles - he didn't want to sell them, but due to how small his house was and the fact he really had no where else to store his games he reluctantly decided to sell up rather than risk losing them if the cellar flooded again this winter - where he lives really is a flood area. He also had three young children and that was a factor too... Was a big surprise to see someone so close to home with one on ebay, and that was as much the reason I decided to bid at the last minute, someone had popped a £500 bid on it really quickly, and in the end it went for £572 to me, but as no postage or paypal we agreed on a price drop to £550 for cash in hand and me to pick it up... It is a lot of money, but seems a bit cheaper than it has sold for in the past - maybe Saints SD card reader means more people have access to it now so the allure of it has diminished a little, or maybe it's the fact that the pirated ones are so readily available - just looked on ebay and some guy in France has sold about seven in the past three month (some boxed and some not) and they are from £20 to £35 depending if you want a box. I did notice years ago some of the rarer Snes and Megadrive titles became readily available from China off Etsy for £15 to £20 and people were worried that the originals would take a hit in value - however I think something like BSG gold has the advantage of a few extras in the box that makes it a little harder to fully replicate for the people who pirate games.
  10. Well I have finally managed to get BSG and not one of these reproductions/pirates but the real thing in mint condition with the original outer plastic seal still intact except for the top of it where the contents were removed to play the game. Bizarrely I bought this from someone in the UK 60 miles away from my house who lives in the same county as me. I really did think that I would never be able to afford to add this game to my collection, but for £550 ($725) I was really pleased to get one in such great condition. The game had been bought by the seller years ago, and he nearly didn't buy it, but he went the extra price and bought it because the money was going to charity to help fight diabetes. It really was great to get one in the UK, and to not be paying tax/customs fees as I would if this had come from the USA so that was a massive bonus. I know it still seems a crazy price for a single game, but it was missing from my collection, and it is near Christmas after all so it's my Christmas present to myself. I've added some nice photos the seller took of the items. When I went to his house to collect this we had a great chat about video games, and how he was very reluctantly parting with his gaming collection (no more Jaguar games). It really was a strange feeling handing over so much money for a video game, and was something I never thought I would do, but I am delighted I now finally own this game... Would I say it was money well spent? Well actually I would... Some people may think a fool and his money are easily parted, but for me to finally own this game has made today a great day and means to me the money (in my head) was very well spent. For those of you who have been lucky enough to own this game from its first release you might find it hard to understand the price some of us are willing to pay to own BSG. I never imagined I would ever pay this kind of money for a video game, but I actually feel it was money really well spent... My Mrs on the other hand has been slightly less impressed with my purchase!
  11. I found it strange too that no one seemed very interested in the two new Jaguar games from Piko and do wonder how well they can of actually sold - I recently ordered the new AA games that were released for the Jaguar, but also ordered a copy of Defender of the Crown as well and that was numbered 252 of 300... Now bearing in mind Defender of the Crown was a pretty well known I.P and has sold 250 copies (near enough) since release then how does a badly known I.P fair - I just think Impossamole was a loser from the off, I am from those old gaming days and that game holds nothing in my head in terms of memories, Head Over Heels on the other hand I remember pretty well so that should have swayed me to buy it, but I still haven't - yet every ST Port Gaz has done I have bought... I do wonder if Piko will back out of releasing any more Jaguar titles, I know we are guessing at sales figures, but Impossamole (especially) can not have sold very well... There was a time a four or five years ago when any new release would have been eagerly snapped up by everyone on here, but now with new Jaguar games being released every month or two it is becoming harder to justify buying every single one of them so we all end up becoming more selective on what we buy - Impossamole for me is at the bottom of what is becoming quite a long list of new games I want - UWOL, Head Over Heels, Loopz, and the two next ST Ports are all well ahead of it in the pecking order for my money I am sorry to say...
  12. New games all arrived very safely in the UK and everything about them looks top quality as usual - Looking forward to getting them at Christmas when I can officially have them from the Mrs... Defender of the Crown (number 252) with them as well... Happy days.
  13. Well six years after anyones post on this I walked into my local charity shop here in the UK and what was on the shelf for £1.50 - A kickstarter backed copy of 'The Video Craze' on Blu Ray... How strange to find something as obscure in a charity shop in a small town in the north of the U.K
  14. Got to say this all looks amazing, Doom was my sole reason for keeping the Jag plugged in for many many years after its demise - well Tempest 2000 as well - and this all looks like a great step forward. I really can't express my gratitude enough for the work you are doing in adding this update to the Jag roster of games.
  15. well yes they are the only ones that are way oversized for any kind of box protector, hopefully that will change in the future though
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