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  1. Funny enough I contacted that guy on etsy just yesterday to ask about his Jag CD boxes and was disappointed to find they were cart sized boxes so anyone doing proper size cd boxes for even just VidGrid and Blue Lightning would get a sale from me.
  2. I decided a long time ago to have a full carts collection and miss out on Primal Rage and Braindead 13 due to how infrequently they showed up in their big boxes, I also started to note the crazy prices for them even when it was just the CDs without big boxes... On the other hand I did buy two Flappy Mcfurs having missed out on the first run of Another Worlds and deciding not to make the same mistake again and the original Flappy Mcfurs were really cheap ($45 each) so the cost of two (with postage to UK was same price as one, postage wise to the UK)... Was nice to see with Flappy Mcfur such a low price for a box, cart and manual... Not sure how many copies of that were sold but I know each buyer was limited to a max of two copies and they did seem to be out of stock really quickly.
  3. And that's why I collect sealed games and not loose cartridges or games in tatty boxes - the JagGD will I think have an impact on loose cartridges but hopefully sealed and excellent condition ones will still be collected in the same way that Spotify has not put an end to people collecting Vinyl records... I think as we move into a world of digitally downloaded games people will hark back more and more to the joys of a physical box and cartridge in the same way they do with records... Who knows, I could be totally wrong and my games collection could become worthless but I'm willing to pay my money and take my chances that physical games will still be desirable in many years time... And hopefully by then the Jaguar as Atari's last proper machine might be more collectable than it is today... Who knows...
  4. In terms of items you sold for Jaguar - what games were you surprised with in terms of prices? It just interests me to see what was most desirable to buyers... In fact if you could would you give us a top 10 in terms of prices if you can - it is always interesting to see what games are wanted as I remember when Attack of the Mutant Penguins was £15 for sealed and brand new and I bought six of them - and still have them as shown in the recent pic of about 30% of my sealed Jaguar games collection... I know some people think it's a dirty word 'profit' when applied to Jaguar games but I didn't buy over 120 sealed original games to lose money on them... Over the years I've traded up and bought from all over the world and am pretty proud of my collection and am equally proud of the prices I paid compared to what they would cost to buy now so it genuinely interests me to know what your best sellers were... I have zero intention of selling any games as I think in years to come games collecting (of mint sealed games) will be pretty big - I guess we all take a gamble on what we collect and keep fingers crossed that we are collecting something that might be like Kenner Star Wars figures that rise in price as opposed to Beanie Babies that plummet in price.
  5. Now why the hell any small international seller/business would bother signing up for this is beyond me. Why on earth would some non UK/European business bother doing paperwork and then collecting VAT for a foreign government. I really think this is so foolish and will only result in lots of companies not selling directly to the UK - not quite sure what was wrong with the old customs form and someone works out the price when it gets here and you pay it at your doorstep... Seems like the British government are being lazy and just asking other people in other countries to do their jobs for them... Less work for the people in the customs warehouses to do so they can eventually lose their jobs as everything is taxed at the point of purchase and some poor schmuck with a small business in another country has to collect money for the UK government... Makes me think the UK powers think they are still running an empire and not the small country we now are.
  6. UK buying from Europe since Brexit: Under the new rules, anyone in the UK receiving a gift from the EU worth more than £39 may now face a bill for import VAT - with many items charged at 20%. For goods costing more than £135, customs duties may also apply, which can range from 0% to 25% of the product you're buying if they have not been paid by the sender already. So if buying from Europe you need the item sent as a gift and with a value on customs form of under £39 (and not sure if that includes the postage price too) so better to pop a price of £15 - £20 just to be safe as I can't remember if price of postage falls into that £39. Now if buying from further afield: The HMRC paper, “Changes to VAT treatment of overseas goods sold to customers from 1 January 2021,” also states that all international sellers will be responsible for charging and collecting the UK VAT on all items under £135. That means overseas sellers will be required to register and account for the VAT to HMRC unless they use an online marketplace. If they do sell through a marketplace, for example Amazon or eBay, the marketplace will be responsible for collecting and accounting for the VAT. David added: “To compound the problem, Amazon is also insisting that from 1 January, EU and international sellers such as American or Chinese merchants selling items to both British and EU shoppers will have to split their stock and hold some in Amazon’s UK warehouses. That involves significant new transport costs and red tape for overseas sellers.” The costs involved in these changes may well reduce the choice and increase the cost of items available to UK buyers in the future The international home delivery experts also warns that overseas sellers from the EU, USA and China may decide that the extra charges and bureaucracy involved in selling to UK consumers is not worth the candle. “Brits have been buying increasing amounts of goods online from EU and international sellers as the coronavirus pandemic continues to make shopping in centres and crowded stores a worrying prospect. We believe British consumers will be facing higher costs and less choice from January, as the impact of Brexit starts to bite,” David added.
  7. I loved the videogames magazines - in UK we had a great one for ZX Spectrum called Crash (still have edition 1 to 57) and then Computer and Videogames was the one that covered every machine and that was fantastic and made you so jealous of machines you did not have and could not afford. The machine I most wanted was a Nintendo 64 and computer and video games magazine offered one plus 5 games as a prize every month for the 'star letter' in its letters page - My mission became win that machine and on letter number 4 of month number 4 of entering I got the Star Letter... My reward a N64 plus 5 games of my choice which they mistakenly sent twice!... My star letter was an angry letter from someone who worked in a games store complaining about people sending their grand parents into the shop where he worked and asking for refunds on games that were crap - the whole thing was set around the crapper the game the more likely people would try and send the oldest member of their family back into the shop for a refund as we would be more likely to compensate an older person rather than a spotty teenager... Now as someone who never worked in a games store I just assumed that would be a regular problem and was over the moon with my Star Letter win and my N64 machine that I could not afford at the time... Next all I need was to try and win a Jaguar, a 3DO, a saturn and a playastation which never happened!
  8. Hi Albert, over here in the UK every two weeks most sellers get a £1 selling fee offer so any item we sell does not get a 10% fee attached but a £1 max fee for selling but I guess that's probably not the same for business sellers. The £1 selling fee is great for getting rid of more expensive items that have been cluttering up the house or garage... Does etsy charge 10% as well for selling or are there fees cheaper?... At least you still have ebay and etsy to sell on to UK and Europe (once Europe changes in June/July)
  9. No it's now more the fact that they are making us pay VAT up front so the old 'gift' thing or customs not checking them is no longer the case as we as buyers are being made to pay the VAT up front on any purchase from USA - then all that money is stored up (by the likes of paypal) and then sent to HMRC so now when you buy anything at all from the likes of ebay you get charged the price, the postage, plus customs fees/vat all at once. So take for example (just looking now) a Jaguar game on ebay in USA at $150 - postage is $29 - import fees - $42 charged when you buy it... or a cheaper game at $50 - postage is $23 - import fee - $19 and all to be paid up front when you buy and added to the cost of your purchase which add a big chunk of money to any purchase from USA to UK.
  10. This is not a complaint about Atariage as if I was a small business I would not be wanting to do all the extra paperwork... I noticed Atariage not posting games out to the UK as of 1st January due to VAT reasons (looks like VAT/Tax money has to be taken from point of purchase then passed on to UK governement which I bet is a real nuisance doing all the paperwork for a smaller business) and it looks like Europe starting something similar in June/July so Atariage may be stopping posting there too (if order not made before the deadline date)... I did notice on ebay recently I sold an old microphone to someone in America in January and an extra sales tax had been added to the buyers bill and I have looked at buying items from USA and VAT/Tax is now taken at the point of sale then handed on to the UK government... This makes me wish for the good old days of 'will it or won't it' get through customs without a bill - and it also makes me think twice about any purchase on ebay I now make from the USA and I bet it makes American people think twice about any purchase from the UK when tax is added at the point of sale instead of the lottery of a parcel coming in that might not be charged. Does the likes of Etsy charge these same sales tax as ebay?
  11. Towers 2 is still available but its the one in the newer box that says 'Limited Edition' on the box and has a newer label so some people may want the older original box/cart release... As for Defender of the Crown, surely Atariage must be running out of them if it was limited to 300 copies as mine was copy 200 and something and that was bought near the original release date which must be at least two years ago so surely they must be running out them by now unless the IP owners has allowed Albert to do more as that was a game I figured would sell out a long time ago.
  12. A wise decision only buying the games you like the look of - a few years ago I went through a phase of buying every game that came out for the Jaguar. I think it started with Another World and because of how many people missed out on that on its first release I thought other games might do the same so any game that came out I bought - the odd one did disappear really quickly like Flappy Mcfur but nearly all others are still readily available like Defender of the Crown which was only 300 copies but is still available after all these years. I was buying any Jaguar game and some of them like Fast Food 64 were honestly played for two minutes then never played again. If I remember right Rebooteroids disappeared for a while off Atariage store but was restocked again... In hindsight buying every game was a dumb decision and one I will no longer repeat, but I will 100% support the really good games that I like the look of.
  13. I dont' think you'll regret it too much in the end - there are lots of places selling repro/pirate Jaguar games now so some people are happy with them and others will be happy with the Jaguar SD card reader for playing games on. I think the opened box games may become less desirable over time and that's why I sold most of mine and only kept my sealed ones... In the end I'll buy the Jag SD card reader and will still have access to all the games I enjoyed over the years.
  14. Just thought with no more ST ports on cartridge for a while it would be nice to look back on close to where it all began with this post from Cyrano way back in 2015. Amazing how many of these and others made it to cartridge over the last 5 or so years. It's a real testament to the guys involved that so many were done - great games and all packaged so well with great artwork. Pretty hard to pick a favourite from over the years as there were so many great titles. Thank you all so much for the hard work in releasing these as cartridges, it's been a pleasure to get everyone of them - and who knows maybe in 2022 there might be some more (fingers crossed)
  15. Thank you so much for all the games over the years and it's lovely to see how many of these made it to cartridge and box. Some great games with amazing artwork on the boxes. It really has been a pleasure to get them - so thank you so much for them - here's one of Cyrano's early posts about them... Amazing to see how many made it to cartridge and box... Really looking forward to my final ones for a while and sincerely hope they're not the last but if they are it's been great fun getting them all even if my Mrs has moaned about the money I've spent!
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