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  1. I don't know how accurate the Atariage store is on here, but when ever I click on 'Most Popular' in the Jaguar store it always seems to be Rebooteroids that is always number 1. If that is accurate (based on monthly sales maybe) I think it is great that a true quality release for the Jaguar is the one that keeps selling well - Defender of the Crown at number 2 and probably running very low on stock seems to be at that number a lot too... But great to see that people buying Jaguar games have clearly heard Rebooteroids is a brilliant game.
  2. having ordered your 2 new st games, would be happy for this to go in their box if you wanted to save some postage money and an extra box.
  3. I always found it odd that alien Vs Pred was expensive as I assumed anyone who bought the Jaguar years ago would have bought that game so most second hand jags would have come with that game as standard so i was always surprised it was expensive...Rayman I always thought would have been a bit more expensive as it would have not have sold as well as AVP... Rayman, AVP and Atari Karts do always seem expensive and even when I started collecting Jag games in 2015 those were the more expensive ones back then too... Even when Telegames in the UK had lots of old stock when I started collection, Rayman and Atari Karts were not available and AVP was the most expensive they sold at £90 for new and sealed...
  4. Same as many I started off with an Atari 2600 - £129 I think and games at £29.99 each so games back down where expensive if we take into account inflation and rise in wages since the late 70s, then a shop called VisionHire (bit like radio rental) started renting Intellivision machines for about £8 a month - you got two games with it and could swap them for two other games at the end of a months hire. Then I got a Colecovision on a bargain when they were being sold for cheap by the local Co-Op, the price for a coleco was dropped to £50 and that came with some extra games as well - by then though I had bought into the ZX Spectrum world (£129.99 for 16K machine £179.99 for 48K machine and games from £4.99 to £14.99 for something like The Hobbit adventure game)... The Jaguar came much later and was the steal of the century when it went bust as the machines and games were being sold for £5 each other here in the UK - I really wish I had cleaned that shop out LOL. After that machine I decided I wanted an N64 to play Goldeneye on so set about winning one by concocting a star letter for the magazine 'Computer and Video games' and after three letters to the magazine I eventually got star lettter - the prize - an N64 plus 5 games of my choice. Other the years I have had other machines like Megadrive etc, and picked up lots of things at car boots and charity shops, Snes, nes, 3Do, etc, but I have always had a real soft spot for Atari - the 2600 was my first proper machine, but my love of Atari really comes from the Jaguar - I am a person who loves a bargain, and still does so my Jaguar for £5 is probably one of my fondest memories ever when I walked in that Electronics Boutique store in East Kilbride and spotted that mountain of Jaguar machined and games being cleared out - and Tempest 2000 was so great. I have other the years collected lots of games from car boot/garage sales - i even put a few adverts in local papers years ago in the wanted section when I was looking for gaming stuff and arcade machines and ended up with a 1960's Wurlitzer jukebox for my efforts and some gaming stuff too - but it is the Jaguar that I do still love for some reason. I do think it has something to do with Atari for me being the original gaming brand - it's even there on Blade Runner, that's how highly as a brand it was considered back in the day. There was a company in the UK called Joystick Junkies and they used to do some great t-shirts with the Atari logos on them, I had one or two, and when I went to America and had those t-shirts on it would actually strike up conversations with people of a certain age who all remembered that logo fondly from childhood - I guess the Jaguar was not the greatest machine but it was lucky to have the Atari logo on it, had it not had the Atari logo on it and it was a new machine from the Intellivision or Colecovision stable then maybe all the affection lots of us have for it would maybe not be there - there really is something nostalgic about that logo that makes me delighted that I walked into that game store all those years ago and started my Jaguar collection for £5 - I just wish I had bought every machine in that store as there literally was a mountain of them!
  5. I would buy new games, price difference is minimal, and if prices do fall, or interest in a console dwindles, people will want to buy the game with the nicest box not some tatty looking one - for the price difference go new, in the long term what you buy will hold its value more. Flash carts mean anyone who just wants to play a certain game (Tempest 2000 was one such game on Jaguar) would in the past have had to buy that loose cart - now they won't have to - hence loose carts will lose value faster. However someone who wants the whole package of box/manual and cart will still want those, and will want them in as best a condition as they can find.
  6. I started collecting for Jaguar in 2015, I picked it when I got back into retro video gaming in my 40s and because I already had the machine and a bundle of games in the attic from when I bought it years previous when they were selling the machines and the games off for £5 in Electronic's Boutique in the UK. I wanted to try and build a full collection of games for a single console and the Jaguar (at the time) looked like that was do-able on a budget due to its limited library of games, and the fact that there was so much new stock still out there at a cheap price. It was a no-brainer to collect sealed game only as I already had the opened games that I wanted to play - there really are only so many games on the Jaguar worth playing, and I also knew a good emulator would arrive at some point too which would probably mean that brand new and sealed games would be far more desirable in the future to games collectors if I ever decided to sell everything, also piracy/copies was going to become an issue with every more expensive game so if you did have loose cartridge of a collectible game, without a sealed box it could easy be a copy. Etsy for a while were selling copied Jaguar games alongside the mass of copied N64/megadrive ones that have flooded the market in recent years. I have built up a great collection of sealed Jaguar games over the years and would often sell some sealed games on ebay if I knew I could buy the same sealed game back cheaper elsewhere, however that's not really the case now a days as the ebay prices and shop prices with old surplus stock are now very similar. Back in 2015-2018 Wolfenstein sealed and Doom sealed could be bought for £25. Defender 2000 was £30 sealed, so excluding Alien Vs Predator most sealed games were from £10 to £30 - many of them like Dragon, Chequred Flag, Brutal Sports football are still dirt cheap for sealed copies, but the more popular titles have jumped in price to a level where if I was starting to collect today it would maybe deter me from picking the Jaguar as a machine to collect for. For me part of the fun of building up my Jaguar collection was the buying and selling to gradually get more and more games for as little cost as possible - maybe sell one game to buy two back if you spotted an auction listing on ebay rising in price for a game you had - pop your game on as a buy it now and see if it sold, and if it did buy the game back cheaper from even as far afield as America as long as you knew the customs fees would not be added. My collection of sealed games is beyond stupid to be honest, every game I have two of, and some games like Doom and Wolfenstein I have 5 or 6 sealed copies of, I did get carried away with collecting sealed Jaguar games, but I really loved the whole buying and selling of them, and the whole process of trying to build up a great collection from a standing start of no sealed games in 2015. I do sometimes look at all the sealed games and think was it worth all the time and effort to build up this collection and the answer is always the same 'Yes' I know some people see no point in collecting sealed games, but for me they are always going to be the ones that are going to be worth more money if you ever have to sell them. I personally see those old sealed games as a small investment: money in the bank at the moment makes 0% interest, but retro games appear to keep rising in value - I have seen many of the game I have bought double and treble in value in five years, and there is no bank where I would get a return like that. Who knows where those old sealed game values will be in 20 years, they could have trebled or quadrupled in value or they could have plummeted - all I know is bank interest rates will still be near zero percent so I am delighted I have such a complete collection to hand over to my son if something ever happens to me. I am sure a bundle of a 100 or so sealed and mint condition retro Jaguar games will put more of a smile on his face than the money I have spent on them, had I left that money in the bank. On a side note: The Jaguar, was in 2015, a machine that had been well and truly forgotten, but today I see it has a vibrant machine with more and more new games being released for it year after year. In 2015 I would have never imagined the amount of new games being released year on year, and every game that comes out I buy a copy of to add to my collection, and those game I know will never ever rise in value as they are going to be available for as long as their is a Jaguar community, but I still diligently buy every new game that comes out for the Jaguar - those old sealed games were the hook that got me back into the Atari Jaguar, but the fact that so many people out there are keeping this machine alive with new games (and those ST Ports too) has been like a breath of fresh air as I figured my interest in the Atari Jaguar would dwindle once I had all those old sealed games, but it has not dwindled at all thanks to all the new games that come out - and to be playing all those new games has made me question the logic of collecting sealed games... Rebooterodis really is so brilliant!
  7. My copy on cartridge, from god knows how long ago - the box is maybe a bit excessive for what was little more than a demo (can't remember if it was playable)
  8. that looks excellent, one of not many games on a 6mb cart
  9. Rebooted box looks really good - be nice to have a cartridge with so much on it
  10. I guess it must be original, it's already nearly $500
  11. Not that I am bidding, but how do you know this is original, when we all know so many copies of this have been done with excellent boxes and excellent quality manuals. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atari-Jaguar-Battlesphere/174268529868?hash=item289336bccc:g:6c0AAOSwB6RerJLM The gold one is a bit easier to assess with all the extras in the box like the CDs, but this one is a box, a cartridge and a manual - and there was a guy in France selling these on ebay for a while and they did look really good, I don't know if anyone bought one, they were about £50 and the boxes and the manuals did look really good. Another one at nearly £1000 is on over in Italy https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BATTLE-SPHERE-brand-new-Atari-Jaguar/323480138246?hash=item4b50eb3206:g:xwoAAOSwkIdbtH0P A lot of valuable N64 games sell for a lot and are still sealed with (in UK) a Nintendo red seal so they seem easy to buy and safe to buy, but Battlesphere has been copied to death - would anyone on here be willing to gamble £1,000 on that one in Italy, I know I wouldn't (even if I could afford it)
  12. I was looking through my collection of Jaguar games the other day (well i have little else to do on lockdown now the DIY is done) and it got me thinking as to some of the games I have in my collection and how many copies of some of them were actually made. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a mint/complete/sealed (except for slit in top of seal to get to game, jugs cd, manual, etc) BSG last year which set me back £550 which was the most I have ever paid for a game and will never ever pay higher, and in truth never thought I would pay that much for a game, but it was local and was as good as new - the Mrs helped pay towards it as a Xmas present so in the end I bought it... I think there were 100 made (supposedly) but they did seem to turn up on ebay once every six months or so for charity if people can remember that but none have been on for quite a while. Another World seems to get a mention a lot on here and still seems to fetch a hefty price, people on ebay seem to ask too much, but if they ever sell as a proper auction on ebay and not a buy it now the price seems to be around £230 - that was a game if I remember right that had two runs, so 400 in total I think. More recently the guys here at Atariage have sold some games in a limited run - Defender of the Crown (which must be getting near a sell out of its 300 games run by now) and the Dizzy games (250 each)... Wave 1 were repackaging some of their games and running them as limited too with a few graphical alterations but I don't know how many they did of each. I also found some old Frog Feast game that was signed and numbered too, that was from a 2007 release I think. That might have been a run of 35 games (i think), but that game is now readily available again over at Songbird. But the game that really caught my attention from recent years was Flappy Mcfur which seems to have been forgotten and never ever seems to pop up on ebay at all. I did wonder why until I went to the webiste of the game and found this from the guy behind it: Three years of learning. Three years of programming. Three years of drawing. And it all should have taken three weeks. Flappy McFur is finally in the hands of the masses, or at least the 80 or so individuals that were actually interested. So my question is: is that game the current rarest Jaguar release with only 80 copies sent out to the masses - I do know it's coming out again later in the year as part of the cresecent memories cartridge, but a release of 80 copies does seem low... Have any other jaguar cartridges, to buy commercially, ever been released in such a low number and then not been availabe to buy again at a later date? I do like how the games that seem to be released now a days are available to buy forever so when Rebooteroids sold out here on Atariage more were made available - I guess that won't be the case with Defender of the Crown, or the Dizzy games, but maybe the limited run format of some Jaguar games is a thing of the past. I'm just interested to see what the runs were on 'limited release' jag cartridges, and to see if what I have written above is pretty much correct, I know many of you have much more knowledge of this than I do - it was just be nice to have all the numbers in one place for no other reason than my curiosity. Any additional information anyone can add would be greatly appreciated - I am genuinely curious as to what is the lowest cartridge run for any commercially available game on the Jaguar. Thanks for your time.
  13. will be ordering later in the month when i have the money, two great choices
  14. The guy selling the boxes from Croatia looks like he has now stopped doing it, I had a look on his ebay page recently and his last 5 or 6 feedbacks were all negative with people saying the boxes they bought never arrived. He used to sell on Etsy as well but has left that site as well
  15. I was just wondering what cartridges are due for commercial release in 2020 - we seem to have been spoiled in recent years so I was just wondering if that will be continuing into 2020 or will the lack-lustre response for some recent Jaguar games maybe go against future Atari Jaguar releases. I am just wondering what companies/individuals have lined up for a 2020 cartridge release and about how many games we can expect as recent years have seen plenty of cartridges released commercially - some excellent and some not-so, but all adding to keeping the Jaguar nice and buoyant.
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