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  1. Once people have these: How have people found Head Over heels and Impossamole. I remember these from my old ZX spectrum days, but can't afford to buy them yet - just wondered what people thought of them. I used to really love Head Over Heels.
  2. I hope you can make the boxes for this game the same size as all other peoples Jag boxes as the one or two games I have bought from you will not fit in any Jaguar box protectors I own as the boxes are too big (not by much) but they are too big to fit inside Jaguar plastic box protectors. It would be great if the box size of Wave1 games could be the same as everyone else's boxes - just thought I would throw that into the ring before you make any boxes for any new games. Hope you don't mind me mentioning it.
  3. That's a lot of cheap games he has been selling, and decent looking boxes too... No wonder collecting video games will become a lottery for people as to if they get reproductions or originals in the future... The quality of repros will only get better and better, and it certainly won't cost them much to add a manual if they can source the originals... As always when things become valuable there will always be someone making fakes and knocking them out at a bargain bucket price.
  4. Just spotted a listing on ebay for Impulse X / Double Feature 1 on the same cartridge... Was that game on all Impulse X cartridges? Just press down button 2 on the keypad to access it while switching the machine on at same time. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atari-Jaguar-Impulse-X-Double-Feature-1-Cartridge-Complete-in-box-tested/264388803313?hash=item3d8eccfaf1:g:EN0AAOSwGzNdH69V
  5. With regards the game ROMs we will need for this item - I assume it is a case of they are easily findable and downloadable from various places on the internet. I have an old Xbox running CoinOps 6 and that has around 20,000 Roms on it so I assume there's plenty of places online for downloading the files for each Jaguar game. I have never actually loooked for Jaguar Roms online, but with this coming close to release, I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of where is the best place to download the game Roms for jaguar games... I do assume for one reason and another that these won't be sold full of Roms, so in preparation for buying one of these, where is my best place to look to find the game Roms I will need... I am not sure if this has been covered pages/months ago so my apologies if it has been covered.
  6. I am pretty sure the Skyhammer one looked really out of focus on front cover too, but either way I stopped buying the actual Telegames releases due to the quality of the boxes - Iron Soldier 2 was my final buy and the box was pretty poor as well. I did just assume that the telegames and songbird boxes (for UK releases/restocks in UK) were being printed from the same place in the U.K so I just didn't buy anymore. I have looked at buying from USA as I don't have Total Carnage and a few others, but the customs fee always stops me... I do think if you are buying $80 plus for a game then a nice box is the least that can be expected... The box Gaztee does for the ST games are amazing - maybe I have been spoiled with the standard of those items.
  7. I am from the UK and have bought loads of games from Telegames in recent years, it really was the cheapest place to source brand new original sealed Jaguar games here in the UK even if the stock seems to be running low now and the prices getting higher for what's left. I too would agree though that the quality of their own games, box wise, is pretty sub-par. I can remember the first one I got, the print on the box looked like it had been scuffed with sand paper even though the box cover was smooth. I ended up getting another box for it, but that was identical too... My Skyhammer and Breakout 2000 boxes were no better either, but for those original early Jaguar games Telegames was impossible to beat - it's just a shame that the quality of their own releases let them down. However I do think Telegames is just one man now a days, and for me, that man, Peter, has been a great help for me in buying all those original sealed Jaguar games from a reliable source that was always cheaper than ebay for brand new sealed games... It was just a pity that the Telegames boxes weren't really of the quality you expect when paying £70 to £80 for a game.
  8. I just ordered Defender of Crown the other day along with the two Dizzy titles... Am looking forward to trying out the new Dizzy game when it is done and dusted and posted out in the coming weeks... Will be a nice little present for myself... I am sure Defender of the Crown will eventually sell out, I bet there will be a final rush when it's announced there down to last 15 or so... Really looking forward to my games coming, Speedball 2 is next on the agenda when I have some more spare money.
  9. One of the games I really enjoyed when I owned a Colecovision was Hero by Activision, I loved the way it played - be nice to see a game like that popped onto the Jaguar with updated graphics. I think that would be a great one, or even a variant of that type of cave rescue/helicopter game.
  10. In response to the person thinking the Jaguar will drop in price like the 2600 did - I really don't see that happening at all, the 2600 was in at least one house on every street back in the day, the Jaguar most certainly wasn't. I did personally think that the Atari 2600 would take a sudden surge in popularity after it had such a prominent part in the film Ready Player One, but all that seemed to do was ramp up the price of the game 'Adventure' for a few month and did nothing for the value of the Atari 2600 machines. I've seen in the UK over many years of watching ebay that the hugely popular machines in our country fall in price over the years as there will be people forever finding them on attics for decades to come due to how many were sold, and there are only so many people nostalgic for the old machines when all the games can be played via emulators, plug and play joysticks, or new versions of the machine - the more popular the machine historically the less it will become worth I think, were as less popular machines like the Memotech MTX512 and Oric Atmos will hold their value and even increase as the years go on. I think Atari 2600 also got clobbered by those Flashback machines that must have been released and re-released in about ten different versions. I do consider myself lucky that my two Jaguars were bought in the mid 90s when Electronics Boutique in the UK were selling them all for £5 each - I really do look back on that day and wish I had taken the entire pile of brand new boxed Jaguar machines and new sealed games that were all £5 each as well... If I had a time machine I would go back and buy the lot - well maybe not the sealed Chequered Flag games! I do think the CD machine is getting stupidly priced as well - less than 2 years ago my boxed one with all the packaging and games (and looking mint) was £299 - now ones without boxes are fetching even more. I do think the chap who asked for a jaguar for $90 is just trying his luck - I used to do similar many years ago before the likes of ebay turned up - I would pop an advert now and again in my local newspapers wanted section looking for old arcade machines or old video games machines and put my phone number in the advert, it only paid off once or twice, but still pride of place in my kitchen is a Wurlitzer jukebox from 1961 that some guy was throwing out and let me have for a £100... I think now a days everyone knows the value of everything thanks to the internet so there's no free meals for anyone anymore... You pay market price for what ever you collect now a days, or you don't get it!
  11. Looks great, Kong was always one of my favourite arcade games and this looks really good. I actually like the fact that you are trying to do something with the backgrounds and not just have the traditional black screens - would be interesting as a selectable option - background on/background off, but I really like the fact it's not just a black screen. As other people have said Nintendo are one of those firms who protect their I.Ps vigourously. I guess that's partly down to the fact that they keep using the same characters over and over again for every new machine they ever release. I have been watching the Nintendo Switch release games and most of the AAA titles released have been slight revamps of the Wii u titles that failed to sell. Nintendo really must be rubbing their hands with glee that Super Mario Bros - Mario Kart - Splatoon - DK Tropical Freeze and many others that failed to find a buyer on Wiiu are selling like hot cakes on the Switch - even Zelda Breath of the Wild was a Wiiu release (at same time as Switch release though) But yes, as people suggest, a name change would be very wise - looking good though, and actually looking more polished already than one or two games that have been released on cartridge over the last year or two... Great work.
  12. All mine from AtariAge and Gaztee fit perfectly - the only one that didn't fit by a mile was a Wave1 game I bought so I won't be buying anymore of them as they are too big and the cardboard of the box seemed really flimsy, but the wave1 game I bought would not fit at all - think it was JagZombies, never had a problem with any other games though.
  13. Thank you so much, the quality of everything is amazing as always... My guess for next games: Arkanoid + Ghouls and Ghosts.
  14. As said previously, Telegames in the UK are still selling loads of sealed Jaguar games, but I have noticed that there list is shrinking and becoming more expensive, however their own games will probably always be available so the likes of Towers 2, Iron Soldier 2, if there's demand and they run out will always be rerun. What will not get a rerun is those original games that Telegames don't own the rights to - so everything from Alien Vs Pred, Defender 2000, Missile Command etc - when they run out they will be gone. I have been buying sealed games for the Jaguar from Telegames for a good few years now, and nearly every game I bought (excluding telegames own) are all sealed and in mint condition. It really has been a great place to help build a full collection of all those original release Jaguar game. However I have noticed a price increase last year and also games becoming out of stock... Iwar, NBA Jam, Zool2, Missile Command 3D and some others all became unavailable over the past 18 months and others will no doubt follow suit... Doom sealed was £30 about a year ago, now it's £50 so I'm guessing stock on that is getting lower too. I do think collecting for the Jaguar is an attractive option when sealed mint condition games can still be bought for cheap compared to other systems, but eventually all those big stockpiles of games will run out. I bought my Jaguar console back in the 90s, and already had a good head start with collecting games for it when I came back to the system about 4 or 5 years ago due to still having all my old games. I was genuinely surprised how many sealed/mint games were still out there, but I guess all that unsold surplus stock had to go somewhere and those who bought all the stock for cheap have probably done quite well out of it as prices have steadily risen. I think the Jaguar will never be as popular as many other machines, but it's still an Atari machine, and I think that name alone will always attract people to it - video games are like movies, people will always be looking back on the historical development of video games, as they do with films, and the name Atari will always shine brightly in those early years - the number of times I have seen people wearing Atari T-shirts - never Intellivision, or Colecovision from those early years - okay the Jaguar was the nail in the coffin, but that is still of historical interest in the development of video games. Prices will rise on Jaguar games, but they will on lots of other systems too - the only bonus with Jaguar stuff at the moment is that their is still the opportunity to be able to get a full collection of those early titles in mint condition, and that can't be said for a lot of other systems unless you remortgage the house. I think the guys who bought all the surplus Jaguar stock all those years ago and kept it for all these years, deserve a lot of credit as without them the prices of Jaguar games would be through the roof by now in my opinion.
  15. Hope no one minds me posting this: If anyone has a sealed copy of Raiden in the UK or Europe please let me know if you are looking to sell it. I was about to buy from USA for $120, but import duty will make the game too dear as seller on ebay always puts full price on the little green customs form (damn these honest people lol) which means a fairly substantial custom fee when it arrives here in the UK. I took a peek on telegames uk and the game is not in stock. I am looking for a sealed copy of it to add to my collection and someone with one in the UK or Europe would be ideal to save on customs fees - or even some dishonest American who doesn't mind committing the crime of the century by listing the contents of box at around $10. Thank you in advance,
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