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  1. I love how Atari 8 bit users take their hobby so seriously
  2. It's like they're waiting for their buttons to be pushed and then they immediately light up. lol... And i love those "this thread must be locked" reaction (because we users can't make the disappointed customers shut-up)
  3. Yeah that's called life, sometimes long time business not only get a bad rep but get bankrupt too. People are and will voice their concerns when they don't get a reply from a business no matter what their reputation is. So everybody should get over this and if a thread does not interest or bore you to death simply don't read it. There is no need for magical forum options to ignore uninteresting subjects.
  4. Hope you get better and it isn't anything serious, good luck with the scan.
  5. Then why do you keep reading it? Is it a mandatory reading?. It cracks me up when i see people complaining and saying that they had enough reading about something when they can easily ignore the topic. Despite all claims I guess seeing ATARIMAX in bold in the forum topics list somehow magically draws bored people into the discussion
  6. So I suppose there is some kind of an Atari side driver for PCLink, giving that the SIO protocol only deals with sectors when it comes to disk drives.
  7. Of course, I totally forgot about that...
  8. Looks like PCLink is buffering sectors. Also in this case, it looks like Android is also a limiting factor because the same test as your first one (SIO2PC-USB @ 115000bps) gives me a DOS Average of 6111.85935 B/sek on a Windows PC. Hmmm, It would be interesting to see what kind of result i would get with PCLink on the same PC.
  9. Damn OCR , wonder what else is wrong with that user manual... But I guess there is a rev 7 ROM after all, although it looks like it is for the 810: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/257578-happy-810-resources/?p=3692606
  10. On an SIO2PC even 4.2 kB/s is nowhere close to the theoretical throughput of of 57600bps (7200 kBs). I wonder why is that? what is the overhead on a hard wired serial port?
  11. FYI, I am getting a DOS Average of 3798.70175 B/sek @ 57600bps, and 2810.505787 B/sek @ 38400bps using a SIO2PC.
  12. Warp Speed Software Revision 7 User Manual mentions rev 7 ROM for 1050:
  13. is there a revision 7 ROM out in the wild and do anybody have a link?
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