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  1. Going through all my disks from the 80's! I'm a professional archeologist of the digital age. All the cool finds. The awesome text files. The lost games. My own infantile BASIC programs that would print swear words and stuff! We were THE SHIT back then. The best of times 2BSure! YahWoot!

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    2. DaveD


      I have some good stuff on C-64 floppies somewhere. Realizing they wouldn't last forever I did a quick video dump to VHS of some early animations and games I did. Because VHS will be around forever!

    3. Schmudde


      Great job keeping them around this long. You should publish some of the things you resurrect and talk about them. I'm sure there would be interested eyes!

    4. JacobZu7zu7


      wow, cool trip into the BASIC days.

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