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  1. I do think it's a combination of few factors - C64s running hotter and needing heatsinks to survive into their old age, nasty power supplies like ingots, and sheer volume available that makes people less careful/caring for them. Buying "untested" Ataris vs C64s on eBay there is a MUCH bigger chance that the C64 is dead than any given 8-bit Atari...
  2. In my 800XL I mounted mine where the RF modulator used to live, and used the 3-4 channel switch hole to mount the 3.5mm jack from Stereo Pokey. Took my sweet time doing it, and to my eye it looks great. In fact I've started enjoying modifying my machines as much as using them, in the "it's a journey, not a destination" way. Removing the RF modulator really is all about enough heat mass and a good solder sucker if you don't want to get fancy with heat guns, etc.
  3. Well, his last video went into more detail about planned pricing, and at $200-300 for fully-socketed boards and $100-200 SMD boards, I think the price is well below what other machines of this type are selling or planning on being sold for, like Mega65 or Foenix C256. Not to mention 1088 variations I'm excited for it, it's an Amiga-level machine without all the complexity, if it comes to fruition, and the best part is that the entire project isn't taken up by FPGA coding which seems to be the norm these days, and which is never complete...
  4. Of the myriad of retro modern machine projects out there right now, he's got by far the biggest following, and the best chance of success. The idea is to build a computer using off-the-shelf parts that works like a retro machine, but faster, and with great BASIC and Assembler built in. There are a lot of enthusiastic people behind the project, and I sure hope it comes to fruition. This isn't a "let's play old games" machine - there are a million of those. It's a hacker/programmer/tinkerer machine. Not for everyone of course, but judging by the Facebook group, and his popularity in Commodore/Retro PC circles, it has a lot of momentum.
  5. I guess you haven't seen "Multiplicity"? 😎
  6. I got a 1027 as part of a larger purchase. Not expecting much, I hooked everything up, and after putting a new roller on, it started printing perfectly! A full page of repeating BASIC program printing uppercase, lowercase, and numbers/characters. And then it started printing garbage... I can print HELLO for example, cleanly every time, but if I try HELLO WORLD, the second word is garbled. Any advice on what it could be? At first look everything looks fine, even oiled the shaft as per instructions.
  7. Great application, thank you for making it! The Scan ATR Files is especially useful. One suggestion - could you make the windows re-sizable, at least vertically? Also, same issue with Logitech process holding up the start, latest Win10. I have Logitech keyboard and mouse, if that matters. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks For some reason, "new" 800XLs are easier to find on eBay than other 8-bits, and they don't cost a fortune. It's my second one, but the first has the Mitsumi keyboard... Here are few pictures of the top case with keyboard, and motherboard (out for socketing and S-Video...)
  9. Interesting what feels cheap to different people My 16-bit days were spent on 520ST, then 1040ST. Absolutely hated the keyboards. When I finally got a Mega 4, it was a godsend. My father on the other hand loved the ST keyboard, and could care less for the Mega keyboard. That way we never had to fight for the same computer!
  10. NEW 800XL. Alps keyboard, Hong Kong Rev C motherboard with the main chips socketed. LOVE this keyboard, my first one!
  11. Just load JiffyDOS as a replacement Kernal in EasyFlash 3 and if you don't have one already, get an SD2IEC device, and you should be good to go. If you want to get fancy, you can get Ultimate II+ cart and DMA load programs from it (almost instantly), has drive sounds built-in with volume control, and it has a great SID player built-in (can even emulate 2 SIDs!) Anyway, off topic, but you mentioned you listen to SID music.
  12. The problem is that the picture is the same whether you buy it with or without the cable, so I'm not sure what the "with cable" version looks like. Is it just a cable that is attached in the manner above, or like the regular SIO2SD.
  13. For anyone that has purchased it, is the SIO cable connector really as flimsy as the picture on his site suggests, or is it like the SIO2SD that he sells?
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