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  1. In my experience, majority of untested Atari 8-bits I’ve bought work perfectly fine, and can be had for reasonable money a lot of times on eBay. I also have a small supply of all custom ICs that I’ve bought from Best Electronics, that way I’m not hoarding 10 machines just for backup.
  2. Great mods, and done very cleanly! I am currently contemplating how to reroute the SIO and A/V as well, as with FujiNet the side has become quite cluttered. I was just going to move everything to the back, but now you have given me something to think about
  3. Got mine few days ago, and I can't stop playing with it Fantastic device, thanks to everyone involved! It is really amazing how much great hardware/software is there for our A8s...
  4. A popular option is the Dell 2001FP, as it has Composite/S-Video/VGA/DVI, and version prior to July 2005 I believe can display 15KHz RGB. I have three, and they are awesome IMHO - being in US I can pretty much use any NTSC or PAL, 8 or 16-bit machine. I have an NTSC Atari 800, PAL Atari STE and a PAL Amiga 1200 set up right now, and they look great.
  5. Ok, that makes more sense now, thanks!
  6. I am going to give it one bump to see if anyone wants to take a stab at it...
  7. OK, here we go, some pictures....
  8. I found this article: https://www.atarimax.com/freenet/freenet_material/12.AtariLibrary/2.MiscellaneousTextFiles/showarticle.php?105 which matches what the first switch is and how it's connected. Here is a quote: This modification will make a Newell 256K Atari 800XL compatible with, the PD "130XE compatible" 800XL 256K project, as well as the RamboXL 256K kit for the 800/1200 XL's. In other words, Make Your Newell 256K 800XL compatible with Most of the other 800/1200 XL and 130XE Mods. The problem is a simple one. It seems the difference is in how the different modifications use Bit 5 off of the PIA chip. All you need to do is provide a way to invert this one signal in the Newell upgrade and it will operate like the Public Domain and RamboXL upgrades with all the excellent error checking the Newell 256K Provides. If you also provide a way to switch it back, it will act like the Newell again, Thus giving you the Best of Both Worlds. My concern is the second switch, which I can't find any info on.
  9. I just acquired an 800XL with a Newell 256K RAM upgrade. It has two SPDT switches on top - one I figured out is a switch between Newell/Rambo mode for the upgrade. The other however I'm not sure what it is for: Center connected to Halt on Newell board One side connected to a cap by power connector via a resistor Other side connected to Antic Pin 9 (HALT signal) Any idea what this switch does?
  10. Not worth it, it's a lot more fun to watch two 10 year olds trying to divide one krowka in half equally!
  11. On a side note, my kids always get excited when a package arrives from Lotharek, and it has nothing to do with computers
  12. I will definitely need to get one, but was wondering - will there be a new Incognito with same chip and RAM to support SD cards, cart loading and all the yet-to-be-developed cool stuff as well?
  13. This is awesome, can't wait for mine to get here!
  14. I do like the 800XL, although it depends on which keyboard it has 1200XL used to be my favorite, however we had a falling out, I had one that would literally stop working for a different reason every week. A stubborn man that I am, I kept fixing it, thinking I'm going to win. Ha... It got me nothing but more gray hair and some loss of sanity. It now sits, non-working, at a bottom of a storage box, filled with Commodore stuff. That will teach it!
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