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  1. For sale is a NOS PAL 130XE unit I purchased from B&C Electronics. Since it had a bad GTIA, I replaced it with a NEW Sophia 2 DVI board. With Sophia, it is now much easier to use a PAL machine in US, as most modern TVs and monitors accept the signal. I also burned an EPROM with a patched OS ROM that includes the high speed SIO routines and E: handler speedup, as created by Faicuai for U1MB/Incognito/Stock machines. I'll be happy to replace with any other version, or replace it back with stock, just let me know. The sale includes the computer and original box. No power supply, although for extra $20 I could be convinced to include my Brewing Academy modern PSU Everything is in NEW condition, and works perfectly! Looking for $275 + shipping, from Charlotte, NC, US. SOLD!
  2. For sale a NEW SIDE3 cart. $105 including free USPS Priority shipping in the US.
  3. My two Incognito machines are very patiently waiting for these updates. Patience is a virtue. It's all calm and relaxed here. Joking aside, I would be happy to test if needed. NTSC, have Sophia and PokeyMax installed. Just let me know! Calm and relaxed, calm and relaxed...
  4. SOLD Decided to thin the herd a little bit. Selling my NTSC Atari 800XL. It is the Hong Kong version. Fully socketed, and has Alps keyboard! Includes the following: - Ultimate 1Mb installed, updated to 3.10 FJC firmware - UAV Rev D for fantastic video output - Original safe (non-ingot) power supply Everything in great condition, keyboard feels excellent! Will be happy to include some more pictures if needed. Looking for $250 plus shipping from Charlotte, NC, US. Can include Side 2 cart for additional $50, in like-new condition.
  5. I cannot believe that someone would go that route, sorry you have to deal with it. Unfortunately the USPS has been an absolute disaster, with politics thrown in for good measure...
  6. I am going to need another one, XL version. Can I also get an extra DVI board by any chance?
  7. Thanks, just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something. Patched, ROM installed, and working great as of this morning! My kid has expressed interest in learning programming, so what a better way than his own 130XE
  8. Any reason not to take this ROM, patch it with Hias 1.3 SIO code, and burn to an EPROM for a 130XE from a general compatibility perspective? Will be used with #Fujinet mostly...
  9. Since it's fun listing the machines, here's mine: PAL 800, Incognito NTSC 800, Incognito, Sophia 2 NTSC 800, stock NTSC 800xl, UAV, Sophia, U1Mb, SimplyStereo NTSC 800xl, stock PAL 130XE, Sophia 2, U1Mb, soon PokeyMax Quad NTSC 65XE, UAV, U1Mb In addition to many C64s, C128s, Amiga 500, 1200, 3000, and Atari ST and Mega ST... Oh, and ZX81, Spectrum ZX, Spectrum QL, Amstrad 664, Tandy 100, Tandy 102, Tandy CoCo 3, Tandy 1000HX, and a VERY long list of pocket BASIC computers and old calculators...
  10. I have to say that I'm excited for the Turbo mode in Ultimate 64. Not so much for speeding up old software (although some games do benefit greatly), but for new software development. It opens up a lot of new possibilities. And since it is switchable, it creates no additional problems. And by the way, A1200 bus is 32-bit in theory only, as Chip RAM access still requires 2 cycles just like OCS/ECS. AGA is not the greatest design...
  11. Oh, I fixed them, just annoying. Never had it happen on an XL or the original 800 board.
  12. Since I don't have enough projects (and got a spare Sophia 2), I bought myself a new PAL 130XE from B&C. Never had late production XE in my hands before, and i have to say, that thing is the cheapest looking Atari I've ever had. From a crappy label to ugly plastic, it just screams end-of-line. On top of it, I lifted two traces when removing OS ROM for U1mb. I know the XE boards are prone to it, but this one in particular is simply awful. Anyway, rant over, back to my 800
  13. I'm a huge fan of 2001FPs, have a couple and have used them for a long time with everything from Amigas and STs to 8-bit. With that said, you point out a very real issue with old LCDs like these. I have now switched my 8-bits over to modern Dells thanks to Sophia 2 and RetroTINK, and to my eyes the difference is very noticeable between a 4-5ms screen and the old 2001FP.
  14. Wow she's a beauty! Great find for sure, congrats! Not jealous, not at all. Not even a little bit...
  15. It's interesting that some people find their 800 so brittle, I have three and they are like tanks. Well, except the little posts for the upper door flap... Super glue + baking soda is your friend for sure, I had to fix two posts for the flap in two of my 800s like that, and they are solid. Of course if you have missing pieces, that's a little harder.
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