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  1. There are four pieces of software that, when I touched the ST for the first time, gave me the Wow factor: Sundog Dungeon Master sample of Foreign Affair by Mike Oldfield sample of Oxygene by Jean Michael Jare Later on, Captain Blood and Arkanoid clone with speech samples (forgot the name unfortunately) looked pretty impressive graphically. At the end of the day though, IMHO the most impressive software for the ST line is Calamus SL, running on a Moniterm monitor.
  2. All three of my 800s now have keyboard issues. Having a new 800 keyboard is now my ultimate dream. I'll happily buy 3-5 if they are available.
  3. Unfortunately I have to report a death in the family... I purchased an 800 on eBay, and it was packed in a small box with some newspaper. I don't have the heart to say what I received...
  4. Great topic! I am guilty of this myself, although I share my retro hobby time with motorcycle riding, so it goes in waves, and a lot depends on the weather These days I find myself enjoying fixing and/or upgrading old machines. I think I spend most of my time with a soldering iron. The days of intense coding sessions are over, at least for now, and I've ventured out to other systems, like the TRS-80 Model I-4 line, MSX, and some older Apple II stuff. Amazing what the hobby market has created for these old computers, and armed with a 3D printer, there is no limit to what you can do with them!
  5. For when available again, I would like two please...
  6. Yes, it was indeed opened, modifications were performed, and a burn-in test was performed to make sure everything is working. NOS refers to the condition of the machine as it hasn't been used for anything else but to install and test, and it is clearly spelled out in the ad, so I am not sure where the confusion lies?
  7. SOLD! For sale is a MINT, NOS Atari 130XE. This was purchased new from B&C, and used only to test the modifications. This is a PAL computer but because it has the DVI output, it can be used in US/Canada to play all the European games/demos, etc. that depend on PAL! I've used it with Dell S24221 new monitor as well as the classic Dell 2001FP, and the picture is perfect. Here is everything included in the sale: 1. NOS PAL Atari 130XE Computer itself, with professionally installed sockets for GTIA, MMU, ROM and POKEY 2. NEW, latest version, Ultimate 1Mb installed 3. NEW, latest version, Sophia 2 DVI installed, and DVI port mounted in the back - soldiered to the motherboard for a solid connection 4. NEW PokeyMAX V2 sound chip, full version (Quad + Covox). It is installed in the socket and fully working, but not connected, so it currently functions as a Pokey mono replacement. I can replace it with the original NOS Pokey for a $75 discount on the total price 5. NEW SIDE3 cart included - this is the ultimate (pun intended?) combination, allowing for full PBI: hard disk emulation, cart emulation, SDX DOS, etc. 6. NEW power supply from Brewing Academy 7. Original box and manual The computer looks and works perfectly! Looking for $650 + shipping from Charlotte, NC, US. Paypal or local exchange.
  8. I'll add my two cents... I have done business with Brad since the 90s, and have received a great deal of help, his expertise and hardware over that time. Unfortunately as with many sellers in the retro computer hobby, Brad has become more difficult to deal with recently. He has built up a lot of goodwill with me, so I was fine jumping through the hoops of proper order sizes, timing, formats, etc., until I made a "mistake" and placed two separate orders in the same week. I was immediately informed that "it will be about 2 weeks before your 1st Atari order will clear our backlogged Atari accounting department. Then you can place another Atari order." I have been unable to place an order since then, and it's been months. Fortunately for my lifetime I have left, I have more than enough hardware to keep me going (well, except that damn 800 keyboard ), but I still feel sad to see Best going down that path. Brad has done a lot of good over the years, really wish he would accept help that he now needs...
  9. For sale is a MINT Atari 800 computer, NTSC. Keyboard is in fantastic condition, fully working, with no loose keys or broken posts. Case is about perfect, with no discoloring, scratches, dings, etc. It has been upgraded with Sophia 2 board, with DVI output mounted in the back, and Incognito 2, installed with quick-disconnect cables by CPU board so that it can be easily removed when disassembling. All updated to latest software, and included is a 16Gb Sandisk CF card loaded with a nice ROM and SDX setup. I will also throw in a NOS power supply. Everything works great! Looking for $500 + shipping. It will be packed very well to help it arrive safely, I've seen what happens to the poor 800s that get thrown into a box. SOLD
  10. As much as it can be frustrating dealing with Brad (and his website), it will be a sad day when his store is no longer operational. Unfortunately he refuses any help, and he's not exactly a young guy, so it's just a matter of time before it all gets wholesaled/demolished...
  11. With some notable exceptions (Apple I, maybe Commodore 65...) I think you are correct. As much as I would love for my collection to be my kids' inheritance, I will definitely try to sell most of it when the time comes. My kids enjoy playing an occasional game or even writing some BASIC code, but the Pi + Python gets the most use, and I can't be too upset about it.
  12. COTD right there. I'm afraid though that this will be an excuse for a while...
  13. Sorry, forgot to update it, but it's no longer available.
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