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  1. I'm looking forward to buying one of these. I've got one of the boards from ebay, but I'll probably just get one of yours so I don't have to source all the parts.
  2. That's really interesting. I would have expected you to take advantage of split screen gaming much more than that. Now I'm really curious what the games will be like.
  3. I think the Gamecube Pacman Vs. was a co-op game. I think Miyamoto designed it.
  4. Why not just buy a PC instead of an Xbox One or PS4?
  5. I don't really hate the discs, but the lack of tactile feedback of any kind makes them difficult for me. I also prefer a left-right orientation over the ones like the intellivision, coleco, etc.
  6. It would be cool if they would release the system as an open console and just let people do whatever they want with it. They could even setup an online marketplace like steam or gog to support it where anyone could upload software to share or sell. They don't seem that smart though. I really would love to see a company make an open console though. Even the Ouya was kind of locked in.
  7. Do you need me to turn off ad blocker?
  8. Does anyone else have any trouble running Vice? I installed it and it runs really slow. NES and SNES emulators run perfectly. Could it be that I'm using a Pi 2?
  9. I got mine in today. It looks great, and is a snug fit. Works perfect.
  10. Ed Averett owns KC Munchkin as well as several other O2 games he made. https://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,267882/
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