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  1. Are 128K ROMs supported on the 2600? The website says up to 64K but I just wanted to make sure. If 128K is supported, which bankswitching schemes are compatible? I tried a DFSC ROM with no luck. Thanks!
  2. I've officially made the switch from 64K to 128K after doing the math on how much space dungeon maps and supporting code will require. I always knew this might be a possibility, but I wanted to first see what I could fit into 64K. Maps and dialog strings eat up space very quickly. Anyway, I have started on adding dungeons to the game, starting with using converted Ultima 3 dungeon maps for testing purposes before creating my own. Here's a screenshot of a level being created in the Tiled editor:
  3. Are 128K ROMs supported? The website says up to 64K, but the github site says up to 128k. If 128K is supported, which bankswitching schemes are compatible? I tried a DFSC ROM with no luck. Thanks! Edit: This should have been in the Atari 2600 forum. Oops!
  4. You are correct. I can play it if I switch to player settings instead of developer settings.
  5. What is the version number of Stella that is or will be compatible? It's not working for me on Stella 6.0.2 MacOS.
  6. Karl G

    Penult Goes to 128K

    While I have aimed to keep my WIP 2600 homebrew Penult within 64K, I've always known there was a possibility that it could go to 128K. Maps and text strings take up a lot of this space, and I'm going to need a good amount more of both to finish the game. What made me make the choice to switch to 128K was sitting down and doing the math comparing what I have planned with what space I have left. I'm looking at dungeons now, and those maps alone will use up much of my remaining space. The good news is that I've successfully switched my code over to a bankswitching scheme that supports 128K (DFSC as described in this topic), so I can continue development without worrying about running out of space. I'm curious now if anyone has published a 2600 homebrew game that was this large yet?
  7. Are you treating levelnumber as a bcd variable throughout your code? If you set it that way initially and do all addition and subtractions with "dec", then you shouldn't have to use the conversion function to begin with. I would think that if you run the conversion function on a number that is already BCD or has already been converted to BCD, then in some cases it would corrupt the number. E.g. if levelnumber starts out with a value of 10, and you run converttobcd, the value becomes $10. If you run it again, it is assuming that you are starting with a binary number, so after converting again, the value would be $16. In most cases, I think the easiest thing would be to start with a BCD number, and have all addition and subtraction operations be in "dec" mode so that you never have to convert.
  8. Looks like a very promising start. Like an advanced Cosmic Ark.
  9. Maybe @Thomas Jentzsch's solution for a WiFi card with the Harmony will also work on the UnoCart?
  10. I believe that player0 and missile0 always have priority over player1 and missile1.
  11. it looks like the binary is PPC, so a new version would need to be recompiled to support Intel Macs. I think it's @SpiceWare that did the Mac software for this.
  12. I've been experimenting with DFSC, and got it to work in Stella, but I have to manually set the bankswitching type for it to work. What does Stella look for when trying to autodetect these bankswitching schemes?
  13. if you are bit-shifting for the purpose of multiplying or dividing by two, then you don't want to have carry shifted in, so you would prefer LSR and ASL. ROR and ROL can be used e.g. if you want to shift the bits from one variable to another, like for a scrolling playfield. The bit that falls off the end would go into carry, and would be shifted in for the second operation.
  14. Yes, assuming of course the division or multiplication is a power of two.
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