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  1. There's no PC version of Penult. I have considered doing a 7800 version, but I would want to wait for the 2600 release before working on it in earnest (hopefully late this year, or whenever Albert releases the next big batch of games).
  2. Karl G

    bB wish list

    The issue isn't with making the language too basic, but with the possibility of users running into issues where they inadvertently generate too much code "under the hood" without realizing it by the way they use variables that might seem indistinguishable from the normal bB variables. Still, it's interesting knowing how these reads and writes can be done with a lot less effort than I expected. Btw, what is the cross compiler you mentioned before?
  3. Karl G

    bB wish list

    Interesting. So perhaps some of this could be done "under the hood" in this manner. I would worry about users unknowingly adding a lot of extra code by accessing these variables frequently in their programs if bB puts in extra code "under the hood" to make it work. But, still, it's interesting. @RevEng - this is not a request for you to add such a feature, but as I've not done much with the DPC+ code, I'm curious for your opinion on the technical feasibility of bB being able to be extended to do virtual ARM variables as splendidnut speculates here.
  4. Karl G

    bB wish list

    I can tell you that unfortunately this one isn't possible. DPC+ memory can be accessed by the ARM processor, and there's no way for the 6507 to read and write to them directly. The stack gives a way to do this indirectly. Effectively it lets you save your existing variables, and restore them when you need them, but there's no way to bypass the need to use the stack or something similar to access ARM memory, unfortunately.
  5. Short answer is that it's a pain. Longer answer is that bB uses the vertical blank period to set object positions before the visible screen is drawn, so if you put the score first, you would have to reposition the player objects to do the score, then reposition them a second time to where they should be positioned in the game. This is doable, but wastes screen scanlines that could be used for other processing.
  6. I updated the first post to correct a raindrops scoring bug found on the ZPH show (only the first player's score would be checked for a win). Thanks for playing it on the show!
  7. Well, there could be a delay before button input is accepted to restart a game - and maybe starting via button or console-only would be a good candidate for a difficulty switch option.
  8. If you have all of the features that you want, and still have space left over, a title screen might be nice. If one player hits the button to start, maybe it could start a countdown timer for other human players to hit the button if they want to participate, with those who didn't do so being computer opponents as it is now.
  9. I don't follow what this one means. What are Versa files?
  10. I must have uploaded the wrong one. Should be fixed now. Sorry about that! 🙂
  11. For DPC+, virtual Sprite masking is done for virtual Sprites if you set the appropriate bits in the virtual NUSIZ registers: https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#dpc_sprite_masking
  12. Updated raindrops in the first post to add sounds borrowed from @RevEng's handy dandy sample sound collection. It's amazing how much just adding two different sound effects can change a game. 🙂
  13. That's pretty cool. I could do such a mod to the standard kernel if anyone wanted this, but since every cycle is spoken for, I'd have to do it at the expense of the corresponding missile. Or - I could probably piggyback it on a kernel option that already requires losing the missile, as there are some spare cycles to be found if you enable the player1colors option.
  14. Well, if someone is actually going to play it, then maybe I should add some sound. I'll post an updated version in a day or two. 🙂
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