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  1. I like the city background in the updated version (10-23), but I miss the visual countdown and animated road in the earlier version (10-22). Also, the later version auto-detects paddles, and I had to change that manually to joystick before I could get it to work.
  2. It looks like it's 261 scanlines when the button is pressed, and 262 when not.
  3. Yeah, it's always easy to identify things you could have done differently/better after a project is complete, but it doesn't mean it wasn't still good. I'm still hoping to see this one on cart.
  4. I'm not sure since it's a bit difficult to figure out where ADS installs these things. I'd just download the standalone 7800basic and get the samples from there.
  5. Castle of Doom also seems thematically appropriate for Halloween:
  6. I would think that Unholy would be a good fit.
  7. Take a look in the samples that come with 7800basic. The helloworld sample, for example, has it.
  8. It's a great start, and the visuals are great (as expected). I agree with @Greg2600 about having more rapid shots - I'd either allow multiple shots to be in the air at once (because - why not?), or have the single shot go fast enough that shooting doesn't feel stalled.
  9. This is the line that is causing your issue: sta RESP0,X ; 4 23 - set coarse X position of Player When your PosPlayer routine is run when the X register is 5, you are stomping on AUDC0. PositionPlayers: ldx #5 ; position players 0 and 1 POloop: lda PlayerX,x ; get the Player's X position jsr PosPlayer ; set coarse X position and fine-tune amount dex ; DEcrement X bpl POloop ; Branch PLus so we position all Players ldx #5 should be changed to ldx #4 here to cover all 5 positional objects and not stomp on AUDC0.
  10. Now if only I could get a copy of that game without taking out a second mortgage. I'd love to try it out!
  11. Demo 17 is up to correct a couple of issues found by @MissCommand related to finishing the demo dungeon. In other news, Penult is nearing beta! A couple of brave people have volunteered to be beta testers for my game, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they think after they play from beginning to end. It's a big game, so beta testing, bug fixing, and adjusting game balance will likely be a slow process, but I'm excited about reaching this milestone.
  12. So, you get points for dodging rocks, and for breaking them with your head, but you lose a life for getting hit by a rock without jumping to break it with your head? It also looks like some of the rocks shoot some kind of projectile, too?
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