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  1. I'd certainly watch it.
  2. Well - I was wrong. The Multisprite kernel does not use conditional compilation to not compile the score code when noscore=1 is defined. The other kernels do this, so I made a false assumption. I made an attempt to make this change without success. Getting it to work without messing up other timings is more work than I have time to try to get to work at the moment. Sorry for any confusion/misinformation.
  3. I guess I didn't read your original post closely enough. I'll take a look at it soon and see how much can be saved without breaking anything else in the process.
  4. Also not needed. The code won't be compiled in if you define noscore=1 due to conditional compilation. Check the number of bytes free with the code removed or not removed to double check this.
  5. Using the "noscore" option does indeed skip the score code, but it has a stack bug. The aforementioned fix worked for the OP when he put the fixed version of the kernel in the same directory as his project. For anyone else who needs it, the fixed multisprite_kernel.asm is attached to this post. Hopefully it will be included next time there is a bB release.
  6. This should be in the batari Basic forum. I don't think there has been a bB release since I found that fix, but if you post your source (or send it to me if you don't want to post it) along with your customized multisprite_kernel.asm, then I can see why this isn't working for you.
  7. I didn't see any issues when testing on my Jr.
  8. I didn't find it boring at all, personally.
  9. On my phone (Blackberry Key2 Android) with Chrome and the AA theme, I'm seeing names of files getting partially obscured by file stat information, as shown in this screenshot:
  10. Congrats on your new job, and good luck on your upcoming move! As far as variables go, have you made use of the unnamed variable at $F5? I discovered it while writing out a memory map for the DPC+ kernel.
  11. @Sknarp - Do you have any feedback on the minikernel I modified for you?
  12. There's not an error anymore, right?
  13. I'm thinking that the "invisible character" is just a visual from line wrapping in VBB. If you open the same source file in e.g. Notepad, I doubt you will see it.
  14. That show always does a good job of putting the fear of God into homebrew authors to get as much done as possible before it is shown live like that.
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