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  1. Speaking of Neo Geo (but not) games... I did get a pristine complete (sleeve, mini disc, etc) copy of Metal Slug 7 in the mail for DS. Ahh there's some fun from the sequel many have skipped. And being an owner of Andro Dunos I was really happy to see a sequel after so long being done, hope it does justice and that it has a physical release as I'd strongly consider buying that too.
  2. We'll just agree on not agreeing as I'm right in the camp of saying you're wrong, at least with a GBC with a new TFT put into it. GBA mods are not difficult at all really, kind of depends what you're up to I guess. I've had a GB Boy Color, they're not good, has a few games more that wont work or has problems that the GBA will have, a lot of titles just end up having sound problems. Also quite a few of them have an on board defect that'll drain your batteries with the system turned off over a period of weeks. I would never want someone to buy that unit and hope they got one that worked without the vampiristic characteristics. The one thing I thank that for, learning of the true sequel to Kid Niki, game is fantastic.
  3. Bluejay -- hmmm no. GBC is not useless. You happily skate into modding territory to talk up the GBA then ignore the GBC eh? Those TFT (or even IPS) latest model drop in screens made for the GBC are something to be really seen and used. They're as nice if not better than your stock GBA/SP 001/101 panels and require minimal (no solder) effort to get them up and running and turn the GBC into the perfect 8bit Gameboy for all occasions. I can't recommend that job higher than anything else with Gameboy. Sure the GBA can run GB/GBC stuff but there are select games where it fails to properly execute a few games, a few more so which have minor to more severe audio issues too. For the best experience with 100% compatibility and a crystal clear bright screen with the drop in screen replacement GBC is tops for 8bit play. This is the best kit you can get, use it myself and totally recommend it to any GBC owner. https://handheldlegend.com/collections/game-boy-color-gbc/products/game-boy-color-backlit-display Also its battery consumption is minor, least of any mod on the market currently and doesn't draw much more than the original unlit screen does which is great for battery life.
  4. Said the same thing too, what it did throw out there was entirely wrong pretty much across the board. I originally am from California so I had ebay access before/around the time it name changed to eBay so I've been with them since June 9, 1997. They were founded in N. California in 1995 at Auctionweb which I vaguely remember, and in September 1997 they switched to ebay and went national. I still have the mail in the trash bin there. Said I first bought the Sega Geneiss 6pak on Nov 3, 2001, and first sold on Nov 21 2002. Also thinks the first time I ever did a best offer was on Kirby's Dream Land 3 on May 21, 2011. I know for a fact that I bought for years before that Genesis cart as I remember when/why I did that at the time. When I was in college in the 90s I would both domestic and import Super Famicom games among other interesting things I couldn't source at this well stocked local shop like 10min from my house. I probably had a good 20 ebay SFC buys alone between 1995-2000 among quite a few other things as it was when I was really growing things. That was also when I went multiconsole when n64 dried up for months getting a Duo from TZD.com and buying some games off ebay. I never sold games though on there, a few random bits, though in the late 90s.
  5. ^Got good taste in Pokemon Mini carts. If I could just get my hands on a complete Zany Cards I'd have the little US set nailed down (along with Shock Tetris and that breeder one.)
  6. I haven't bought from them in over a decade once they really started jamming up their prices and their shipping costs. In the last few years I'd stuck with yes-asia as they're pretty fast about it and if you spend like over $40~USD or so shipping is free too. I've found on stuff I've picked up their prices comparable to the US rates on the games that we get screwed into digital only that are english/physical for them. I'll check and see if they have it as now I'm curious. I'm digging on this, not really a fan of the price. $67 at yesasia, $71 at play-asia. It's the Switch release of the Aleste collection, 4 classic 8bit/arcade Sega release stuff of the franchise. https://m2stg.com/aleste-collection/
  7. Yes because it's not a myth and not fanboy depending on the number you care to quote. There are fanboy bs bits about it, such as the myth over 50% of them bombed. The fairest one I recall that seems to be parroted on the wiki falls in around the 20-25% but back in the day as it was going the SquareTrade warranty replacement group (outside MS) had a 16 1/2% rate or a 1in6 failing range which I would believe given their major issues for years over multiple board revisions, and the soft 3 year warranty extension. This with some nice bar graphs seems to line up the two figures fairly well from the smaller and larger being not so fantasy. https://www.theregister.com/2009/09/03/squaretrade_console_failure_report_sept_09/
  8. Maybe, never really thought to dig into that as I haven't had a CDi in like nearly 20 years. Sometimes, I do miss it though as I did enjoy the small selection of things I had for it, plus it did nice doing CD audio too. At the time I didn't have the best of TV really, more or less mostly lost interest once I did get one of those Sony WEGA/Trinitrons. I was lowballing the video as i didn't want to look it up and say something that wasn't true. I was thinking it was nicer than laserdisc but didn't want to rile up some technophile/snob. This is a partial list I'm sure but I had Zelda Link Faces of Evil, Hotel Mario, Lords of the Rising Sun, Caears World of Boxing, Chaos Control, Voyeur, Space Ace, Dragon's Lair, Escape From Cyber City, Mutant Rampage Bodyslam(it's like Final Fight/Neo Geo Mutation Nation), Lil Divil, pretty sure there were a few others but I may have just played them quite a bit on some kiosks then too. I never bought into the VCD format. I did use it as my CD player for a long time, and also had like Manhole on there, the Encyclopedia, and a few other odds and ends. It wasn't long before I got the easy flip over for left/right handed play gravis 4 button controller clone as that thumb stick wasn't all that hot.
  9. Maybe because the 360 sales are a potential embarrassment they'd rather overlook. I think it was stated the idea was around 1/3 of the systems failed that were made under that generation, despite the large assumed numbers they don't differentiate from someone who got ONE that worked or who got ONE then 3 replacements that eventually finally kept working. I mean if you (making this up) touted selling 100M units, but then only 60-65M of them were legit buyers, not replacements, you'd look terrible for a multitude of reasons. That's why I always figured them for just not listing sales but units made. Nintendo has been the only one (as Sony annoyingly does it too) that will quarterly tell actual sales, not produced.
  10. Sickening that SNK threw the Switch under the bus with the Metal Slug Anthology, no reason for that. Perfect format too given the games it has and the portability factor for pick up and play style arcade stuff. The PS4 alone, especially on the way out now in months, a real misfire
  11. Seems to me to be a personal issue or your TVs fault for those complaining about input lag, I'm with DF on this one, it's fine. I've done a couple stars and shines so far, not tried Galaxy yet. Handling is tight, alignment of the buttons and sticks work very well here. Mario 64 is the best 'legal' release of it, some would argue easily that the sketchy source port conversions to PC, etc are better, and sure, they've been modified. Sunshine felt right to me, but it has been a long time, yet I don't have any issues other than the few tight places it back then too would have issues getting the camera right where you'd want it. I'll have to get to Galaxy sooner or later, just had a LONG opening on it and I really wanted to focus on the other two first, especially Sunshine. Up until recently I had been already picking away at Galaxy on a Wii anyway.
  12. I'm very well aware of what is on there, I was the other times I've had it in the past too. It's just the emulator from their site running the SMAS ROM put to a disc and more or less, that's it. I saw the warez-y extracted data a decade ago online to back that up. Didn't bother me then either. But maybe this will amuse you (or others) as I used that HAPPY25 code just before it expired, got this for $40 shipped. Not a spot on anything, it's retail out of the wrapper fresh, and it even got shipped in a plastic box protector I didn't even realize at first until I tried to slide the game out of the plastic sleeve.
  13. Friend of mine not on the site here I don't think Rob, he owns maybe all but 3-4 of the things and has his basement lined in the cabs, all on their own risers too. It's like if it wasn't for the lack of typical 80s decor from carpet to the walls, you'd think you walked into an arcade.
  14. Shows how little I pay attention, I had no idea NeoTRIS was still a beta thing under development. It looks nice. Shame I don't have nor won't waste money on those high priced kits. Maybe in time when it's a last beta or finalized it'll get put to a cart as I'd play that.
  15. Well I'd argue having been a time period owner of the CDi that it isn't a gaming console, but a multimedia console. Not only that, it most obviously and blatantly IS just what Bill was saying it's not, an equal to the Roku, Fire Stick and the rest. It was primarily pitched for music, video cd, education, and games too...not games as the first. The android and ios 'sticks' do just the same. They mostly are there for the video (movies to clips), audio, (not available then, internet), and games too. So it being in that list of garbage lying sack of crap quotes there is a solid example as most of the others are of the media lies and abuses of those decades to dupe people when they had it in for a company, console, or whatever else the motivation would be to gin up some anger (like one does now for click bait for ad revenue.) As Bill also pointed out, CDi had top quality (for then) MPEG video for a better clean experience which they tapped both for their VCD library which had hundreds(high hundreds I think) of choices but also the games that ran anything from overlay clips, part, or full screen stuff. IT was like the system to get the best run of Dragon's Lair 1+2 and Space Ace in that point of time for one example, but also the quality was topping VHS in its various cleaner forms and got pretty in there closer to laserdisc quality while that was pretty much dead at that rate due to the industry killing it off.
  16. Well that's one, no shock, and the obvious two, sucks. I'd actually consider buying it as I usually don't like shooter packages but the Aleste line if anything is consistent.
  17. I think you'll need to remember a bit more if you're so sketched out you can't even remember the genre let alone gameplay mechanics. I mean it could be anything from Aleste to whatever else maybe starts with an A that falls into many genres.
  18. No there wasn't, and as far as the beeshu goes it's a personal preference I guess, and you're right Nintendo didn't but it seems like common sense to use the Advantage like a normal arcade stick with the left on the stick, right on the buttons (or if you were one of those types, cross your wrists as it works.) And yes you could re-wire an existing pad I suppose. You'd need to jump the traces to swap the 4 dpad directions and also swap the other buttons too. From there you'd either bondo an existing game pad frame or make your own with a 3D printer to set it up so it's backwards for a lefty.
  19. That's a solid deal he was willing to double down on. If my DK and Pac-Man weren't so pretty as is I'd do it, other than a little glue staining on pac-man more or less they're great given the 40+ years of age. DKjr has a bit of messed up CPO sticker but you can't just buy one and don't want to wreck the rest.
  20. Also they co-announced or back to back an Aleste shooter collection for Switch and I think it's PS4 as well.
  21. I've tried a few and they're just sloppier so I prefer the original. Recently though I did get a screwball PC to NES conversion of the old classic Quickshot and that's an interesting one as it's more for flight games which the system has very few of, but it does work as a decent joystick too and suction cups down nicely.
  22. SWEET we get picross. I've sucked at those for years but slowly getting better, lose a lot of time on my phone to a couple free ones about. I still have the original mario picross on Gameboy too, and the first DS release on card as well.
  23. I think I like that boot jingle a bit more. I'm kind of surprised they never released those original tester colors either sometime during the life as they work.
  24. Ehh... my first console was the NES but played arcade for years earlier here and there being a kid and all. I never had an issue with the Nintendo d-pad, it's comfy and easy to use, to glide over to get tight response. That's why I made the comment as it just seemed irrational and wrong. Maybe if you're talking about the non-analog NES Advantage stick which really is just the d-pad design with a big spring loaded 4 way stick over it then maybe as it does blow with certain titles.
  25. Who cares if they're emulated except if you're looking to complain. I figured as much when I said what I did at least for the GC/Wii games considering they are using some emulator to drive the things on that chinese shield/switch handheld only sold in their region. The games were leaked online shortly after as APK files that have the game+program to run them bottled up in one file. Mario 64 that one I guess is a little surprising given how the assets are so sharply cleaned up and nice looking, but that may still be what it is, a hacked version of each of the three games emulated but running with improvements. I just read back, Atariboys post is on the nose there if anything as a way to go after this and into it. WiiU Zelda GC so-called remasters. If you run them as he said, it's hard going forward to raise arguments there too. I bet this is what they did yet again especially with Mario64. You clean up some art assets, change a few others for new prompts, then emulate the sucker for the system and you're done.
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