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  1. Not rubbing salt at all lol, though I am highly suspicious that they themselves are buying them to raise the prices. Here's an item number of the last sealed dice puzzle that sold 223269610778 , less than $50... I will say that I don't quite have a hoard, but I managed to grab a fairly large lot of sealed (and a few that had popped open) Panda releases. I have a few Sea Hawks, Space Canyons, Dice Puzzles, and Harbor Escapes I am personally keeping, but the rest have sold except for a legit sealed Space Canyon, not the one they resealed. Most of the rest went to others on here.
  2. It was a bit hi, the last actual sale was like $225 in much better shape. I have a nicer sealed copy that I haven't listed quite yet
  3. Here is the item number I believe (293032401554). I believe they took down the listing after I called them out and messaged them. I'm curious if the dice puzzle they sold was bought by them too, as they otherwise lied to me directly, but they seem like the company to falsely buy their own product to raise the price. I would take the whole description on all from that lot lightly, as none of it seems accurate. One Harbor Escape was open when I sent it too, along with that Space Canyon I mentioned. They are legit, at least being legitimate Panda releases, but they are blatantly lying on the conditions and how they got them. My listing they bought the Space Canyon from is 254126409526
  4. He approached me on my listing of the Space Canyon he is selling now. I sold the bundle to him as it was a quicker way to move part of the stock I bought, and I just needed the cash for the rare built-in Pong TV I bought. I'm more annoyed that he at least resealed the Space Canyon and one Harbor Escape I sold him was opened as well, along with blatant lies in the listing. I find it hilarious too that they were from a "case" and were a "mail only distributor," yet they left the $12.50 price stickers that were there when I bought the bulk lot that had these
  5. XD I forgot lol I mean, I valued the lot at around $600 and he payed $525 for them so, I'll take the quicker sale and not sit on them, especially since I have more lol
  6. Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a heads up on a listing that this seller falsified the information on. I know they aren't super well liked anyways, but I know the information is fake as I sold them to them. I only sold to them as since they overvalue everything, I was able to get more than I would of from selling individually and quicker. Also, they resealed this Space Canyon, I know this as I only sold them my opened copy and that is the exact one they have in the picture. Basically all of the information is wrong on the listing. But hey, if you can make way too much from them, I'd say sell to them, but probably don't buy lol. Just wanted to give a heads up. Also, I do have a legitimately sealed copy in better shape if anyone would be serious on it.
  7. Thanks! I could hardly believe it when I saw it. I had seen the one video on youtube and a few pictures, but I never fathomed seeing one, especially owning one. My main worry was to not overpay, but it is one of those items you only get one chance to buy a lifetime
  8. Hey everyone, I recently got a steal of a deal on a CIB Quest for Quintana Roo for the 5200, but I was curious if it is suppose to have a cartridge tray or not? I saw a listing that one had it, but most did not, and I am curious if I am going to have to track one down soon.
  9. Thanks! I actually just stumbled on it on a facebook search. I hardly ever search for Magnavox Odyssey anymore as they are either way to high, or never there, I just go super lucky on this one though. The guy said that his grandmother had bought 3 sets, but I'm assuming the other 2 were likely trashed at some point, which is sad. It has definetly seen some better days (looks like a lava lamp used to be on it as there is a small droop and discoloration), but overall, especially for the price I paid and the rarity, it is in good shape. I truly never expected to find one, but luck, patience and timing is everything
  10. Hi everyone, I made a "grail" addition to my collection this weekend and thought I'd share. I finally found the elusive Magnavox Odyssey 4305! I'd love to know who else on here owns one, as I 'd love to work up some numbers on how many are left. I bought it with 2 sets of paddles, and the guy said his grandmother had originally bought 3 (I gathered that this was the last one they still had), which explained the extra controllers. I never thought I would find one, especially since they dont stand out obviously, But I am ecstatic to start the cleaning processes and a few minor repairs to make it a bit safer. (sorry for the picture being sideways, I can never get it to post them correctly )
  11. **Currently Sold-Out, May Sell More In The Future** Hey everyone, I recently aquired some Panda releases, most being sealed in box. I am not entirely sure what is all there as I will not have full time to analyze them and figure out what is all there. I took a photo of one of the Sea Hawk copies, the one that was the worst of the few Sea Hawks I have, but there are at least one of Dice Puzzle, Harbor Attack, Sea Hawk, and Space Canyon. With I beleive 2 or 3 of the total boxes had opened from time and heat, but only one cart was possible to take out due to cardboard holding them in unless the bottom is opened or the cardboard is torn. The one I was able to take out appeared super minty, which seems rare for these releases. I may also be able to get a scan or 2 that may not be on the site already, if their is anyone I should send them to. I will likely sell a few soon, but I figured I'd check interest on here first before ebay.
  12. Welcome to the patience test lol. I'm going for a complete CIB set as well. It can be annoying to find some titles as its a lot of luck, but it isnt too bad. I may have a spare Quintana cart in a few days
  13. Finally managed to get around to getting those pictures. Sadly the registration card is filled out, but it adds more to the story in my opinion. It also still has the seal on the box, but it was open when I bought it. I'm starting to believe it is an earlier run of the game as most of the few I saw boxed have Commodore 64 mentioned, along with another sticker towards the top, while this one does not. (The box appears to be much more yellow than it is in real life).Thanks for everyone's opinions! (Don't know why the pictures rotated, sorry for any inconvenience).
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