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  1. I don't have Happy, Im just curious.
  2. in before revision 5 😁
  3. Is this the related dummy site at atarimania.com? Just wondering, because of the American flag - or is it just an unchanged default setting? Couldn't find anything else about this program.
  4. I'm usually not in favor of someone fiddling around with classic games, changing sprites and stuff - but this one is top-notch!
  5. Are there both German and English editions? Or English only? Ah, got it... English only!
  6. Write Blank Sectors - what's the purpose of this option? And why is YES the default setting when Format Destination is answered with NO and vice versa?
  7. I stil have my original 1064 from back in the days, also with box, but no manual. Is the manual multi lingual, too? Is there a PDF file of the manual, or somewhere available?
  8. You had a typo there - I fixed that for you, no problem 😁
  9. Because I wouldn't use the external power cord regularly with a 600XL, so I wasn't eager to try that - I'm glad it works for you!
  10. That's exactly what I tried a few months ago, I tried to connect my Sys.Check to two different 1064s - in both cases I only got a black screen, not sure why, maybe the metal pins weren't clean enough after more than 30 years of no use at all, I did not investigate. I hope you have better luck!
  11. 1. The game you are ashamed you never played. 2. The game you are ashamed you love. 3. The game you think everyone else should be ashamed they love. 1. Koronis Rift 2. Jewel Eater - the first type-in listing BASIC game I typed in in the summer of 1985 - still playing it from time to time 3. M.U.L.E. - back in the days I played with a friend, it was boring - a few months ago I thought about it due to the fact it's loved by that many people, I thought maybe it's up on me, maybe I misconceived the game all the time, so I tried again, aaaaand... no, nothing, I don't feel anything playing this game
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