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  1. What other sector copiers will preserve the data received from a bad sector read when written to the resulting copy? Is there any list?
  2. Send PM to: https://atariage.com/forums/profile/4740-wwwatarimaniacom/
  3. ...is there anything similar available for the Fujinet device?
  4. Found this version, contains blank sectors, but less than the ones you mentioned, or maybe they are just kinda shifted back or forth somehow. 093a Lucifer's Realm A.atr 093b Lucifer's Realm B.atr
  5. Found in a collection from User Zarxx! Picture Bender (1986)(Stocksoft)(GB)(Side B).atr Picture Bender (1986)(Stocksoft)(GB)(Side A).atr
  6. I love injection molding! ❤️ Upcoming Fujinet SIO Network Adapters should be like this!
  7. Looks very nice! The only thing I do not like is the moving cockpit on screen while maneuvering, up down left right - I prefer a frozen, a fixed cockpit on screen. Maybe there's an option for in the settings or config file?
  8. I absolutely would be interested in it, if there was an evolution of Pokey chip included, not just simply stereo or quad pokey. I found this document: ATARI 64-bit Project - it seems it includes a further developed Pokey chip, Pokey 64 ("...exemplary FM on 32 independent channels sound with generator 64...")
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