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  1. Is this non-3d-printed? Plastic injection molding?
  2. Thanks! But how do I know that it's $31, not $32 or any other address? How to figure out?
  3. That was quick, thank you! How to find the responsible address and the value to change?
  4. SDRIVE.COM, how do I change the menu's background color, please? I would like to change it to blue, as for instance it was done with Synassembler. SDRIVE.COM
  5. I don't have Happy, Im just curious.
  6. Is this the related dummy site at atarimania.com? Just wondering, because of the American flag - or is it just an unchanged default setting? Couldn't find anything else about this program.
  7. I'm usually not in favor of someone fiddling around with classic games, changing sprites and stuff - but this one is top-notch!
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