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  1. @hloberg thanks for taking on this task! 😃👍
  2. I think Fabrice use the same old version that also works for me, he wrote "Eric's file" instead of files, so I take it from that.
  3. renamed to romc.bin and romg.bin, still the same result with a black screen text on top of the screen (the four hearts is visible) and I can hear the sound that is played while the graphics should appear. My TI is a PAL maschine and I use SAMS memory, if that can be information that helps solve this mystery. Still, the old version works great! Thanks Eric!
  4. According to my weekend plans I can't participate this time, will it be recorded so I can watch it later somewhere? (I don't want to vote no, in case my sunday will change).
  5. Tried that too, but no difference.
  6. Tried RockRunnerC.bin on my TI with FG99, it starts but the graphics don't show, just the time counter and score on top of the screen, rest is just black. The version Rhodes shared works.
  7. I think I missed out of this game back in the day (have to take a look at the games I bought from Asgard), what I see on the screenshots it looks great. Please, is there a FG99 .bin to download?
  8. I read somewhere that Darin did some work for Notung Software.
  9. I skipped the battery change today, I need some tools and a magnifying glass. @Ksarul it was rather easy to accomplish the task, but still, I double checked everything a couple of times to be sure nothing is wrong before powering up the computer.
  10. 32kb upgrade done, my Geneve is ready for the future! 😃
  11. @mizapf thanks for the how to modify the background in Arkanoid and the link to ninerpedia, I enjoy it without score and different levels, it let me relax my mind. I have a lot of plans for the future in my head, so Arkanoid is like meditation for me. 😁 @GDMike and @BeeryMiller, thanks! I will start the today and see if I have all that is needed for the upgrade, if so then it will be done today. 😃
  12. Yes, it works! I like Arkanoid so this will be played often. Thanks!
  13. I intend to do the upgrade, sat down today trying to find the instructions but didn't find it. I've seen it but don't remember where. I have the memory chip so as soon I get my hands on the instructions I will carefully make the upgrade, and also change the battery.
  14. I have not yet upgraded my Geneve with the 32K, so I guess I can't run 6.50.
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