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  1. Nice, I send you the Garage band file tomorrow. 😀👍
  2. Wish I could have done this music on the TI or Geneve, instead I had to make it on my iMac. Pardon my crappy video. 😂
  3. Here you go! 🙂 Dm2k_fr99.bin dm2k_en.txt dm2k_nl.txt dm2kreadme.txt DM2K DM2L DM2M DM2N
  4. I got my IDE-card today, as usual high quality from @Shift838. I thought I had the right IDE to CF converter at home, but that wasn´t the case... had to order a new one and hopefully I have an IDE cable in my pile of cables. So there will be a delay for my installation and see if I manage to make some partitions with my Geneve... anyone have some guidance on that process? 😉🤔 Thanks Shift838!
  5. Thanks for the clarification @jedimatt42, rompage is new to me as a few other Geneve utilities and software, even if they existed in the mid 90´s when I packed down my Geneve I have never heard of them until lately. So at this point it´s software limitation on the Geneve, I might start a "Geneve for beginners" thread. 🤔 Thanks!
  6. My Geneve boots up, I load MDOS and GPL 6.5 from DSK1., in GPL I load XBasic, it works fine, but... I´m confused, in TIPI-config I can map DSK1., DSK2. and so on, but my TI-disk controller should be used as DSK1. and DSK2. with my disk drives. As my Geneve responds now (in ROMPAGE) when I try to load from DSK1.and DSK2. in XBasic all I get is an immediate I/O ERROR 06. The TIPI is set on highest CRU or what it´s called and CALL TIPI works perfect. In TIPI-config, should I config DSK1. and DSK2. in a special way or leave it blank?
  7. 😃 Yes, I´ve been thinking about this project a few days now, meaning to ask how it progress, now I know, thanks! The headache: Let me put it this way, if the neurologist don´t find anything I will send you a few questions to see if there are something that has been overlooked. I mean, there are not many things that causes headache. Before I leave this topic, low (animal)fat intake and low cholesterol causes an annoying and unpleasant headache. Best wishes!
  8. At last, I have updated my SD cards to the 2.5 version. I have to TIPI-systems, one TI-99/4a and a Geneve, before the 2.5 update I renamed one system to TIPI2 by following the steps mentioned somewhere on this thread. The problem now is that I can´t do this rename process, when I start the PI it boots and suddenly the screen get black and the TV says it has no input signal, therefore I can´t do the rename process on the PI. Also, due to the same situation I can´t change the TIPI password. What to do? My Imac seems to not allowing me to connect and give commands on Terminal to the TIPI on my network, so I will probably have a hard time to manage it that way. A few weeks ago I saw (if I remember correct) that someone on this forum could connect to the PI with the TI-99 and config the system, or was that on the TIPI-emulation thread? Please enlighten me with your TIPI-wisdom! 😃
  9. I like the idea of separate analog signal output jack, it opens up for som fast and simple connections to the studio gears as you mentioned. Yeah, and when I read, "and then route it back to LineIn" I feel this tingling feeling of satisfaction in my stomach. 😂👍 thanks for the stats update, I always enjoy reading about your ideas and progress!
  10. Very impressive! 👑
  11. @FarmerPotato, it requires a lot of work, I´m amazed of the work you have done so far! Personaly I can go with TIPI just to be able to copy files fast with my network, and with a computer like Geneve 2020 I will compose the music I always dreamt of doing on the TI-99 and Geneve. 🎹🥁🎤🎶🎵
  12. Ok, then there is a possibility to get the TIPI. Great!!! As far as I understand the SDD99 (that´s not ready just yet) will some day be Geneve compatible, when and if it will be made as a PEB-card(?). I know you mentioned a future connection to the PEB on the Geneve 2020, but in that case, could it be possible to connect the side car SDD99? Just speculations and curiosity... 😃🙈
  13. Wow, that´s really good!
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