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  1. Dowloaded the game cart that Gazoo linked to, but it had nor sound or speech. Someone have the .bin with speech?
  2. Thanks Greg! I have bought the items needed in localy for 10 dollars, so I will soon get it done. I´m just happy that we probably has solved why it doesn´t work. Thanks Matt for the links to the parts needed!
  3. Thanks Matt! I bought it from Greg, so I assumed it would be upgraded to work on the Geneve. Anyhow, a self upgrade looks relatively easy to do, the two problem I will face are, there is no contact/pins mounted on the TIPI cards JTAG and the second is to find a cable to connect between RPI and JTAG.
  4. Thanks Beery, I will change the autoexec to see that the spool and ramdisk doesn't´t interfere in some way. My TIPI is brand new, so I guess it should be the latest upgrade for the Geneve.
  5. Tipiconfig V9 PI-Version 1.43 DSRBuild 2018-06-23 CRUBase 1000
  6. I have finally had some time and energy to work on my Geneve and TIPI, it´s not working! Just to make sure that the TIPI and RPi are working I connected my TI-99 to it, and that worked perfectly fine. Tipi config started like a charm and Force command could show the directories and files on the RPI. So I connected the Geneve and fired it up, MDOS 2.21 and GPL 6.50. When in GPL I press F5 and then into Basic. Type CALL TIPI and the TIPI led Lights up and the computer freezes. Beery, when you loaded GPL from MDOS 2.21, what configuration did you have in autoexec? I have TI MODE, SPOOL and RAMDISK, as far as I can see while booting. And one more question, does the TIPI need the Geneve with the added 32K?
  7. Thanks, sounds good. I have the clamshell the clamshell on, as you say, it´s the safest way. I will follow your recommendations. 👍
  8. Here are photos of each side of my Geneve board. Do someone know what the handwritings means?, Myarc PWB EW001 and the TS 90 or what it says by the led light. I will change the battery and add the 32K to start with, as far as I can see everything else looks fine. I remember when I bought it that the other Geneve owner in Sweden, named Sören, recommended to remove the clamshell to prevent overheating.
  9. I looked at WHT but cannot find a copy of MDOS V2.21, is it to be found somewhere else? Thanks, Niklas
  10. Thanks Tim and Beery! I will download V2.21 and try it. Greg, I cannot find TIPI2 on the network as for now, but I will see if it shows when I have tried MDOS 2.21. I´ll be back! 😎
  11. I also only used A4 paper and it worked fine. That in the late 80´s and early 90´s with both my TI-99 and Geneve.
  12. Now I have marked the cables as mentioned, it showed that it was connected correct from the start (have also made a verification with the Jedimatts description on GitHub of the connection numbering). I reinstalled the sdimage on the SD card (tipi image buster 1.41) and changed hostname to tipi2 and rebooted, typed the login and password. Started my Geneve and in GPL pressed F5 (have also tried to change the gal speed to 1) and in to basic, typed CALL TIPI and still the computer freezes when the green led lights up.
  13. Here are two new photos. The marked cable is closest to the circuit board on the tipi.
  14. Here are a couple of photos...
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