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  1. I want one, do you take pre-order?
  2. After searching among my diskettes I have not been able to find any sprite editor specifically for the Geneve or TI-99/4A with V9938 card to meet it´s specifications. Has someone made one, and can it be downloaded?
  3. I don´t know if there are any newer than ver.0.71, that´s the version of YAPP that I use.
  4. Is it the TI-99/5C you referring to?
  5. I want to give feedback to my last post, the now latest version is working smooth on my console. Very nice and entertaining game!
  6. I use Y.A.P.P. a lot, so that would be great to know if it works.
  7. I played previous version earlier today and there is a difference, the new version have not as smooth scroll when playing the game. It have glitches around every second on my computer (PAL).
  8. I bought it but felt disapointed when I played it... I guess I had to high expectation of the action in the game from the advertise.
  9. Finally!!!! Your mouse program works! Reinstalled everything in a new new folder and managed to get the menu to show up and followed your instructions. But (I really wished I didn't had to write that), the mouse does not function in Myart. I will se if I can find Y.A.P.P. and try. Thanks allot Michael for your help!
  10. Thanks! This could work, but I can´t get to the menu... I start Mame - Select New Maschine - Geneve 9640 - Geneve Boot Rom 1.00. The emulation starts and it search for a dos disk, there are only two keys that work, space bar and the windows key. Space bar takes me to Geneve boot menu and the windows key opens windows 10 start menu. If I don´t load the Geneve emulation I can get to Input (this machine), but there is only the choice to return yo previous menu. And this time when I start up Mame I get a few errors about 'version table' (1 - unsupported file format) and LUA ERROR in execute_function: plugin/data/load_dat.lua:37: attempt to index a nil value (local 'stmt') After I pressed ok three times Mame will start. Made a try to install Mame again, but no luck. aaahhh!!!
  11. Any success/progress with TIPIPEB and Geneve (unmodified)?
  12. At last, I got the time to test the mouse.dsk. The program it self starts just fine, but there are no mouse activated. I also checked my name.ini and the mouse was set to 0, tried it set to 1 but nothing happened.
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