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  1. I'm waiting for the boot eprom and the TIPI eprom, when they are in my hands I will try to make it boot from TIPI or the IDE. I might need some help when time comes.
  2. Really nice, beautiful layout and as you mention, easy to use! 😀👌 Thanks!
  3. Played it on my TI and it looks superb! 👌 I have to learn that down is up and up is down, a good part of the challenge to master the game. Wonderful!
  4. I was playing Titanium 1.0 on my Ti-99 with F18A v1.9, after a while it stopped to scroll and it somewhat scrambled the screen and the enemies became invisible. Is there a newer version of Titanium? Never mind, I had another copy on my FG99 and that worked like a charm.
  5. Here it is, probably the only pink TI-99/4A in the world! What if TI hade made computer in different colors, maybe that could have been a success? I had this computer laying around for no use, it had a lot of scratches on the plastic, so I decided to save it from not being used. It is my daughters computer for her to enjoy, it has an F18A (thanks @Hans23!), FinalGrom99, TIPI with a mouse and it works just fine, I noticed that the power led doesn't work. The color is called Hell Pink and I left the plastic shell to a professional paint shop to remove the scratches and paint it.
  6. Looks like it's time for a F38A, F58A or maybe a F78A? One F78A with 9938, 9958 and 9978 compatibility would be nice. I have no knowledge at all what can be done, but in my imagination I see wonders being created. 😆
  7. This is like an early christmas gift, exciting! Thank you very very much, Beery!
  8. I have not had the time to sit down and configure my TIPI and IDE-card, I have decided to buy a v0.99 eprom, but to boot from TIPI then I would likely need to upgrade the TIPI eprom too from what I have read. It's a lot of information to digest and learn, so it may take a while until I have managed to boot for TIPI or IDE. Still, I'm very happy and thankful! 🙏
  9. I'm very interested to try it, but if there will be a non beta version out soon (this year?) I'll wait a for it. I might get impatient and order a v0.99 due to the benefits of loading MDOS from TIPI or IDE. As for now I try to figure out "how to" configure TIPI and IDE to work with MDOS 7.30... 😅
  10. MDOS works fine, when I check what cards I have in the PEB it finds TIPI and the TI-Disk controller but not the IDE card. DU2K also can't find the IDE card (loaded with EXEC /r). I have not managed to load GPL to try to load the latest IDE DSR (also check if the battery on the IDE card is dead and that's the reason it won't find the card). In a few days I have more time to try to fix it. Also, I have to learn how TIPI works together with two physical disks, and the how to assign etc... Many thanks, a tremendous work you guys have done! 😍
  11. SCART is RGB, but the question is if you need a special frequency like Geneve or Amiga has? If you have the manual to the CRT's you might find the answer there. I use a LCD TV from the brand SKANTIC with my Geneve (connected via the SCART), it works perfect.
  12. I've seen someone else boot with a Myart picture in another thread, don't remember in what thread. You need to convert from gif to Myart and the best program so far is Picture Transfer (MDOS program). PictureTransfer.dsk
  13. @mizapf The TIC on WHTech, does it contain the necessary files for the Geneve? There is only a TIC.EXE (and some .c an .h files) but isn't that EXE-file for MSDOS machines? What editor is preferred to be used to write TIC programs?
  14. With that speech I feel that the game is more interesting. Great work!
  15. They sing about the TIPI! 😆
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