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  1. Wow, where can I buy a "baby PEB"? 😁 I need a home for my 32Kb and TIPI cards...
  2. My list, 1 The Geneve 2020 2 I have a game idea that I would like to make real. 3 F18 MK2 4 The SDD99 (if I remember the name right). 5 a music maker, tracker style in 80 column. 6 thinking of the new Forti card.
  3. Well, this project is very exciting... nowadays this thread is the one I looking forward to read. You got me at the sound and music capabilities the Geneve 2020 will have, it has been the one thing I have missed most on the TI-99 and the Geneve. My imagination has started, it´s not expectations, but it feels good to dream about what might be possible to create with a computer like this.
  4. Just tried Blockbuster on my 99/4a, and WOW!! 😍 Graphics and sound are really good, it´s fun and challenging. Thanks Sometimes99er! 🙏 👍
  5. Is it kit-able only, or will you offer assembled boards too?
  6. This computer is what I have been waiting for a loooooong time! I like the Geneve, but I miss the sound capability that this will give, and of course not to have a harddrive has not been effective. Exciting project, thanks for sharing the progress!
  7. I want one, do you take pre-order?
  8. After searching among my diskettes I have not been able to find any sprite editor specifically for the Geneve or TI-99/4A with V9938 card to meet it´s specifications. Has someone made one, and can it be downloaded?
  9. I don´t know if there are any newer than ver.0.71, that´s the version of YAPP that I use.
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