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  1. @FarmerPotato, it requires a lot of work, I´m amazed of the work you have done so far! Personaly I can go with TIPI just to be able to copy files fast with my network, and with a computer like Geneve 2020 I will compose the music I always dreamt of doing on the TI-99 and Geneve. 🎹🥁🎤🎶🎵
  2. Ok, then there is a possibility to get the TIPI. Great!!! As far as I understand the SDD99 (that´s not ready just yet) will some day be Geneve compatible, when and if it will be made as a PEB-card(?). I know you mentioned a future connection to the PEB on the Geneve 2020, but in that case, could it be possible to connect the side car SDD99? Just speculations and curiosity... 😃🙈
  3. Wow, that´s really good!
  4. The Geneve 2020 might be able to connect with a TIPI?, or maybe it will have WIFI built in? 😃 I will spend my cash on the Geneve 2020, no doubt.
  5. Ahhh, nice work! It´s a swedish song from the mid 80´s with the Herreys Brothers. Have never been my favourite but I enjoy your conversion. Here´s the original:
  6. Thanks, I use TIDisk-Manager for OSX to create the disk image. I´ve got alot of pics that I have painted on my PC´s an Mac´s through the years that I converted to GIF and want to view them on my TI. It didn't work by just moving the GIFs to the TIPI-folder, so I tried this way to get it in TI-format.
  7. Jedimatt, Is there a limitation of how big disk-images that can be transferred/extracted to TIPI via the TIPI:9900? I have made a disk-image that is 1.44 meg, just to save time and being lazy, but it just copy the .dsk to the TIPI instead of extracting it. It works fine with 360K disk, have not tried 720K.
  8. In a way, but Bud Spencer is entertaining and his fighting technique is more powerful. 😂 👊
  9. 😂😂 Yes, he can, I watched another movie, an episode of "Detective Extra large" where he really opened his eyelids. But yes, I was surprised. 😂
  10. I will order a new rom soon.
  11. This is interesting, want to know more. For me it´s important that the Geneve card fits.
  12. Just watched the old movie Big Man - Another falling star and 17:29 minutes in they use a TI-99/4A, at 16:52 minutes in they use a very impressive face maker program 😃. On the desk there are two TI´s and some cheap plastic. 😉😂
  13. Thanks! I´ll try that. It worked with making a new SD-image.
  14. I had a little bit of bad luck this evening, I started to update my TIPI in tipiconfig, pressed U and the update started. Suddenly all the electricity in the house was cut, and when it came back on my tipi won´t work. When I write CALL TIPI in basic, the led lights up and the computer locks. I restarted the RPI but no luck. What is there to do?, get a new eprom? /Niklas
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