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  1. Thanks @Tursi, exciting tools you make, 😂 I have now run out of excuses why my game idea can´t be made by me.
  2. I don´t know if it's for any help, but use the "QuickPlayer for VGMCOMP2" to convert the .sbf-file to EA5-file, maybe then you can use Soundlist ripper?
  3. Great @Tursi, it will make it more fun when it happens somthing on the screen while the music is playing. I will try it when you release the new version.
  4. 😂 I tried hard with a couple of different alignments, thanks for the advice! And thanks for the multicart and the tool😍, I will absolutely have use for it in the coming conversations.
  5. I forgot to mention, it's 60Hz conversion, so PAL machines will experience that the tunes are slow. Also, if someone isn't familiar with the EA5 files, download for example both BONUS and BONUT, just one file will not get it to work. 🙂👍
  6. Finally I have got my Windows 10 computer to run Tursi´s VGMComp2, so I decided to convert some music, in this case from the Smurfs game. I will use this thread to upload music that I convert, and feel free to do the same if some of you have some nice tunes! All songs are in EA5 format, if someone has the skills and time to make FG99 bin-files, I will be happy! There are some really nice tunes, enjoy! BONUS BONUT BOSS BOST BRIDGE BRIDGF END ENE FOREST FORESU GAME GAMF GOLD GOLE GOLF MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIO MOUNTAIP SLEDGERACE SLEDGERACF STORK STORL SWAMPS SWAMPT SWAMPU TITEL TITEM TITEN
  7. Thanks @Tursi, yes libraries are correct, and the error is correct that you mention. When I googled it they mentioned and linked to Visual C++ runtime package and a lot of other things, not anything helped solve the problem on my win 7 computer. But now I will try install Visual C runtime libraries and Direct X and see if I have any success. It all came back to me why I switched to iMac, I didn't have time to find everything that is needed to get programs to work. Of course, I've seen issues with OSX thath appears after every upgrade. thanks, I give it a try and hope I can try to convert my own music to share.
  8. @Tursi What windows version and drivers are required to get this to work? I have tested it on Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10, all I get is the error message 0xc000007b, and I sat down and googled what to do to fix it, but no, still the same error. I get the same error using TIvidconverter.
  9. Time to save up some money, two 838 PEB boards and a turbo interface is on the must have list! 😅👍
  10. I agree too, me causing some problems resulting in a need of repair, Hans was very helpful and repaired it for me, thanks @Hans23!
  11. Thanks Tursi, it looks great and sounds great!
  12. I'm waiting for the boot eprom and the TIPI eprom, when they are in my hands I will try to make it boot from TIPI or the IDE. I might need some help when time comes.
  13. Really nice, beautiful layout and as you mention, easy to use! 😀👌 Thanks!
  14. Played it on my TI and it looks superb! 👌 I have to learn that down is up and up is down, a good part of the challenge to master the game. Wonderful!
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