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  1. I've always been a fan of Ram It by Telesys it's similar to Turmoil by 29th Century Fox...which is also not super well known and quite good.
  2. What is the deal with all the necro posts on AA lately? Are members just trolling or is there another reason?
  3. Here's the one I put together as a goof. It is constructed more similarly to the original designers vision, though I modeled it with FDM printing in mind. While the stacking ribs is a terrible idea for mass market, it actually makes the body of the thing easy to print.
  4. I went back a couple pages and I didn't see it mentioned, but the Raspberry Pi 4 was just recently announced? 1.5 ghz, 64bit, QuadCore, up to 4 gig ram, gigabit ethernet, USB 3.0, 2x HDMI ports, Micro SD card slot...tons of other IO (mic, video in...) The Pi 3 is everything the Ataribox wants to be only with a huge following and massive 3rd party support. The Pi 4 just takes what the Pi 3 is and turns it to eleven. Plus, it is in production and actual product is on it's way through retail channels now, no Kickstarter money used, and it is a derivative of a successful product with many quality software projects ready to be ported to it. It's just interesting to me how some people can be so enamored with the FauxTari product when what they want is available now for much, much less money.
  5. At the ripe old age of 11 I was speed running E.T. before there was a name for that sort of play style. No special books, no online run through...I just used my ability to read words (in the manual) and my brain to invent different strategies to overcome the games difficulties and short falls. It became one of my favorites for a time as I found that trying to get through it as fast as possible was a fun challenge.
  6. I could give a couple reasons. For starters, David is a pretty popular YouTuber. YT gets a lot of hate on this site for some reason, but those bring a lot of interest into this hobby from people who otherwise wouldn't care. He has a substantial following that could lead to a homebrew scene. That's probably a stretch, but the device might at least get active user support if he sells enough of them (for instance, a public forum that actually gets posted to). It's not guaranteed, but he has a reach an unknown guy will not have. Also, he seems to be in it out of passion and not for profit. His last Kickstarter campaign was handled extremely well and is fulfilling orders either on time or early (I'm not sure of his timeline off the top of my head). The big thing, I feel, is Bill Herd's support. I like David and feel like he is doing this project for the right reasons, but having the designer of the C128 on board gives the project weight and credibility. The problem I have with the project, like many have said, with so many modern retro 8-bit computers already out there or in production...what makes this one special. Having David and Bill helps, but I don't think that is enough. If they went into a direction that focused on making the computer the spiritual successor to the C64 (sort of, what the C128 should have been). I think it would be more interesting. As it stands, with no guaranteed backwards compatibility to the C64 and a lot of modern hardware being considered in it's build sheet (might as well use a r pie or PC and emulate), I'm just not sure it there is a reason for it's existence (outside of being a vanity project). It's like a cool idea that doesn't really have a purpose. I think he is capable of building and delivering it, and will be able to sell them to his fans. The question is will people actually use the thing seriously? Maybe if he pushes it personally and on his YT channel makes some games for it...a few others makes some games. I don't know, I wish them the best, but it still feels like they are running uphill.
  7. The thing is if a person made a homebrew game or showed promise that he could...that person would just get hired by a publisher and make official games. There was no need for a homebrew scene since their was a market for retail games and salaried jobs to be had making them. I think Skeet Shoot is an example of a guy who figured out how to program games for the 2600, he made what we would call a homebrew game, then a publisher found out (maybe he marketed his game to a few), they bought the game, hired/partnered with the guy, and the game was sold in retail.
  8. 2 screens for me. Always wanted one of these but have held off due to the screen issue.
  9. Of course ET could have been a good platformer. It could have been a good maze game or a racing game (why not?)...or any other game style. It's all about execution, not game type. What ET really needed was more development time. If HSW was given the typical 6-7 months to code the game (instead of 6-7 weeks) we would have had something pretty special I think, or at least very good. Hell, I bet with 2-3 more weeks it would have been drastically better...but the suits at Atari after NB left just didn't understand the gaming business and put Warshaw on ridiculous schedule. I think the game as it stands is pretty decent...just flawed. All the hate is just bandwagonism and laziness b/c nobody wants to RTFM. I was speed running the game as a 10 year old...I don't get how people can think it is confusing or complex.
  10. I'm also in for 2 when they are ready.
  11. Just making some room and I figured I'd give AAer's a shot at this stuff before I go to "that" auction site. Shoot me a pm if interested. Cuttle Cart 2 and Atari 7800: I bought this CC2 towards the end of the first run. It arrived shortly afterward and has sat on a shelf since, unused. It comes with serial cable and CD. I'm also including a 7800 I recently bought. You'll get what you see in the picture but I'll add in a 2600 joystick and do my best to find an A/V cable for it as well (I must have misplaced it). I'll take offers on this lot for now. Atari lot CC2 Apple IIgs: $50 plus shipping This is a working system (ROM 01) w/ ram card which comes with two 3.5" drives and one 5.25" drive. You'll also get a keyboard, a mouse, and all the cables necessary to hook it up. Add a CFFA 3000 and you will be set. This isn't the pretty system out there, but it does the job. Apple II lot Tandy Color Computer 2: $30 plus shipping This is a boxed CC 2 with 64k of ram and I'll throw in the game Dungeons of Daggerath. The system works great and is in excellent cosmetic condition. Color Computer 2 Color Computer Box Commodore 64 w/ Vic-1541: $50 plus shipping This is a C64 that comes with a boxed Vic-1541 drive. The 64 works fine, but I have not tested the drive in a while. Also included are all the cables needed to hook everything up. This systems does show some browning, but it isn't terrible and is otherwise in excellent shape cosmetically. Nice little starter set. I'll also throw in a couple of 3rd party 2600 joysticks and a hand full of disks with games on them. Pics coming soon
  12. Riscx is right about the box art, I found one of my old fb boxes tonight (while digging around for ti-99 psu). I compared the two boxes (pirate and legit) side by side...they are mirror images. The red of the original box is a little darker than the pirate, and the carbboard (viewed from inside the box) is also darker but the difference is slight and it wouldn't surprise me if similar differences were evident in different batches of legit packaging. There was one discrepancy between the two boxes that might be able to clue people in as to whether or not an original or pirate fb is inside, it's in the seal. The font on the pirate seal is slightly bolder than the legit seal. It's a small difference, but easily noticeable if your looking for it. If all legit fbs have seals with the same font as mine and fb pirate consoles all use the same font....then a close pic of the seal would be enough to validate a console. Maybe some others with real and fake fbs could take a look at their seal and post if it's the same or different from what I have. Here are a couple pics to illustrate what I'm talking about, the left label is the pirate, right is legit original:
  13. Good to hear some action is being taken, I'd be curious to know how the guys in china are being dealt with. Nathan...I will check the pcb #'s next time I have them apart.
  14. I think the problem is that what is gained by stopping the pirates(atari/infogrames loss) might not be worth the cost of fighting them. This is both in profits and market share. This is a market they gave up on...so do they even care about suing for a few thousand units of pirate fb2's? We think so, but they might not. Then there is the problem of who do you go after? Can you even get to the guys in China? Is Kroger at fault...it's a tough situation. I'm just playing devils advocate btw, I'm not really taking a side here. Fwiw, I'm pretty sure the store near me sold out of their batch...if atari takes anything from this deal, I hope it is that there is a market for this stuff.
  15. Here are some pics of the controller. Pcb has the same atari logo and font as main pcb. I also plugged this in a played for a bit. I didn't experience any glaring problems, but my gaming session wasn't very long either. I was able to navigate through the menu's and select games easily. The real Fb has sound issues so I was unable to compare side by side.
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