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  1. Damn oh well, 2999 other games to deal with.
  2. It's definitely a loaner cart as it says return to Jan Boehm Consumer Division Software Dept.
  3. I recently came into possession of a storage locker that someone I knew purchased at an auction for $50, the locker was 10x10x10 and filled to brim with junk from old boom boxes, to clothes, and magazine, but more importantly it had Atari games like a lot of of Atari games (in the neighborhood of 3000, plus a dozens of systems) Turns out the previous owner of the locker had an Atari store decades ago and this was all the left over inventory. Plenty of common games, but also a metric ton of rarer games. Multiply copies of games like Texas Chainsaw, Custer's Revenge, Bounty Bob Strikes back etc. I had a friend look at it, he has way more knowledge than me when it comes to Atari and even he had never seen some of the stuff I had. I've gone through just about all of it, but the one game I'm having trouble finding information on is a Quadrun Loaner Cart, I know the original is rare, but how much rarer is the loaner? and what is the estimated value on something like that. TL:DR In possession of a Quadrun loaner cart and need rarity and price estimate.
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