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  1. Hey guys! How's the project coming along? I have been away for a while. I don't think I'll ever be a frequent visitor like before because I don't play Atari games much anymore nowadays. Could well be months since I played a game.
  2. I killed my 2600 while modding it half a year ago. I'm still not over it
  3. *still lurking* Heh, god knows how many weird carts we'll stumble upon and will get documented instead of fade away in some forum topic titled "has anyone seen this before?". Yay! I only wish I had the money to actively hunt down carts again. I had to refuse a great "first pick, the rest gets auctioned" from an ebay seller because of this. When I saw the auctions he had some really good stuff to sell. Oh well, I hope the tide will turn quickly.
  4. I think I have uploaded pics of all the rare stuff I have so you guys will be alright by yourselves I guess. I'm currently unemployed and my collection is not growing at the moment for obvious reasons. I have also noticed that some scanned pics (without the end label!) have overwritten the ones I took a LONG time making with my camera, so I'm sort of out of the project. If you guys need a certain pic or info, give me a holler and I'll get it.
  5. I have uploaded bigger pics this time, are they too big? (~35 Kb each) I took a default width of 320 pixels and a Jpeg compression of 20. Check the results in the Pirate V-case carts. Just that I'm not going through all this trouble of making 2 pics of each cart with my digital camera for nothing. I don't have a scanner.
  6. I know I shouldn't use this old shit, but would the CK software work on Win98?
  7. Hey Spirantho, can you also put the user Whisper into the "I won?" search box? Heh, you should make that a dynamic box that automatically selects the users from the db Then I can easily track my carts that haven't got a pic attatched to them. Thanks! *shuts his big mouth before he has to code it himself*
  8. Wow, a lot has happened! I already had my collection entered the first day, so there won't be coming any new carts from me any more. I'll see what I can do about the pics. I have some Quelle (Short) games that probably don't have a pic yet. *goes to look* Hey Buff, you "Mine-ed" quite some carts I added It's a "contributor" field, not an "I own this" field.
  9. Just a little note that there are 2 entries of "Gakken / Picture" in the label list...
  10. Added pics for the 3 Technovision carts, I kept the width at 200 pixels. They look ok to me. I added the end labels, I think they should be added (if possible) as often the P on the end labels is the only difference from Atari manufactured NTSC counterparts. Just a thought. Anyhow, my small and humble collection is already included. PS. Should there be made a difference between Spectravision and Spectravideo? I have PAL carts of both and since they are the same company... Oh and I noticed that the label "Activison / Picture" should be "Activision / Picture".
  11. You might wanna get "Search label" working too, as more carts are added, people can check if carts from small publishers are complete. *just added my Technovision carts I'll upload pics of them too later today*
  12. Oh and perhaps a different category for the crappy soft white text label Activision and Salu type of carts...
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