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  1. Jaime and Custodio are one and the same. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I discovered that the extraneous characters were not random as you have. After the CF2K and CFHDXS1 programs were modified to recognize the NanoPEB without the "SIO" reference, I could use that software without an issue. However the extraneous character issue continued when using TIWRITER or TI BASIC Listings when trying to print to the serial printer. I have been unable to resurrect the correspondence with Jaime since the messages have been deleted from EBAY where I purchased the device from him in 2017. Jaime did solve the issue for me and hopefully will remember the change he made.
  2. I had this issue with my NanoPeb printing to a serial device. I sent Jaime a copy of the original file as well as a version that was captured via terminal from the serial port. He tracked it down and his comment was "don't understand why TI did it that way". I mailed it to him and he made a change to my Nano. If I remember correctly the "random character" was not so random after all. Had something to do with the last character in the buffer before the CRLF. I'll see if I can locate the correspondence with him. I don't believe I posted everything here.
  3. Anyone have the Midi Master 99 version 2.5B that makes use of the SAMS card? I've seen posts of the 2.5Z version, but not the SAMS version. I've looked here and on WHTECH and have only seen it mentioned in the Harrison Catalog pdf. Please post if you can. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the script. It showed me how to make the changes for my environment. Everything worked up to the point of calling the linker for the gcc compile. The errors involved failure to find symbols. Going to re-install the Xcode setup and try again.
  5. Hi Mobsie, I'm trying to build on OS X El Capitan (last OS build my MacBook supports). I have installed GMP and MPFR using MacPorts, but the scripts fail to find them and GCC fails to build. Any idea on how to fix this? Thought this might have been addressed in your setup.
  6. I'm interested in one bare board. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Glad you have it working again! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I'm confused. The FlashFloppy firmware has no Setup Floppy tool emulator that I know of. I have one Gotek with HxC2001 firmware and another with the FlashFloppy firmware and they are don't use the same setup files. You can setup the FF Gotek to read the HFE images created with HxC. My understanding is that HxC2001 drives (purchased from there) can emulate more than one floppy with the one piece of hardware. This is not so at the present time with either firmware on a Gotek. You should be able to use a Gotek with FF firmware as DSK1 by using a strait-through cable with the SO pin jumper and the FF.CFG file that I provided. With S1 jumpered the drive responds as DSK2. If my understanding is incorrect someone please enlighten me.
  9. BTW the disk image that I supplied has the TI EA files except for the game Tombstone City source Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Suggest erasing the USB and copying the attached FF.CFG to the drive. The firmware will create any other needed files except the floppy images themselves. This cfg file is setup to TI and INDEXED mode. You can also copy an image to the USB, using INDEXED naming convention. I have also include a DSSD disk image that contains Basic catalog program, DiskManager 2k (DM2k) ea option 5. I noticed the your FF.cfg has host=ti-99 not host=ti99 FF.CFGDSKA0000.dsk
  11. All you need on the USB drive is the FF.cfg file edited to set host=ti99. With only the 7 segment display, it will be much easier to use the indexed mode and the DSKA0000.dsk, etc named images so you know what file is loading vs having the firmware assigning the files to slots. You will also need a TI dsk image on the USB or will get error Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. If you installed the flash floppy firmware you will need the FF.cfg file on the USB Drive as described in the setup instructions and the disk image files. To set for TI a line "host=ti99" is included in the file. I suggest using indexed mode if you just have the 7-segment display, that means your files will need to be named "DSKA0000.dsk", " DSKA0001.dsk", and so on. You can use the TI 90k SSSD or TI 180k DSSD image files with the standard unmodified TI controller. Sector images not Track images. If you installed the Hxc firmware, it's more complicated. It involves accessing the setup menu by pressing the buttons on the gotek. Can't recall all the steps without looking it up on the website. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I made a UsbA to UsbA cable and flashed the last gotek purchased with the FlashFloppy firmware. I was having problems getting my serial device to work properly. Using the Hxc firmware on one gotek and FlashFloppy another. No problem with either one after install. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I have both Dragon's Lair and FinalGROM99 carts. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. I was in the original TI User Group (CHUG) back in the 80's. Most of the group moved on to other systems or other cities due to TVA transfers. I was the original group librarian and we had quite a software library that was still intact until a few years ago when it was all donated to charity along with the last librarian's total system. Don't know any of the members who now have TI systems (except me) although I don't live in TN any longer. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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