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  1. Thanks to your construction guide and schematics, I managed to assemble a working board without any rework.
  2. Thanks. Thought I downloaded the latest guide in this thread. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Started the soldering work on my board today. According to the construction guide C17 & C25 are .1uF capacitors, but the silkscreen on the board indicates 10uF tantalum capacitors. I assume the silkscreen is correct and the draft guide is not up to date. Can I get a verification on this, please?
  4. Looking for scan of TI Base manual. Found Dsk on WHTech, but no manual. Thanks
  5. Ordered a replacement from Arcadeshopper Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I used the pinout posted here for the Panasonic KXP-1091 printer. In looking at the manuals they both have identical Centronics pinouts. After replacing the 74LS373 chips and checking for continuity on the 16-pin connector, I found some damaged traces at the very edge of the card near the PIO connector. I got the card at a very reduced price because the metal shell was severely warped. Just lucky the RS232 worked. After repairing the traces and replacing the chips, it now fails to work at all. Thanks
  7. Thanks. Chips on order Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I have the same issue when I removed the HDX mods and install the TI rom. It appears the card is bad. If the PIO port on the modified card in your store works, let me know and I will purchase. Thanks
  9. Reloading the DSR was the 1st thing I tried. Maybe I'll try the original ROM just to see. Has anyone used the PIO after installing HDX? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I've been using a TI RS232 card that I modified with HDX for over a year and RS232 ports still work. I've been using a ImageWriter serial printer, but of course it's not "Epson compatible." I recently got a KXP-1123 and purchased a standard TI parallel cable. When attempting to print to PIO, I get print out that is not what it should be. A bunch of "!" and some other letters. I "rang-out" the cable and it appears to be correct. Tried another printer with same result. I think the PIO is not sending all DATA pins out. Any ideas or does anyone have a spare TI RS232 they are willing to part with for a fee? Please PM if so. Thanks
  11. TI controller modified to 80-track Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Jaime and Custodio are one and the same. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I discovered that the extraneous characters were not random as you have. After the CF2K and CFHDXS1 programs were modified to recognize the NanoPEB without the "SIO" reference, I could use that software without an issue. However the extraneous character issue continued when using TIWRITER or TI BASIC Listings when trying to print to the serial printer. I have been unable to resurrect the correspondence with Jaime since the messages have been deleted from EBAY where I purchased the device from him in 2017. Jaime did solve the issue for me and hopefully will remember the change he made.
  13. I had this issue with my NanoPeb printing to a serial device. I sent Jaime a copy of the original file as well as a version that was captured via terminal from the serial port. He tracked it down and his comment was "don't understand why TI did it that way". I mailed it to him and he made a change to my Nano. If I remember correctly the "random character" was not so random after all. Had something to do with the last character in the buffer before the CRLF. I'll see if I can locate the correspondence with him. I don't believe I posted everything here.
  14. Anyone have the Midi Master 99 version 2.5B that makes use of the SAMS card? I've seen posts of the 2.5Z version, but not the SAMS version. I've looked here and on WHTECH and have only seen it mentioned in the Harrison Catalog pdf. Please post if you can. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the script. It showed me how to make the changes for my environment. Everything worked up to the point of calling the linker for the gcc compile. The errors involved failure to find symbols. Going to re-install the Xcode setup and try again.
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