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  1. A quick visual scan of the CYC pdf in the tigercub directory appears to have the author names listed in the description of each disk. If that helps
  2. Used the log option and loaded mame. I then started changing the slot options to see if it made any difference. My mame.sh script launches with a -gromport multi option with only -cart1 designated. I usually just use the UI to add another cart if I want to change. This has never caused an issue before. When doing this with the FCMD rpk, TI boots as shown in the previous png. If I change to -gromport single with the FCMD rpk everything works. error.log
  3. I get the following with a flashing cursor. No keyed input shows on screen
  4. On my MacBookPro with ver 0.227 SDL MAME, the JS99ER-FCMD.RPK will load, display banner, and beep, but keypresses yield nothing on the screen or response. Just as an FYI.
  5. Gave up working with WINE when I upgraded to Catalina. The 1TB OWC SSD I installed in the 2013 MacBook Pro doesn’t work with boot camp. Found that out after buying a Win10 license. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. My comments about the rpk are related to the MAME. I am no MAME expert by any means. It is the only emulator that runs on my MAC without a dual boot installation. Just saw the rpk in the latest zip and thought I’d check it out. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I have a SAMS card in slot 2, IDE in Slot 6, and Corcomp in 8. When I load FCMD, the system reboots with nothing but TI basic in the menu
  8. If you load the 1.15 version rpk as a cart in MAME ver 2.27 should you get a choice for FCMD as a menu item on the TI start menu? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks much. I don't really plan to use all the storage. I'm a retired EE so I enjoy building some of the newer versions of cards that I could only dream about when I had a TI back in the 80's. Although one I card that I did buy at the time (CorComp DSDD disk controller) won't be coming around again.
  10. I decided to do some experimentation and wanted to report my observations in case anyone might be interested. My system has the following in the PEB: SAMS, TI FDC 80-TRKmod, TI RS232 with HDX, HRD4000B with 8MB, TIPI, and IDE. I had installed FC 0.9 on the FG99 a while back and have been using for a while. The IDE was set with CRU 1000, HRD400B with CRU 1200, TIPI with CRU 1400. The DSK and DSK1 emulation was off on IDE and HRD4000B. I upgraded FC to 1.1 and 1.2 failed to recognize the HRD4000B, but other software worked fine. I went back to FC 0M worked fine all cards and all disks worked with it. I decided to swap the CRUs on the IDE and HRD4000B and tried FC 1.3. FC 1.3 recognized and worked with the HRD4000B and the IDE but stopped recognizing TIPI and HDX. It would not take "cd" or "dir" commands to 1400.DSK4, TIPI or 1300.HDX1 or HDX1. Changed CRU on TIPI to 1200 and IDE to 1400. After the change FC recognized HRD and TIPI but not HDX1 or IDE. Changed IDE back to 1200 TIPI to 1800 and tried again. FC recognized HRD and IDE but not HDX1 or TIPI. Pulled the TIPI card and restarted. FC now recognized all remaining cards and devices. The only DSK mapped on TIPI was DSK4 to "."
  11. Ok, it must be something with my particular setup. I am using ROS 842c and I have set POWERUP to "N" on HRZN. Will stick to ver 0M.
  12. OK, thanks for checking. I'll just go back to the earlier version that works with my hardware.
  13. The drives command shows all active cards with crus including cru 1400 with all ram disks including the calls setup in ROS842C FC 0.M addresses the drives and works as it should, but fails in versions 1.1 and 1.2 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Upgraded to 1.2 yesterday on the fg99. Tried to access DSK5 on the RAM disk, but it would not take it or CRU.DSK5 for a dir or cd command. Loaded DM2K and it had no problem with DSK5. Does FC work with HRD400B ram disks?
  15. I upgraded from an earlier version to .225 when I was attempting to get an emulated IDE working a few weeks ago. After getting IDE working tried to get HRD setup to no avail. Thought initially was an issue with my MacBook (like the non-working right arrow key) since HRD had worked in previous version. Will be more prompt in reporting in future. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. After successfully loading ROS842C, I start to setup the RAM disks. Choose 5, name, format, yes everything appears ok. After entering to go to next disk, all info just entered for disk 5 disappears. You can still enter info for disk 6 and it works ok. After quitting config, disk 5 exists with total size being a negative value. Nothing can be copied to it. Disk 6 works ok. Tried it on 2 different Macs same result. Then deleted nvram info for slots and tried again with same results Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. With MacOS Catalina Apple switched from bash to Z shell. The scripts will still work. If you happen to execute Mame without creating ini files first in the folder you want, you might take a look in ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Mame. There may be ini files there also. This can create problems like you experienced with the video and other things (voice of experience) I am using .224 with Catalina on a 2013 MacBook Pro. Went back to .224 from .225 since I had problems with HRD4000 working correctly on .225.
  18. Thanks. I remapped the right arrow key under the UI and now have everything working.
  19. Clarification-- I use the left arrow key to change the selection and cycle through the options because the pressing the right arrow key does not change anything. Since this particular option only looks for the right arrow key to change the selection, nothing works.
  20. For some reason that key does not work in the UI for any option on the white MacBook. I have deleted all ini files in all locations and reinstalled and still does not work. Works on Pro. Guess I’ll copy config files over from it after getting it working there Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Unfortunately my white MacBook left arrow key does not change the selection when the UI is used. I have to use the right arrow key to cycle the options, but does not work for this switch setting. Any other options? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. How do you specify a RTC chip that will be recognized by Fred’s IDELOAD program to load the DSR.? When I try with defaults, it fails under MAME64 ver 225 on OSX. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. Should the IDE option in Mame still be "avoided"?
  24. I've searched all the files on WHTECH containing C99 looking for an AMS C99 manual, and have been unable to find a manual for the software since it does operate differently than the standard C99. The "DOC" file on the SAMS C99 disk is a manual for TINopoply not AC99. Anyone have any experience using AMS C99?
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