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  1. Nope, Ctrl+Backspace does nothing for me, but -uimodekey DEL is working fine.
  2. Yeah, I saw the Insert with the Print Screen button too, but it didn't work either, even if I pressed FN at the same time. "-uimodekey DEL" did work for me though, thanks!
  3. Pretty much the only command from that list that works is that Alt-Enter will change between windowed and full screen. I don't see the option there to redefine the commands.
  4. I'm using a HP laptop. It has no Scroll Lock key at all, and the Insert key is the zero in the number pad. I've tried different key combos to make the Insert work, but noting happens. I even used the one screen keyboard while in MAME trying those buttons, but no menu came up.
  5. Yep, they have been very helpful! I was playing a 10 floor dungeon and got to floor 4 before saving and calling it a night. I'm surprised I still know all the key commands for the game, even "Proc'd" and "Back" even though I'm not using a TI keyboard! Talk about muscle memory! Anyway, I tried to save to cassette last night for nostalgia reasons, but couldn't get that to work. I modified my .bat file to c: cd \prg\mame mame64 ti99_4a -cart tundoom -cass1 cartridges\TOD.wav -ioport peb -ioport:peb:slot2 32kmem -ioport:peb:slot8 hfdc -flop1 cartridges\tod.dsk I see what looks like playback controls in the top left corner, but I don't know how to use them. I looked briefly online and it seems that I need to enter a MAME onscreen display or menu by pressing a button. I tried ESC, ~, and TAB, but none of them did anything. I don't even know how to leave the TI-99/4a except to do an Alt-Tab and then close the window from my desktop. So I still have lots to learn! If anyone has a suggestion I'd love to hear it.
  6. Cool beans! I'll do some playing around with that stuff over the weekend!
  7. Arcadeshopper, Thank you very much! I replaced "tifdc" with "hfdc" and now it works great! Shift838, I watched your youtube video Ooey GUI MESS v2.0 Beta, it looks good! I'll have to give it a try. One final question if you don't mind. I understand 1 is for Cassette, 2 is for Disk, but what can 3 be used for? Hard drive?
  8. I loaded Disk Manager 2 and tried to catalog MASTER DISK 1. It told me DISK NOT INITIALIZED.
  9. My copy of TOD.dsk is 537 KB. I tried loading King, Quest, and Pennies. It's been a long time since I've played, and I never had a disk drive, only the cassette player, but i'm pretty sure at least one of those file names should work.
  10. Good day fine people of Arariage! I just set up MAME on my laptop. I've never used MAME before. I went to Ninerpedia and followed the directions "Installing on Windows systems" I downloaded the roms and cartridges, and a copy of TOD.DSK. I made a .bat file to run from the command line "c:\prg\mame>mame64 ti99_4a -cart tundoom -ioport peb -ioport:peb:slot2 32kmem -ioport:peb:slot8 tifdc -flop1 cartridges\tod.dsk" (I put the disk in the cartridge folder, i didn't see a disk folder and i don't know how to make a disk folder and direct MAME to look in that folder for disks) Tunnels of Doom loads, but when I try to load from disk I hear the floppy drive spin up (nice touch by the way!) but I get FILE ERROR 6 DEVICE ERROR. I have tried searching for answers on my own to fix the issue, but I've come up blank. Could one of you please show me the way!
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