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  1. Got it! Thanks! The game is very well done! Great job PeteE!
  2. I'm been trying to get this game to work with MAME, but so far no luck. I have the file in my cartridges folder Both zipped and unzipped. Here is what the zip file looks like. But the game does not show up on my playable game list. Any suggestions?
  3. Star Trek 25th Anniversary Doom Curse of the Azure Bonds (My favorite, I like the whole series though) SimCity SimCity 2000 SimFarm Oregon Trail These were among my favorites!
  4. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what it did either. I finally found the answer in this newsletter. Page 6, paragraph 3. RockyMountain8405.pdf
  5. I know this is over a year old, but I don't see an answer here yet. Weapon Availability allows you to use a one time only weapon more than once per fight. Example: if you use Warball and Chain during a fight, the next time that character's turn comes up it'll say "you are using your hands", but if Weapon Availability is cast, the character can you the Warball and chain a second time during the same fight.
  6. Will you be able to do the internal 32k on the 16bit bus memory modification and still be able to use the NanoPeb, or will you be skipping that one?
  7. I'm interested in seeing where this is going. Do you have a list of all the upgrades and modifications you plan on putting into this system?
  8. Thank you for all the great replies! Looks like I should have taken a look over at the TI-99/4A Development page. The Geneve 2020 looks pretty exciting! FarmerPotato I responded to a different topic before suggesting that I'd like to see two (or more) button joysticks. Could that function be added to the Geneve 2020 while still keeping 100% compatibility with the TI-99/4a? Just wondering, not trying to "everything but the kitchen sink" your project.
  9. Hello all! I've seen many wonderful upgrades to the Ti-99/4a on this site. F18A, NanoPEB, projects to add the 32k expansion memory directly to the console, or even change the 12mhz crystal to increase the TI's clock speed and many more! All of it is great and it takes a lot of talent and time to create these enhancements, but I was wondering, is anyone trying to make more Geneve 9640 cards? I also read some time ago that there was someone trying to create a Geneve II card. How is that progressing? Wouldn't a new batch of Geneve 9640 cards, or even a new Geneve II card be the ultimate upgrade for the Ti-99/4a? My understanding is that the Geneve is fully compatible with the Ti-99/4a but increases the CPU speed, video performance, provides a 80 column text mode, increases the available RAM, and let's you use an external keyboard and mouse, among other enhancements. So wouldn't a project to make new Geneve or Geneve II cards provide the most bang for one's buck? just wondering what you all think about such an option.
  10. So you can plug in a two button controller and the TI will recognize it, as long as the program was written for it?
  11. I saw Rasmus Moustgaard's awesome Super TI-99 Mario Bros video on Youtube and think it and many other homebrew games would benefit from at least a separate A and B button controller, but I have absolutely no programming or hardware skills.
  12. I'd like to be able to use a joystick with more than one trigger button. How many buttons can a TI recognize? Just a maximum of one?
  13. Nope, Ctrl+Backspace does nothing for me, but -uimodekey DEL is working fine.
  14. Yeah, I saw the Insert with the Print Screen button too, but it didn't work either, even if I pressed FN at the same time. "-uimodekey DEL" did work for me though, thanks!
  15. Pretty much the only command from that list that works is that Alt-Enter will change between windowed and full screen. I don't see the option there to redefine the commands.
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