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  1. After stepping away from this for a while, I took another look through everything and found my error, I had the 8pin mini din board soldered on in reverse causing the pins to be mismatched. Switched it over to the correct orientation soldered every thing back up and now everything works perfectly. Great kit and crystal clear RGB for the 2600! Thanks for the assistance it troubleshooting what ended up being a silly mistake on my part.
  2. Hi, I have installed Tim's NES RGB mod with great success and have been enjoying it for the last few months. I am currently installing Tim's Atari 2600 RGB mod into a heavy sixer and have ran into an issue that I was hoping to receive a bit of assistance with. I think I am having and issue with sync as I am testing on a Sony PVM and I get an offset rolling screen. I can see the game functioning properly but the image never stabalizes. When I turn off external sync on the PVM the image stabalizes for about 3 seconds and the screen then fades to black. I know I am missing something simple I am sure, I just can't figure it out and was hoping for some guidance. Thanks
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