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  1. I've got two 410s that I have mostly restored. They now have good belts and the electronics and drive mechanisms mostly work, but they both have and issue with the cassette drive mechanism in the play/record mode. There is a rubber roller on both of these 410s that has a flat spot that is preventing these drives from properly advancing the cassette in play or record mode so they are not usable. Does anybody know a way to repair this? Or a source of replacement rollers? The belts are available in more than one place, but I haven't seen this part for sale.
  2. This sounds like a wonderful project to me. I'll need two. One for Sophia, and one for VBXE.
  3. Note that the 64K SRAM module offered by Lotharek still requires some soldering.
  4. That's true. I've done it different ways myself. But all of them involve cutting or lifting circuit legs and soldering wires. (Unless you use one of the plug in circuit boards I've seen.)
  5. The mod isn't that difficult, it is documented elsewhere in this forum. However, you do have to lift a resistor, and a few IC leads as well as running a few jumper wires. If you haven't done all that yet it's not going to work as expected. I would suggest restoring you original RAM to make sure your machine is okay before proceeding.
  6. I'm looking forward to getting mine soon.
  7. I'm still trying to catch up with this thread, but I have to agree with this. The games released from the Atari Age Store are most certainly "professional". The production quality meets, and most of the time exceeds that of anything released back in the day. And as for the homebrew analogy - when I think of a game that was produced by one person at home. I'm think Edtris here, recycled carts, homemade dot matrix labels and manuals. True there are varying levels of craftsmanship, and the average production quality has tended to improve as better technology became cheaper, but the same concept applies. But Atari Age is more like a brew pub. Great professional quality products produced on a small scale. In any case, just like beer, just because it's a homebrew, it says nothing about the quality of the game. A homebrew can be awesome, but a mass produced "professional" game can be crap.
  8. It's look very nice so far. Will different level have different back grounds? Are there different enemy designs? Will it work on NTSC systems as well? Keep up the good work!
  9. This is awsome. Please add me to the list for a fully loaded red Dragonfly.
  10. I like how they say they "perfectly" support PSP/N64/DC/NDS, except that they spell the the word "perfectly" at least three different ways.
  11. The 800XL power brick can fail in such a manor that if you plug it into your 800XL it can cause multiple circuit failures. Check the output for 5VDC with less than 100mv of ripple before plugging it into your computer. In other words yes a bad power brick can damage your computer.
  12. If you're talking about the original Atari 800, the power brick is just a transformer that supplies 9VAC. Unless it was stored in a very damp environment for many years, not much can go wrong with it. It is possible for transformers to develop internal shorts and depending on the nature of the short they could put out a much higher than normal voltage. I you want to be safe, you can check the output voltage with a DMM, as long as it's between 8 and 12VAC it's probably okay, and shouldn't hurt the computer.
  13. I've got the boxed edition of this game with the cartridge and it even comes with a Lego style kit of Adam complete with Lego style assembly guide. It's a very professional package. I kind of feel that Poland is the center of the Atari retro scene in Europe. England seems to be about the ZX Spectrum followed closely by the C64. Germany seems to prefer the C64. I've really enjoyed this very unique puzzle game. I've really never seen anything like it. I love the save game feature too.
  14. I usually us an Epyx XJ500 or an original Atari joystick that been upgraded with a modern switch board. I've got a few Tac 2s but they don't have enough travel or tactile feedback for me. There's a guy on ebay that makes NES style Joypad controllers that are Atari compatible. I got one for my 7800 and it's definitely better that the original one from the 7800. Looks like the price is up a bit, but the quality is pretty good and they come with a nice long cord. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-7800-2600-Controller-Joystick-Control-Pad-Gamepad-Classic-Rainbow-CX78/264477702289?hash=item3d94197891:g:lvMAAOSw3~dfoAut
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