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  1. Packaging last year was fantastic. But Zombie Road Kill by Jason Santuci of Gemintronic, packaging by D. C. Stuelpner. Went above and beyond.
  2. Mappy is definitely an amazing technical achievement. Mappy by John Champeau: Player and Enemy anti-flicker code
  3. If you are going to include Edtris in your rarity guide. You should also have SoundX. I got the game at the same time as I got Edtris, from Ed Federmeyer in 1995.
  4. I'm trying to find some of this information myself. I haven't had much luck finding any information on the internet. The most information I could find was right here on the Atari Age forums. However, if schematics or pin-outs exist for this system I haven't been able to find them. From what I have been able to find, there are at least two different hardware configurations for NTSC systems. One takes 3 voltages and may not have come with a power supply. (If so, this is very peculiar, as this isn't exactly an commonly available power supply.) Apparently, an original Colecovision supply will work with these, although the power supply is a common failure point of the Colecovision, so I'm not sure this does much to ameliorate the problem of a missing power supply. The second type of Dina, which is the type I have, takes a single 5V supply, which in my case, came with the unit. Since the Sega Genesis controller is said to work with the unit, it seems likely that there is +5vdc on pin 5. When I have a chance, I'll check mine, but it sure would be nice if there were a place where all of the available information on the console could be collect into one place. Maybe there already is, and there just isn't much information.
  5. My goodness! What a big surprise. I don't think you'll have any trouble selling all those copies. I wouldn't mind have a couple of those ProNES GamePad Adapters either. And the Atari Y/C ProVideo Board...
  6. I sent a PM to order a multicart plus 2 extension carts.
  7. I've already put in my pre-order. Essentially I just carried over my kick starter reward. I think this system is very promising. With the expansion port, it should be possible to add on fairly inexpensive cartridge adapters for each of the supported systems. Since I'd like to see the 7800 supported next. How about making the first cartridge adapter 7800 compatible. That way, people could use it for their 2600 carts, while you are working on 7800 support. Just an idea...
  8. I'm not sure they sold assembled units. You would have had to build it yourself. I did buy the LNW Expansion interface, but it was just a bare PCB with a parts list. The advantage over the Radio Shack expansion interface, was that you could build it one section at a time. In this way I was able to add memory, a printer interface, a serial port, and a floppy disk controller as I could afford it. I found a fiberglass case for it from a third party.
  9. Since my first computer was the TRS-80 Model I, ever since I saw them in 80-Micro Magazine, I always wanted an LNW-80. TRS-80 compatible computer with color graphics. I've never even seen one though...
  10. I've got one installed in one of my 800XL's that I got back in the day from FTe. It turned out that nothing much came of it. I got a modified Assembler with it that does 65816 code but I never did anything with it. The Sweet 16 just seemed to make my 800XL less compatible with alot of existing code.
  11. I have two Microvisions. Both screens were crap last time I turned them on. I would get at least two screens. Maybe more if the price was right.
  12. Thank you. I got mine directly from Fred Quimby, so I was surprised that it didn't come with the addendum.
  13. I've these are original caps, I have quite a few XL's and some of them have the axial lead caps that it looks like the board was laid out for, but some of them use the disk caps that don't really fit right. This 600Xl was never worked on until I put in the Super Video 2.1 and 64K upgrades.
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