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  1. KittyLove


  2. Sorry I put this in the wrong place. Someone has told me it might be a clone or a homebrew. Thanks!
  3. Great to be back!

  4. Almost 5 years later and I still remembered my log in info. Anyways I still don't know what this damn arcade machine is. Just a prototype? So that means someone built the cabinet, but what about the game board? Maybe pics will help....Not sure how to post it here but it's the only pic in my profile.
  5. Hasn't been here for years! Feels like I am all grown up now. Just here to see if anyone knows what this Mini Computer 2 Desk top game is...

  6. Hasn't been here for years! Feels like I am all grown up now. Just here to see if anyone knows what this Mini Computer 2 Desk top game is...

  7. It was my older sisters. She still has it, and she still wont give it to me.
  8. Thanks, I am guessing that means someone built it in their garage or something? Hmm, I guess thats ok. I wonder why anyone would want to get rid of it, I mean I think it's kinda cool looking. Well, thanks again.
  9. KittyLove


    My beginning collection
  10. I'm back. Not that anyone would remimber me now. I just wanted to say thanks. With the information I found here I figured out how to get a friend and I hooked up with some free arcade games. This is probebly nothing new to you pros but I am very excited. I pick mine up tomorrow morning. I've had my eye on two machines I saw in a laundry mat right off the campus here. The two were facing eachother so I knew they were not being used. A friend and I walked over there during class and scoped em out. Their not bad. The owner just wanted to get rid of them so we got lucky and we pick them up in the morning. I will take pics. His was Kung Fu Master not really a great game but it was pretty. I have no idea what mine is cause it didn't say. It was pretty torn up but sometimes it's whats on the inside that counts. Maybe it's good maybe not. And a year later I am still wondering what sits in my living area. It says Mini Computer at the top. Anyone know?
  11. Spyro: attack of the rhynocs (GBA) I can't seam to get through a game before I start another. I tryed to beat Mario and Luigi's saga but, I grew to hate that game. Right now I am trying to beat Spyro(the ice one) and Super Mario Bros 3(GBA). I quit playing Spyro the year of the dragon for PS right before I beat it because I got frustrated with it
  12. Was that dirty or was I just seeing things. Man that was great...
  13. the white and red buttons on the left are for 1 or 2 players. To the right of that is the key whole, to the right of that is the serve button (the red one), and to the right of that is the switch incase you want to use the controller which is what is on the top(left). Below those buttons to the right is a nob which controls the paddel. You turn it left and right to make the paddle go left and right. On the controller it has a red serve button and a nob. I forgot to add that the screen is in black and white and what gives it color is the striped sticker that is on the screen which makes me think that the machine is older than I am. I will take pictures and try to post them tonight after class. Thanks...
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