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  1. My brother and I were just talking about this today. We had a friend across the street who had NES and he would bring it over and we would play it. We basically forgot about the 2600 because of this. He wanted a NES bad and ended up getting a 2600 Jr. for his birthday. We were both pretty bummed out, but made the most of it. Not long after, a NES did come into the family and the 2600 was left on the side of the road. My sister ended up with the system when she was young in the mid 90's while we played SNES, then N64 and so on, because we were playing the "better" systems. It wasn't until about 4 years ago that I started collecting for the 2600 and now we are back to playing the 2600. I appreciate the system way more now then back then in the 80's. Granted, my family had a lot of fun playing the 2600, but when Nintendo hit, it just fell by the way side.
  2. it's not the greatest one player game, but with two people, it's fun. Get Firefighter and see who can rescue everyone the quickest.
  3. I never played Intellivision growing up, even though I knew about it. I had a Coleco Gemini instead. But, a friend in grade school said he had one with B-17 and the Intellvoice, but he never let me come over to play it. It wasn't until about 3 years ago when I came across a bunch of boxed games at a thrift store that I finally had some games and was able to get a system off Ebay, so, the games are pretty good, but the controller has a lot to be desired. The biggest problem I have with it is the cord for the controller. It's not long enough and it's connected to the system, which kinda sucks, but otherwise, it is a cool, fun system that I am now collecting for.
  4. I have the Coleco Mouse Trap and Donkey Kong Gemini carts that came with my OG Gemini, but these never came with the box, they were just carts. I have never seen a box with this before. Interesting and cool find.
  5. I am currently playing on a Jr. I should switch it out for my Coleco Gemini. I do want to somehow start streaming Atari games on original hardware.
  6. I love collecting factory errors, misprints, etc. I don't have any for videogames, but I do have a few action figure screw ups.
  7. I have always liked the Coleco Gemini. I had this system growing up before I had a 2600. I still think this has one of the best controllers for the 2600. It doesn't seem quite as stiff and with the paddle included, it makes for a good controller.
  8. This is a really good topic. My rarest game would probably be Custer's Revenge.
  9. From what I have noticed, the end labels on Atari Inc. carts always fall off. Then theres the Activision labels. A lot of mine are all spotty, so these are my votes.
  10. This was in comic books during the early 80's. I just posted this ad on my Instagram.
  11. I really like this game. I used to play it all the time. I never really thought of any of the things everyone has mentioned, but looking back on it, yeah, I agree with everyone but I think it is fun and still a very good Atari game and I still enjoy playing it.
  12. So, how many kids actually colored in a coloring book while 2 other kids play video games right next to him?
  13. My sister(who just turned 28 this year), actually grew up playing Atari, because my brother and I hogged the nintendo systems, so, she has a appreciation for the 2600. She even found one at a thrift store and has put together a modest collection of games. She's not seriously collecting like I am, but she has asked me for advice on games. So, yeah, there are members of the younger generation who enjoy the 2600. I'm sure a lot of kids today look down on the 2600, but like Zwackery said, let them play some good games and they will come around.
  14. I picked up a Intv 1 at the Midwest Gaming Classic last year and the only game I was able to get working was Beauty and the Beast. Everything else wouldn't play. I ended up getting a model 3 off of ebay for $40 with 2 games and that one works great.
  15. I have been lucky in finding Atari games at thrift stores. Not every time I go, but most often. For alittle while, I had a nice streak of finding CIB Intellivision games.
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