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  1. I know. I have 3 consoles pre-ordered from 3 different companies and all of them are delayed. It is what it is sadly.
  2. I got an email today that my Playdate pre-order has been delayed until 2022. It was going to be late 2021. I figured this would happen. So, it's no surprise really. But it's still disappointing. 😢
  3. RIP Dean Stockwell.

    1. Mik's Arcade

      Mik's Arcade

      one of the greatest scenes in motion picture history..RIP


      [ Blue Velvet ] In Dreams by Roy Orbison - Extended Version. (HD) - YouTube

    2. Max_Chatsworth


      Enjoyed his work in Dune and To Live and Die in LA....

    3. Corby


      quantum leap

  4. https://cogconnected.com/2021/10/nintendo-dsi-software-classic-coming-playdate-handheld/
  5. 25 years ago today the N64 released in North America.

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    2. GoldLeader


      When I think of the Greatest Consoles of the World,  I consider the NES,  The SNES,  and how the Mighty SONY PlayStation crushed the Hell out of the lowly N64...(Oops!  Sorry!) 

    3. Max_Chatsworth


      My memory of that time was right about the cross over between the days when a new gaming console/system coming out was a huge/rare event to it becoming less earth shattering /more common.   If it came out in 96, it did well to compete with the large gaming market share PC's were recapturing during the early 90's and then boosted by the internet in 95-96.

    4. GoldLeader


      FWIW,  I Do like the N64, (Not as much as PlayStation of course)...Just never had one BITD,...I should probably get some game recs...Ooh,  I feel thread coming on...

  6. https://www.nme.com/news/gaming-news/the-playdates-free-game-design-tool-pulp-has-been-detailed-3034194
  7. https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/4/22609923/playdate-handheld-crank-panic-game-season-one
  8. Okay, great. Thank you. I never knew about this feature on here.
  9. Would it be possible to have a dark mode option for Atari Age? I know some websites have a dark mode setting like YouTube & Reddit.
  10. I knew about the internal storage. Glad to hear that there are saved game states.
  11. Agreed. I only asked because I haven't heard/seen anyone mention it. Not even the Playdate website shows anything about saving the game progress.
  12. I wonder if game progress can be saved on the Playdate? I would assume there's a save option.
  13. No. Lol. But if I had a spare one, I would consider it.
  14. Yes. I pre-ordered on Thursday and it showed that it would ship late 2021.
  15. I think for those who missed the first season, they'll have to buy the season. Then the season would download to the console with all 24 games at once. Maybe they'll get the season one games at a discount because of having to wait. Or perhaps Panic will allow the first season to still be free for people who didn't get the console at the start.
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