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  1. RIP Alex Trebek.

    1. joeatari1


      He will be missed in our household.  Indeed Jeopardy will not be the same.

    2. adam242


      I find it SNL ironic that he and Sean Connery left this world so close together.

    3. GoldLeader


      Are they planning on continuing Jeopardy, but with a new host or something?  Personally, I wish they'd just leave it off a few seasons after the Alex episodes have all aired.   Both out of respect, but also to give us all a chance to miss it before it comes back, ...If that's indeed what they're doing.

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  2. Yes, I agree. I would love to see these mini consoles come out. Especially a jaguar mini.
  3. Happy Birthday AtariSociety! 🎂

  4. Yes there are minis for each. And yes there are hidden games. The TG16 mini has 2 hidden games.
  5. I found this out from a youtuber today. It was interesting.
  6. I too pre-ordered in July. If only the mini console had a release date right before the virus outbreak. Then it would have been fine.
  7. I emailed AT Games and asked if there would be a gold version of the Atari Flashback 10. And unfortunately they are not making one. I wonder if they're done with the 2600 flashbacks and moving on to doing a 5200 or 7800 flashback?
  8. It's odd that the Color/BW switch is missing from the FB 10. Perhaps if they do make another version of the FB 10, that switch will be on there. Also they might add the option to change screen ratio.
  9. Yeah, I agree. It should have been announced by now or on store shelves.
  10. I know about the deluxe version. I meant a gold edition like how they had the Atari FB 8 Gold & the 9 Gold. I was hoping for a 10 Gold with wireless controllers. But I guess this year there won't be a gold version of the FB 10. Unless the deluxe version is considered the gold this time.
  11. Yes, I figured they would work fine on original hardware. I just wanted to make sure ahead of time. Thanks!
  12. I just wanted to buy a homebrew game and see if it would work on the original console. I would assume that you insert the game and that's it. I'm not sure about the compatibility though on which games will work.
  13. Are there any special requirements to make 2600 homebrew games work on an original 2600? Also, is there a list showing which 2600 homebrew games don't work on the 2600?
  14. That's a shame the controller doesn't work on the flashback console. Thanks for letting us know.
  15. Does anyone know if there will be a gold edition for the Atari Flashback 10?
  16. Yeah, the one paddle is odd. Too bad they couldn't get a trackball on there.
  17. Yes, it is weird looking. But like you said it should work on the Flashback 10. Not sure how well the paddle is going to work though.
  18. Is it possible the new Ranger controller from Hyperkin will work on the Atari Flashback 10?
  19. Thank you for the info Simon Bit. Those prices sound about right.
  20. Does anyone know what the price will be for the Galaga 2600 homebrew?
  21. Will there be a sale on any homebrew games as the holidays get closer?
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