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  1. i am amazed at all the people here and all the hard work they have done in keeping the intellivision alive and strong and knowing that the great folks over at intellivision entertainment are working on this new console is just awesome this is set to release on my brothers birthday but i think that is a gift i will give myself
  2. no news in some time now is this project dead
  3. since i couldn't be there did the hive make an appearance at PRGE
  4. well I've dusted off the intellivision and started playing ad&d and a few others just to get back into the feel of thing hoping hive may be out soon not trying to be pushy just hopeful
  5. and what more games this is getting more awesome every time i read this thread i am patiently awaiting the release and happy new year everybody
  6. AD&D Treasure of Tarmin still a big favorite of mine it's funny my grandson is almost old enough to learn how to play my son is also a video game nut so that will make my grandson a 3rd generation gamer I'm so proud now that's quality time with the family
  7. Yeah some times life gets in the way the things that we need to do come before the things that we want to do but it is good to hear that it is still alive
  8. hello everybody I'm new to this forum is work still being done on this project or is this a dead topic i think the work you guys do is awesome and hope to be able to get one of these someday
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