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  1. Successfully went to XB from force command once I understood that TIXB_G didn’t exist but was just a renamed XB bin on the fg sd card. Duh. There were several XB versions on the fg download. I experimented a bit, renamed the bins for ease and speed and loading XB from fg worked. Thanks. Additional features are still a wip.
  2. Where is TIXB_G and related ROM files alluded to in the force command wiki? I would love to be able to drop into XB or use a call function or… anything. As it stands now FC is almost useless to me because of my inability to use it to its full capability. I’ve been lurking for a long time, watched and rewatched several ti videos read the force command wiki many times and still I am not able to make much use of force command. If only there were a Dummy’s Guide. It doesn’t help that I am rapidly approaching the precipice of ARD (age related dementia). Not there yet but on my way.
  3. Today was the first time I did access the web-ui. I did notice that you can shut down the rpi from there. Had I connected here before it might have saved me from all of the re-installation fiasco. You see previously I always went to basic called tipi and pressed H to halt the rpi. But the console screwed up and I wasn't able to get basic going again to properly shut down the rpi. So, I just unplugged it without halting it first. Anyway, the next time I booted I had trouble getting tipi to run and when I did get it running the blank PDFs showed up. I thought I had compromised the sd, and well you know the rest. Anyway, I opened the tipi log and copied it to a Word file. It is 7 pages long did you want me to try to attach it here in this forum? It's all Greek to me.
  4. Success! I finally got TIPI back to running the way it used to for me. PDF’s are no longer blank; I can actually read them. Long story short: I used one of the 64gb sd’s that Etcher would not burn the image and tried Win32DiskImanager which did work. Then installed back in the pi, I reinstalled tipi. All is good again. I can’t begin to remember all the re-formatting, programs and trials I used on the sd to get some program to accept it. When WIN32Imager said it had successfully burned, I was still skeptical, but (fingers crossed),I installed it anyway. Now, to try to remember what I did to resuscitate the other two 64gb sd’s. Thanks to all for your help and advice.
  5. SD CARD FORMATTER successfully completed the re-format back to exfat: File system: exFat 59.45 GB. For the record, I have always used Etcher for image burning, all sd cards were SanDisk, and with sidecar instructions in hand I followed all instructions explicitly. Now Etcher will not burn the Buster image to the re-formatted exFat card. And to complicate matters further, I have never been able to pull up the web-ui. All I get is a...Hmmm...can't reach this page. I always just copied and dropped files from explorer. So, I am going to wait until my 8gb card gets here and use TIPI with the 64gb in the meantime knowing that PDF doesn't work for me. I'm done for a while. "Not following the instructions and advice of the designer is not a supported method and will waste everyone's time." Trust me, it was not my intention to waste anyone's time and I'm sorry if this problem caused you any grief. I was just stating what I experienced and hoped there was a simple solution. My solution will be the smaller sd card.
  6. Now that I think of it, the card I retrieved from the tipi (thinking it was pooched) was a 64gb and I had not reformatted to fat32 first. It ran perfectly with the old image. I was unaware that my pi 3b card was not supposed to exceed a 32gb limit. Now, however, I've got 3 64gb cards with buster 2.28 on re-formatted fat32 cards. I am in the process of attempting to use SD Card Formatter to completely overwrite a card to retry installation. It doesn't tell me what format it is using. I'm hopeful it is exfat. This still doesn't answer the question about Buster 2.28 and a 64gb sd card.
  7. Went to Basic, typed in just like you: 10 PRINT "HELLO", LIST "PI.PIO" and produced another PDF in TIPI. Opened PDF and no joy. It was totally blank like all my other PDFs. It must have something to do with my 64gb card and formatting it to fat32. I had read on the internet that the pi could accept a card larger than 32gb only if formatted to Fat32. Unfortunately, I burned all 3 of the only sd cards I had (all 64gbs) with the image for backups. I may try to reformat to xfat if possible and try again. An 8gb card that I ordered is a week or so away.
  8. Help wanted! Printing Problem. After more than a year of using tipi and printing out PDF’s, I pooched the sd card (maybe I didn’t but I thought I had) so I downloaded the latest 2.28 Buster image GUIFORMATTED a 64gb card to Fat32 and burned it to the card and installed it into the PI of my sidecar TIPI. I went through the installation process and all seemed ok. I can access several writer programs (FW, BA Writer, TI-writer) save and re-load the files but every Print File: PI.PIO has resulted in a blank page in the resulting PDFs. I’m at a loss. Where’d the print go? It used to be like clockwork. I cleaned the cart port and FG99 contacts. Re-booted and tried different programs with the same result. Totally blank PDF’s. Any suggestions???
  9. Thanks all. I found a mix (5- 15’s & 3- 20 nls) in a screeching banshee console. So, I don’t know if the video ever worked okay. I may install a 20nl chip or two into a working console just to see…No I don’t think so.
  10. Any problem with using 4116-15nl chips with 4116-20nl chips in the same console?
  11. Got er done. Thanks. As long as I’ve been using TiDir, I never realized that a right click would bring up a much needed menu.
  12. I have successfully downloaded dsk’s from ftp.whtech.com, extracted the files and transferred them to a nanoPEB using HDXS. That is, as long as filenames do not contain an “@“ or similar character. If they do, transfers stop and I get a file error. Changing filenames or eliminating the offending character(s) on the PC does not work. After changing filenames and entering HDX1. in source, the original file names appear like magic although with regards the “@“, it has been replaced by a forward slash,/. Is there a way around this problem? On another note, the link to download version 2.0 CfHdxS1.-CfHdx serial nanoPEB version on Fred Kaal’s Project Page leads to Not Found in this server.
  13. Ebay has several nx1000 printers listed now that work great with the TI-99/4a. I have used one for years.
  14. Was unable to pull up RXB 2015...message said There was a problem with the preview.
  15. I have a couple of spare Mitsumi keyboards. Although the keys are not black they both a white sticker with Mitsumi on them on a brown back plate. I’d be wary.
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