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  1. Received a new pi3 yesterday from Amazon identical to the other except this one was manufactured in China and not the UK. Proceeded to test if Tipi would work. Here's what I did: 1. Re-flashed mini sd with Tipi sdimage 1.41. and inserted into pi3. 2. Cut a small thin piece of plastic from a sandwich bag and inserted it between the (2) 5-pin cables ends that abutted with metal connectors face-to-face at the back end of Tipi. Then correctly oriented and connected the other cable ends to pins 31-40 on Tipi. I hoped this would eliminate any possibility of shorting that I raised. 3. Powered up Tipi and waited for it to boot. 4. Powered up 32k sidecar and monitor and waited for monitor to warm. 5. Turned on console and chose TI Basic. 6.Typed CALL TIPI (enter) 7.Tipi screen appeared in seconds. Yeah!! 8. Typed S (enter) and Tipi screen when to SSID: and waited for input. 9. Typed my SSID and pressed enter. Typed P and entered. 10. Tipi screen went to PSK: and waited for input. 11. Typed my password (upper and lower case as necessary) and entered. 12. Pressed W to write the configuration. I waited but an IP address never showed up. So I quit (Q enter) tried again re-flashing sd card and once or twice more (but not always re-flashing card) even substituting my 1st pi to see if the plastic barrier between cable ends would allow Tipi to get to that first screen. But before I wear out the sd card and my legs (Tipi in basement, re-flashing computer on 1st floor) I thought I would ask for advice. My SSID consists of upper and lower case letters with one space: e.g. Xxxxxx Xxxxx_5G, and my PSK: e.g. XxXxxXxxxxxXxxXxxxxxxxx, 23 characters, upper and lower case letters, the at symbol and several digits. Anything unusual, length? that might be causing a problem? Anything else I might try before I send Tipi off for possible repair?
  2. I need to think about this for a while. I don’t have another pi so I would have to order one and wait for delivery. It is possible that the voltage did no harm to the pi’s gpio or pins 31-40 used for connecting to Tipi do not impact the pi from otherwise appearing to operate normally. I’ll hold up shipping off Tipi for now.
  3. Tested continuity, all good. I have it packaged up and will ship it Greg’s way tomorrow. Thanks to all for your suggestions.
  4. I successfully loaded Raspbian on my pi3. This was my first introduction to the Linux OS. I especially appreciated watching the screen display change as the installation progressed. This eliminates the pi from the list of possible culprits for Tipi failing to install. So not knowing Tipi inticracies, I am listing the following as possible causes. 1. Corrupted CPLD 2. Corrupted EEPROM 3. Both CPLD and EEPROM corrupted 4. Cabling problems 5. Current Tipi image not compatible with early EEPROM programming. (18 month lag between Tipi purchase and Current attempt to install). I have neither the expertise nor tools to troubleshoot further. Has a repair service for Tipi been established? Any further suggestions are welcome.
  5. I tried swapping connector ends at the Tipi inside to outside and vice versa with the same result. I also removed all cables and powered up console, sideport 32k memory and Tipi and I still get the same triple tone without any connection to the pi. So here are my thoughts: 1. connecting to the JTAG connection compromised the CPLD, the programming eeprom or both. 2. (longshot here) The 5-pin cables are shorting out on whichever end requires them to abut metal contacts face-to-face while keeping the same wire orientation. 3. Something is the matter with the pi3. I am going to try the pi without Tipi installing NOOBS and see it boots and works. Is there a way to verify that the Tipi CPLD is not fried? Could it be the eeprom was compromised by connecting to the JTAG connector. I'm beyond frustrated and just grasping at straws here. Your thoughts.
  6. Yes, circled connector is exactly where I plugged in first go. All subsequent tries have used rear connection. I downloaded image from the Tipi wiki site and flashed it to SanDisk 64 mb micro sd card with Etcher. I studied cabling diagrams even tracing wires pin-to-pin like pin 31 on pi to pin 1 on Tipi etc. So I am pretty confident I have cabling correct. However, there are only a couple of different connection combinations available with the 5-pin cables if I only change at the Tipi. I am assuming I don’t have to reflash the image at each different connection trial. Would you agree? I’ll let you know tomorrow.
  7. Good news, I did NOT plug into the wrong side of the pi but I did connect cables from the pi to the Tipi 10-pin connector by the led and powered up. Whether this is a 2nd way to destroy the cpld I don’t know. Still no joy. Correctly connecting cables, reflashing the sd and repeating the install sequence several times still leaves the TI hanging at the CALL TIPI entry. I do hear the triple tone each time The TI main screen appears if that helps. Any further ideas? Should I purchase another cpld and try again?
  8. Yep, I am pretty sure I connected the PI and TIPI cables to the wrong pins and screwed things up. I had Tipi for nearly a year and a half but hadn’t installed it because I felt intimidated. I am the furthest person from a geek you could find, never burned an image, never used linux etc. But yesterday I got the courage up, gathered everything needed and …failed miserably. How could that happen? Here's how. I orientated both boards flat side-by side, Pi on the left, Tipi on the right and proceeded to hook the 5-pin cables up. Instructions said one set of cables was blue the other purple (my cables however were multi-colored). But I knew that wouldn’t matter as long as I oriented them correctly. So, thinking the long bar in the Tipi illustration represented the right edge of the board I dutifully connect the cables to the 10-pin connector, one cable set from the outer set of pins from the Tipi to the inner 5 pins on the PI and the 2nd cable from inner to outer pins as shown in the drawing. I powered up the PI and waited fully 2 minutes to be sure it had booted. Then I turned on my console went to TI Basic, typed CALL TIPI and waited and waited and well you got the picture. Nothing happened on screen. After a good while I powered off the PI (no way to shut it down except to power off ) and console and figured I must have done something wrong…again. After a good deal of thought it dawned on me the illustration of Tipi was an end view (the connector at the end opposite the led) not a top view like the PI next to it as I originally thought. Too late, damage done but what could it hurt to hook the cables to the end connector and try again anyway, which I did with the same result. Now the question(s), how much damage did I do? Can it be repaired? I am assuming the Tipi needs repair. Has the PI itself been damaged or the micro sd and its image? How to proceed? I do have an authentic TL866II burner that I have never used other that periodically updating it successfully. But, given my lack of confidence and goof history, its use would be a tough go. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks Greg, good to know I can safely ignore the warning. Cleaning both cartridge and port did not work for this console, however, I found another console where it works as before. The console with random characters houses my only F18a so I’ll need to dig deeper to figure out what is wrong there.
  10. I have 2 Extended Basic v2.7 Suite cartridges I bought at Arcadeshopper. Yesterday I tested both cartridges with the self check procedure, something I had never done before. One cartridge verified completely. The other said the ROM or GROM was unverified, the screen turned red with a message warning to not use the cartridge. I was dumbfounded as I had been using the cartridge periodically without any indication that something was amiss. So, I repeated the self check in a 2nd console with the same result and would have tried a 3rd console except that the main screen never came up just errant characters. Is there any repair for this cartridge or is it toast?
  11. Thanks to all especially Opry99er. I followed his excellent instructions and I got a catalog listing of my Nanopeb drive exactly what I wanted. After all my feeble fumblings, it made my day.
  12. What is the easiest way to get printed copies of volume catalogs if TI-print will not work with my printer? My HP 5500 AIO printer only prints rows of Xs for a catalog request. Can the nanopeb print directly to a TI serial printer? I tried connecting my TI-99/4 serial printer (PHP2500) to my nanopeb using straight and null modem cables and adapters but have not been successful so far. I have a big assortment of TI equipment, loaded pebs, nanos, a 9900 MES, Lotharek, consoles, cassette recorders, modems, cables, adapters, etc. If I desperately want a nanopeb printed catalog, I use cfhdxs1 to send files to my pc where I can take a snap and print a copy. Surely, with all the TI paraphernalia I have, there must be a simpler less convoluted way. Suggestions.
  13. What is the easiest way to get printed copies of volume catalogs if TI-print will not work with my printer? My HP 5500 AIO printer only prints rows of Xs for a catalog request. Can the nanopeb print directly to a TI serial printer? I tried connecting my TI-99/4 serial printer (PHP2500) to my nanopeb using combinations of straight and null modem cables and adapters but have not been successful so far. I have a big assortment of TI equipment, 2 pebs, 2 nanos, a 9900 MES, Lotharek, consoles, cassette recorders, pio printers, modems, cables, adapters, etc. If I desperately wanted a nanopeb printed catalog, I use cfhdx to send files to my pc where I can take a snap and print a copy. Surely, there must be a simpler less convoluted way. Suggestions.
  14. Didnt mean to confuse anyone... the reason my Nanopeb will not show F18A yet is because I do not have an F18A on the console where I will use the Nanopeb...yet.
  15. Thanks, Schmitzi. I will look for it when my unit returns but it wont say F18A...yet.
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