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  1. The 3D ps2 spy hunter remake or an arcade version? I assume the latter, but I didn’t even know that came out
  2. Development would be a lot easier if Visual Studio didn't randomly crash on my every 5-10 minutes.

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      Which version are you using? I've been using VS2019 Community Edition for web development and Jetbrains Rider for Unity. Haven't experienced issues with Visual Studio, but then I haven't updated it for a while.

    3. CPUWIZ


      Version number would be helpful, Service Packs?  I run VS2015 Pro and VS2017 Pro, they only choke sometimes on extremely complicated large solutions.

    4. TwentySixHundred


      I have never had an issue with it crashing, works flawless even on my older dinosaur PC's i have scattered around the house (install it on everything). I would say there is something else causing the crash like, a hardware issue or corrupted files.

  3. Thanks Crossbow! I replied, thanks for the feedback, and you have some good ideas. I did fix the weapon leveling bug, new bin attached. They should all work now. Last update for me this week, family stuff... wizarddungeon_wip.bas.a78
  4. Update this week - fixed enemy AI systems - revamped weapons - now each has 4 levels of power - level up weapons by picking up the 'next' version (e.g. if you already have a sword, pick up another sword to level up) [Edit] Note: I think there's a bug w/ scrolls not leveling up your spells properly, but it doesn't kill the game. Need to investigate tomorrow. [Edit] Yup, it's not working... I don't have tons of time today but I'll try to fix and update if I can. Oh well, that's why it's a WIP. - display now shows the current weapon and its level (1-4), but you cycle through as usual - new enemy types, but some aren't hooked up yet I tested to the 5th level in MAME (including getting past the 'surprise' on level 4). Some bugs I'm aware of but nothing blocking or major. It gets tough. You have to know when to run away, and I got lucky in one case where I found a potion right when I was down to 2 health. I love when that kind of thing happens in games! I really want to fix enemies spawning right on top of you, and a couple other related things. That's next on my list, along w/ more weapon tweaks. wizarddungeon_wip.bas.a78
  5. All these years, I had no idea there was a Master System version of Bruce Lee! That looks awesome.
  6. Ugh, sat down to write come code tonight and every single line is garbage and making things worse. Sometimes it's best to just step away for a bit.

    1. Wally1


      I agree.  Fresh perspective.

    2. SlidellMan


      I also concur.

    3. TwentySixHundred


      For myself IRL is just crazy busy at this moment, so finding time is the biggest hurdle. Really need to make progress with my latest project it's due for a major update.

  7. If you want to use 7800basic, which sounds like it'd be a good choice, options and processes are explained pretty well here: https://www.randomterrain.com/7800basic.html As Muddyfunster said, there are tons of examples, too.
  8. Ocarina of Time as a prog rock concept album. It's really good!


    1. GoldLeader


      Pretty Awesome!  Seems like something we should all own on vinyl.

  9. That looks really nice, I like all the detail like the orange robot's legs moving in a little bit as she walks.
  10. Cinemaware Bundle is $1.99 on steam. Couldn't pass that up.  Sadly but not unusual, I spent 15 minutes fiddling with Steam trying to get it to recognize my usb ps3 controller in-game instead of actually playing, then kid's bath time was up. Sometimes steam/gog/epic/origin works with controllers right out of the box, sometimes they don't. Shades of config.sys & autoexec.bat editing...

    1. GoldLeader


      And people wonder why I don't play games on PC (heh)...

    2. BydoEmpire


      Don't get me wrong, mostly I really like the PC for games... but this kind of thing is why I drifted over to consoles 20 years ago. I've come back around, but still frustrating when things don't work.

  11. The SMS game is Ghost House, which I really like! Ghost Manor is the Xonox 2600 game, which is also awesome. I have thought about doing a Ghost Manor sequel on the 7800 because I always liked the game so much, but there are too many other ideas to explore on my list already.
  12. Wow, in fixing the bat's odd destination/movement code, I noticed that half of the AI code I wrote weeks ago wasn't even hooked up or being used. lol. Fixed now. Kind of disturbing how I didn't even notice some parts weren't actually working. I think I had hooked just enough of it up to make me think it was working... Anyways, fixed now and way more tunable for the next revision.
  13. Can't disagree with those (at least the ones I've played). As long as nothing from Tower Toppler is on there, I'm happy.
  14. This week's update: - fixed a number of concerns & bugs from ZPH's twitch stream 100hp potion bug (it was fun to see you trying to figure out why one potion gave 100 hp, most maxed at 50 - that was just a bug. 50hp is max) ghosts move faster (hint: definitely use the map to find the best route) updated enemy spawn positions (they're less likely to spawn on top of the player, but I'm not happy with how it is now. I'll continue to tune) tuned enemy hp so it's not quite as many shots in the beginning - fixed gravestones reappearing after use (hopefully for real this time!) - tightening up enemy/player collisions and knocking back enemy after a hit the bat's movement make him tough to hit now, so I need to tune - removing lots of duplicated code - fixed bug where pause/map cleared out gates immediately - retain weapons level-to-level - added a bunch of code to support for new weapon types/levels - it's used but nothing new added yet - reworked distribution of enemy types and items for each level - a bunch of new enemies, mostly in later levels - all magic items hooked up w/ unique powers - new sfx - special (and hopefully cool) surprise at the end of every 4th dungeon! - hit the 48k limit and starting to get creative I added a ton of new code, so as usual it's a WIP and I likely introduced some new bugs I tested in JS7800 going all the way through, a few minor things I noticed but nothing egregious. Enjoy! wizarddungeon_wip.bas.a78
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