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  1. Some of these I would have preferred more granularity than a yes/no choice, but that's fine. I'm keeping my eye on the Amico, mostly for the updated D&D, Night Stalker, etc. Not planning to buy one, though, $300 is just too much for a handful of cool-looking games that may or may not get played very often. Not to mention there are so many similar options on PC or other platforms for super cheap. Especially true for anything other than reimagined classics. Lots of shovelware that doesn't interest me, but I could definitely be swayed if I got my hands on the system and got to play some of those reimagined classics to see if they're actually good. I'm betting it'll be quite hit and miss. Some will work and be fun, some won't. Just because i liked the original Night Stalker, doesn't mean I'll like the new one. Maybe I'll love it, who knows. Hard to tell from the videos, but I'm not optimistic about some of these reimagined classics based on the videos. Still... I'm optimistic overall. I really want to like it, and I do hope it's a wild success... but I'll likely not buy until I can get my hands on and try it out. To reiterate, I could be swayed.
  2. Yeah, and digital RF sucks. When there isn't a great signal, you get nothing or it cuts out entirely for a second or two... particularly in bad weather. At least with analog, you could just have a range of reception clarity and keep watching most of the time. When I first got my digital converter box years ago, right at the conversion to digital, it didn't work well at all. I got basically nothing. I gave up on over-the-air TV after a week or two of poking. I did plug it back in recently and was pleasantly surprised that I get MeTV pretty clearly, and was able to watch a bit of football on TV for the first time in a long time. Maybe they've improved over the years. I don't watch tons of TV, so my minimal needs are met (except when I can't get Svengoolie because of a storm and the signal craps out intermittently).
  3. I have a bunch of spare VGA monitors and tried a couple of different RF->VGA adapters on ebay for my c64. None worked because they expect the 'new' digital RF signal. I picked an older flat screen TV with Rf input last week hoping that would work, but alas, digital Rf only. I'm still on the hunt for a smallish (13" or so) crt. I've seen a few giveaways for 30"+ ones but nothing that fits the space I want to use. thanks for the tip about the VCR - that might solve my problem! I find a lot of non-working VCRs (and CD players) still. I guess I should have kept my last VCR that broke about 5 years ago.
  4. Mandatory Windows update for my work laptop took down my whole home network tonight.  That was cool.  Fortunately just had to hard reset modem & router and we're back up and running.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Just joking...A little sarcasm to match yours.   Heh

    3. thanatos


      How did it take down the whole network, just bandwidth?

      Had an issue a while back where the wife was using a 3rd party download program for work that was apparently not well designed, it made the WiFi just stop working.   Once the app was stopped it was back to normal.

    4. BydoEmpire


      I'm not sure, I'm not an IT guy I just play one in my home.  It might be a bandwdith issue, but I've done other updates before.  I suspect it has to do with my work laptop and dock network security settings as well.  If I connect to VPN before the mac mini my son uses for school, the router craps out and have to hard reset.

  5. Finally broke 40k - I would have gotten at least a little bit better but I lost two lives really quick at the end because I wasn't "quite" in the safety box and a snake shot me twice in about 2 seconds. 40,100
  6. My top 10 official releases, rough order: Food Fight Dig Dug Crossbow Desert Falcon Asteroids One-on-One Joust Galaga Xevious Ms. Pac Man Wish I had a chance to play some of of the more rare titles (Midnight Mutants, Commando, Alien Brigade) so I couldn't include those without really playing them. I don't have tons of homebrews, but here's my ranking based on what I own: Pac Man Collection Dungeon Stalker KC Munchkin T:ME Salvo Beef Drop Scramble
  7. Played Crazy Taxi for the first time in a long, long time.  What a fun game.  I had kind of forgotten, having sold my DC collection 5-6 years ago.  Thanks Steam and Humble Bundle!

    1. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      Yeah, I remember playing the arcade game, it was quick fun. I have Crazy Taxi 2 on the Dreamcast, pretty good stuff.

    2. GoldLeader


      Yup!   Though for me the Dreamcast just begs me to Play SF Rush 2049's Stunt Mode,  Over and Over again....It's like crack only much more addictive and better for ya!

  8. Got in a game this afternoon, I did a lot better than I thought I would having not played it in a while. 38,100. Love this game!
  9. Of course different strokes for different folks, but if it's including homebrews where's Dungeon Stalker? IMHO that should be near the top. [Edit] I didn't read "no particular order" - you mightw ant to change to bullet points instead of numeric list, that threw me off until I reread your post. If I remember correctly the 7800 Game by Game Podcast did a more comprehensive review, and I think that was a broader view. Although it was only top 5 and didn't incorporate homebrews. There's probably a survey/thread on this somewhere in the forum, it'd be intersting to see how this community ranks everything. 2c time: Pole Position 2 is awful, other than its graphics and I suppose its (unfortunate) closeness to the arcade... which I also hate. It's a terrible game, although I know some people do like it.
  10. I think Bonk was a great mascot. The game was very good, it had pretty wide appeal, Bonk was kind of a funny and recognizable character, and those screen-filling bosses did show some cool 'next gen' graphics. It played by far better than some of the other choices. Hindsight is 20/20 but I'm not sure I'd have picked anything else even in hindsight.
  11. Sample size of 1.... Personally I never liked them. I tried over and over to enjoy Sonic Adventure on DC, and IMHO it's an unfun mess of a game. SA2 was better, but still not good enough for me to ever play though. I haven't played either in a long time, so my opinion hasn't changed
  12. This is such an entertaining talk (Johnathan Blow - preventing the collapse of civilizatin" aka "software has actually gotten worse, but progress has piggybacked on improving hardware."  It's somewhat ranty-y but there are good points.  


  13. Wait, which console ports... other than homebrews? I think some people (myself included) make a distinction between a compilation of emulated coin-op versions of games and an actual port to specific hardware, which was a unique implementation. Doesn't really matter one way or another, toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe. If there was an actual port to a classic console, it'd be cool. I would like to check out the 7800 homebrew at some point.
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