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  1. FYI GOG.com had NWN2 on sale - 50% off, $9.99. I picked it up the other day, not sure when I'll get a chance to play it though.
  2. Today was a very rare day: I had a chance to play Atari, Intellivision, and PC games.  Probably more than the last 6 months put together.  It actually felt like a day off.

  3. A little bit better this afternoon, I get destroyed after level 20. 208,500
  4. I was reading an early 90s Computer Gaming World and it had a preview of Empire Deluxe... I forgot how much I loved the original. I definitely should have added that or Empire 2 to my list. Endless strategic war-gaming. If I only get 10 games forever more, they need depth and replayability. As much as I love Frenzy, I have to swap for Empire.
  5. Pretty much going with my "all-time favorite games" list, but some considerations made for replayability Phantasy Star Online (NGC) Morrowind (PC) Civilization (PC) - I'd probably be smarter to pick Civ 2 or 3, but I haven't put enough time into those. Pac Man Collection (7800)* AD&D: Cloudy Mountain (Inty) Metropolis Street Racer (DC) Defender (Arcade) Super Street Fighter 3 Alpha (PS1? Saturn? DC? - any is fine) Frenzy (arcade) Neverwinter Nights 2 (PC) - I've never actually played this, but was always intrigued. Seems like an extensive, modern version of Stuart Smith's Adventure Construction Set which I'd also be tempted to add. * I'm counting this, but it's kind of outside the spirit of the question - in which case I'd replace with Ms. Pac Man (Arcade)
  6. RE4, definitely. I really enjoyed Paper Mario: TTYD... just not as much as the n64 Paper Mario. Eternal Darkness and Super Monkey Ball would be up there as well.
  7. As much as I grumble about Apple (due to deprecating support for older software), moving from iPhone 5 to 8 was pretty much painless.

  8. I love the Master System, but just to throw in something different I'll say Shinobi. Such a great port, it really showed what an 8-bit can do. I'm going to give an honorable mention to Rescue Mission, which is a great light gun game and quite unique for the time. The SMS has an amazing light gun library, imho, there's a lot of good stuff.
  9. Bonus game - Super Huey Arcade - 55 kills (first time ever playing). I haven't played any kind of flight sim in so long, I might carve out some time to dig into the actual sim mode. I used to really enjoy flight sims on my c64 and Amiga, but drifted away from the genre after that. Thanks 7800 HSC!
  10. Squeezed in a quick game this morning, not a great score but wanted to get something on the board: 124,900:
  11. Maybe this is an excuse to crack open my sealed copy of Super Huey...
  12. These days it's almost all 80s 8-bit consoles: Atari, Inty, CV, 7800, with a little SMS thrown in. I don't know what generation numbers those are and I don't really care. Mostly pre-crash, but the 7800 and SMS don't fit that. If I had to pick one generation's native library to live with forever it'd probably be the 16-bit era - just a little bit more variety - even though I don't play them much anymore.
  13. https://www.dead.net/30daysofdead halfway through, but last year they post links to all the songs at the end of the month, so you can still get them if you missed them.

  14. I actually laughed out loud that the screenshot says "Basic" controls...
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