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  1. I have one. You could make the game into a .wav file instead of releasing it on tape. I have a lot of games that have been converted and all the Supercharger games saved as .wav files.
  2. Looks like a bad 7805 voltage regulator. I'd start there as they are cheap to replace. http://datasheetreference.com/images/stories/7805-regulator-picture.jpg
  3. Seven Ducks Attacking (They're dragons. They just look like ducks.)
  4. Big MST3k fan here too! I'll have to check out the game when I get home from work. Sounds COOL!
  5. Do I have to buy him dinner first or....? On second thought, I think I'll just clean the start buttons on my controllers.
  6. Dang, I can't find a sloth anywhere around here! Would a homeless guy work? We got lots of em around, they're kinda slothy!
  7. How about protection missions? I mean, my character has big guns and lots of ammo, and yet my hopes of passing a mission rests firmly on the shoulders of a little girl with no weapons and no ammo passing an area the size of a football stadium filled with zombies? I could mop the floor with zombies, but I am forced to navagate an unarmed little girl into some of the most intricate and dangerous territory in the game just to have her get me a coin or jewel that I need to pass through. Worse still, I have to take the little brat with me and make sure she stays alive! What ever happened to "you don't have to be the fastest, just faster than the slowest".
  8. Star Raiders Adventure Sky Diver
  9. I own a Coleco Gemini and use it at my summer vacation home in northern Indiana. It's nice because of the Joystick/Paddle combo controllers and the fact that it has a small footprint. Perfect for use where space is limited. I've never had any compatability issues with it.
  10. I didn't know Emo Phillips even HAD kids!!! Oh well, learn something new every day. Someone go tell Emo and his goofy kids to keep their dumb haircuts outa our games!
  11. Ponce De Leon constantly on the fountain of youth not Robotron...(From the Sound of Science - Paul's Boutique) Beasties have loads of video game and Atari reference in their rhymes.
  12. Skydiver! THey'd have to rate it teen or higher though. Seeing a skydiver splat in high def would be cool but sorta gross.
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