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  1. Fantastic screen shot! "press any key to return" is so ... old school, I think you can remove it...
  2. yeah I remember that usually to hit the meteor the missile must burst near but not above... I think it's a bug of game but with it game is more exciting !
  3. I remember this ti basic game (italian instruction version) when I was a kid. Yesterday I thinked: why it's not charged on ti game shelf? I found dsk but...source is damaged! Then I repair source... Your mission is defende New York city from meteor storm. Use key 1 for left missile, key 0 for right missile and 2 for shield. Beware, You can only fire one missile at a time and the shield does not always work. For dramatic effect, If you can try it on real hardware on white/black tv, and turn up the volume to feel the thrill of buildings that explode while you are powerless. TI-Metor Ita.dsk
  4. Fantastic game. I see a little problem with coincidence (on classic 99 emulator): 1 bullet sometimes hits enemy plane, but plane not explodes! I see similar problem in demon attack on real hardware: on high level (you must kill demon twice) monster shots are sometimes too fast for coincidence with your space ship.
  5. Can someone create a gcc (for ti99 cross compiler) windows installer? ​
  6. It's possible set keys for shots?
  7. Gorgeous game!! I suggest next game: ikari warrior !
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