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  1. So will the MK2 still run the same core as the original F18A as sounds like you mention borrowing some core. Or is it just the parts of the core subsystem that need to drive the dispays via new TDMS communication protocol for DVI?
  2. Curious what did you end up getting for this auction?
  3. Would love a BIOS chip to install that provided this in a modded Coleco ADAM.
  4. awesome to see an ADAM core. I know we got Atari 2600. Any plans to support Atari 7800 as there were some cool arcade replications in that generation (i..e Joust)
  5. Thanks I own a switch too so that is cool. I thought the graphics looked too good to be something running on a Coleco.
  6. What is that last game in the video? Is that the one included with the Phoenix? Also going to have to hold off on ordering until bonus time in Jan 2019. Will orders still be taken in 2019?
  7. Any guesses what their next console might be? Atari/Colecovision maybe would be my thought. I assume they are waiting to see how the Collectorvision kickstarter pans out,
  8. From a business perspective? They would certainly sell more units if they played other consoles from JB firmware, but they also don't want to officially support any ROM based paths. I do think it will be some time before "someone" releases it, but once their lines of gaming systems have all been exhausted (maybe NeoGeo next, perhaps PS1), then I feel a JB will leak for these other systems. I could be wrong but once their sales have peaked for early enthusiasts, I bet they try to re-stimulate that via unofficial JB firmware that makes any of their consoles a full blown multi-console.
  9. Well, it does seem the "jail break" was provided by developer of cores for these system and the engineer himself. But are unofficially supported and not advertised on site. I noticed Super Nt allows for SD card loads now. And I have strong feeling once all bugs worked out in their coming Sega system that they will unofficially release cores across both (Nt running Sega) and (Sega running SNES) but that is a guess. Though not sure if their Sega hardware will be more powerful than Nt or just same hardware power. But yes always great to have other FPGA options like MiSTer that are open source and not closed projects.
  10. So technically are there improvements to the Mega Sg versus the Super Nt? Or are they pretty much the same but with different core and cart slots? Is there a good chance in future that Super Nt and Mega Sg will get other cores and SD card loading? I was toying with the idea of Collectorvision for coleco games but then ran across this FPGA and was enlightened when I read that Nt mini had cores that support Colecovision and Atari.
  11. Thanks, looks like 16bit (Genesis, SNES, NeoGeo) is out of range for this FPGA. Makes sense as the next gen F18A looks to be targeting the Spartan-6 LX9. Nice project and hope it succeeds being open source and all. Closed systems like Analogue's stuff have their place but a nice to have more variety like this in the FPGA space.
  12. Yes, you are correct about all-in-one likely out of reach. I should have better classified what I was thinking about. More in terms of a classic console ending right before the Gamecubes and PS1. Not even sure if FPGA could handle the N64 either, but perhaps. Yes, I always felt if one wanted to get it all like Gamecube and above would require a x86 at high clocked CPU. But I think an FPGA could get you most classic retro gaming including I believe NeoGeo. Or is something like NeoGeo also a bit out of range?
  13. Curious to how the FPGA compares with that of Analogue's newest units as those were able to also have cores developed that played SNES games as well. In fact their first NES version was jail broken to support over 18 consoles. Would the hardware in this unit support SNES, that is, with right core is it possible to play SNES games? What version of the Intel Cyclone V FPGA does it use? People fail to realize how awesome this console unit COULD be (not that it's not already supporting the best way to play Colecovision). The right FPGA could open up this to be THE console to own with endless possibilities of cores developed for other consoles. So far most units are closed source and do not support ROMs via SD card but are cartridge only based. 230K in 30 days is pretty challenging and I wonder if this had been marketed more then just a coleco based FPGA it could more quickly meet that goal. Who knows. But adding now the Atari 2600 support should help immensely with showing the possibilities of this unit to those on the fence.
  14. I have a Cuttle Cart 2 that I am willing to sell for the right offer. If no PMs will be putting on eBay next month. I paid dearly ($250) to get one and they are very rare so not will to sell it for anything under $300 and will take best offer I get. As a bonus, I will sell it along with a 7800 console (console only). I will do the transaction via Paypal and will list on ebay if you are more comfortable that route as well. You may view my perfect eBay rating (member there since 1999, 326 perfect feedback): https://www.ebay.com/usr/jfcarbel
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