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  1. Nice vid. I watched some videos people made to get ready to use my wimodem232 but once I had it and plugged it in it was easier to use than I imagined. Got it working last night with Taz and NeoCom and connected to some of the BBS's from Tillek's link (thanks for that btw!). It's a real neat device for the price. I've never had my 1040 STe connected before so I'm going to be playing with this quite a bit!
  2. I'm still relearning Basic so it's probably a bit out of my range, but I think this is a pretty cool idea 😎
  3. I've never actually finished an Infocom game, but I love trying! I have a book with hints and walkthroughs for some of the games, but that takes a lot of fun out of something like that. My favorites are Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (general Hitchhiker's fan anyway) and Zork, because it was always something my friends and I were looking for a chance to play when we were kids. I'm planning on playing Planetfall soon because I've heard it's really great. For Adventure I would say Ghost Town and Strange Odyssey. Cassettes are fun to use sometimes, but relying on cassette is not fun at all, lol. I love saving to my nanoPEB now. Thanks For pointing out those resources, I'll check them out.
  4. Thank you all for the warm welcome! I am indeed a very newcomer. *Edit* I didn't quite get how the quotes worked here at first. I'll make it nice next time Well, I have to admit I have mostly been playing with games so my top 5 TI natives are: 1: Scott Adams Adventure series 2: Munch Man 3: Ambulance 4: Treasure Island 5: Parsec From what I've heard That might change after I've had time to actually play Tunnels of Doom. Even though this machine is new to me, I have been nostalgic about revisiting old favorites on the new toy. Burger Time and Donkey Kong are very nice on the TI, and I basically needed a nanoPEB because *INFOCOM* One thing besides gaming I would like to try is some music stuff, I just haven't gotten to it yet. Thanks! That book is awesome, "Terrific Games for the TI994/A". That's funny you mention "I.T.". I got a little too big for my britches when I had my XB cart and tape recorder and spent a couple nights typing and saving on cassette. needless to say I couldn't tell how the game was actually going to play out either, not that I finished putting it in. I do mean to try again soon now that I have the nanoPEB. I actually bought my copy of that book on amazon. After I got up and running I went searching for books and magazines, and I love buying used books on amazon. Other books that I got there are: 101 programming Tips and Tricks for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Home Computer 36 Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Programs for Home, School & Office SAMS TI-99/4A: 51 Fun And Educational Programs SAMS TI-99/4A: 24 Basic Programs (which has a case and a sealed cassette inside I have not opened, yet) and Compute!'s First Book of TI Games I haven't gotten into those yet and I also have some Home Computer magazines and newsletters that I got on ebay. Spring and Summer Is my busy time at work, so I have a lot of reading ready for when it's over!
  5. Hi everybody. Love this forum and thought I might get involved. I found this board pretty quickly after I got my first TI 99/4A this past winter. I never had any experience with the machine before, I had noticed how easy they are to come by on eBay and originally intended to repurpose one as a Raspberry Pi case. It didn't take long to see what a great community the TI has going for it, so I decided to get a console and use it how it was meant to be. I got hooked right away. Always wanted to get into some classic computing and this was a pretty easy way to get started. At this point I have a silver console, speech synth, program recorder, nanoPEB, FlashROM 99, and F18A. Thanks everyone for making such a cool place and putting out so much information. Looking forward to being here!
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