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  1. What about @Mr Robot ones : ECI2PBI Case – The Robot Factory I believe this was made specifically for @Dropcheck extender Edit: it says it is compatible with 2019 extender version by @Dropcheck...
  2. Try the Homesoft collection: click "Download All" and see how it works ATARI 8Bit Games - Homesoft (mushca.com) My guess is that maybe the Option key is not working all the time
  3. I got my Syscheck during about the transition in 2020. So how someone can be sure which case to order? i.e. What are the distinctive differences b/w the two versions of Syscheck?
  4. I have been doing it by hand, and just printing in color in regular paper in the local library. It is not that great but better than a cart without label. I used Inkscape, and wikipedia to get company logos (in SVG). The game art instead you have to copy the raster image, or "vectorize" if the art is simple enough. I am really bad in all those graphics programs, but with the help of youtube I have been able to move forward (slow). Anyway, if you have a laser color printer and add "label" sheets to it, maybe you can get a more professional final result.
  5. Love it. Definitely, it depends on the context.. 🤔But I agree 👍 😁
  6. According with one vendor: "Abilities: Loads XEX, CAR, ROM Limited ATR support Occupies the Cartridge slot Uses SD card as a HDD device On board Real Time Clock On board SDX" I guess you should start with the first part "Loads XEX, CAR, ROM" before moving to the more advanced SDX (Sparta) parts or the HDD part. Put some XEXs, and CARs files in the SD Card you have by using your Windows PC or Mac and try your Side3 again.
  7. The game is wonderful, beautiful and suuuper enjoyable. And on top of that, it is such an staple in classic video game history.
  8. I would love to see and have that: an tf_hh 576K expansion but external (PBI), with pass-thru (with the option to disable XRAM, and just provide the Std.64K)
  9. I have been trying only the ones in the first post (20210610), not the ones posted later. When talking about previous versions, I was talking about 2020 and before versions. Anyway, I was able to play using the megacart version. I will create some flopiies to try, since I like to enjoy some games the old way (from diskettes)
  10. None of the ATR versions worked for me. I load them using AVGCart, Fujinet and RespeQT , with and WITHOUT Hias HS mods. Finally I tied a 130XE (no mods, stock) and it did not work either.. My last attempt will be to create some floppies and try both stock XF-551 and stock 1050. BTW, I had no problems with previous versions of PoP
  11. If anyone interested: https://www.ebay.com/itm/334033410305
  12. I have luck to get an indy 500 pack with two driving controllers. The game is actually very playable and enjoyable today. We played hours with my son, since there are so many variations included in the cartridge. Really well done. I am sure you will still love it.
  13. I have copied some "weird" .CAS into this tnfs server: fujinet.us.to
  14. Yes to ATRs. IF (big if) that does mean the floppy and printed magazine will keep going... That's a big part of the retro experience: have the physical media that you can touch, see, smell, taste... no maybe that's too much.. but you get my point
  15. Also tell us, if no picture means actually no video signal, or a totally black screen.
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