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  1. So I guess this game is not for me. I cannot stand it anymore. This was the best I could do 44700.
  2. I guess the problem is not on the 600xl. It might be in your monitor. ntsc only monitors and TVs are unable to "decode" the color signal of the PAL TV standard. That might be the reason you are not getting colors. The UAV will improve the image but if your monitor is NTSC only, it won't help you to get color.
  3. Maybe the SD card is too big? I mean it is sdhc. Not sure, but it's an easy thing to try : get an old sd card not HC, like 1 or 2GB and try again. At least for updating the firmware, I remember I got problems with some high capacities cards. PS. if you are in US you can get very cheap small capacity cards in Gamestop
  4. My 65xe ntsc came with eci and it was mentioned in the manual. Inside included a 130xe motherboard with space and pads for 2 additional memory chips and the emmu. I would love to have that manual back into my hands...
  5. If there are problems with few keys you can desolder the switch clean it and very carefully fix the position of the contacts. I did that (about 12 keys) and is was very time consuming. But I wanted to keep my only Atari with Alps keyboard. More simple solution is to get another keyboard from a broken Atari XL computer but it'd probably won't be an Alps keyboard. Now, taking a keyboard from 600XL with type 2 keyboard, it is not a bad idea, those keyboards are also great.
  6. I first saw this picture and a mini book released together with BTTF3. Back To the Future : The Official Book of the Complete Movie Trilogy. by Klastorin, Michael and Hibbin, Sally So I think that by 1990 there were plenty of Atari XEs
  7. I would love to see a small xf551 board which can fit under the mech. in a 3D printed case like this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3287420 So then we can have an "unofficial" 1050 3.5" version. The Sony drives MPF920 with black faceplate are very easy to get. My guess is that this 3D printed case can make a big difference in terms of popularity, instead of a generic case. My 2 cents. (more cents to come your way soon).
  8. PAL 600XL included the video monitor connection working, AFAIK, but not channel switch. So it should be a stock computer.
  9. I've got my diskettes from ebay. You just need to be patient and wait until double density new disks show up a 10 or so dollars in US. As long as they are TDK, Maxell or Verbatim you should be good.
  10. And what about the ram extension for 600xl from Jurgen? It is well priced and it'll replaces the onboard ram chips, the delay line and the ls158s and maybe others. It is a good way to get 512kb quickly and resurrect dead 600xls
  11. It also helps to know where you are located. It might be a friendly Atari enthusiast closer that can help you finding the problem with your 600xl.
  12. Similar situation in Chile. We grew up around pirated cassettes that were sold in the mainstream retailer stores, or copies of those done using those dual cassette boomboxes. The only cartridge I knew in the early years (before XE era) was a Star Raiders cart that a friend of mine had, and that's it. I bet it was the same in many parts of the world. Example:
  13. Yep everything that is not zero will execute the command
  14. My first submission to HSC, ever. PAL system in the default skill level. Regards!
  15. In XLs there is a circuit to produce 9.5v or similar for the cadj circuit using what is called a charge pump with Phi1. Probably XEs have similar circuit. My guess is that there a capacitor of that circuit not working properly, so the circuit is producing an unstable voltage. Check the posted thread, and also the circuit schematics and check if the voltaje changes, and if those changes correlate with the changes in colors you see in the screen.
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