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  1. Actually, there was some movement in the RGBtoHDMI project front regarding Atari 8 bits: https://github.com/c0pperdragon/Amiga-Digital-Video/issues/5
  2. maybe youcan post a picture in the blog of the final look with the RCA connectors...
  3. This stuff is useful for building an Atari 8 bit power supply: https://www.ebay.com/itm/3ft-USB-Power-Cable-2-Wire-USB-2-0-Male-Charging-Cord-Extension-DIY-with-Switch/383775457710 https://www.ebay.com/itm/30CM-50CM-100CM-USB-LED-Connector-Cable-line-2pin-USB-Socket-Power-Connect-Wire/264706069951 Not sure about the maximum current but I got more copper than any typical USB cable.
  4. Yes.. but in SDX I think to can still go to D1: and call the Fuji Config from there.
  5. Which Brother printer are you referring to? I am interested... I tried an old Epson EPL5900 which supports esc/p and fx emulation and has Centronics connector when I was back at parents home last year and it did not work. I really wanted it to work so I read all the documentation and it happen to start in another protocol and I needed the epson driver for windows 98 or 2000 to make it switch to esc/p and the config is lost after a power cycle anyway, so a printer that has everything to work with Atari did not work. My point is, are you sure that Brother printer works with Atari 8 bits (in graphic mode)?
  6. For some reason it was posted twice
  7. I want this... please. Who is selling 3D printing services at affordable price?
  8. I was checking this video and I was surprised by this version of Moon Patrol... Is it maybe a prototype version?
  9. Yep, Config is becoming a big monster (a good one) and it can broken in functional pieces. The text reader is a good idea, but it sounds too much for the configurator. However, if we are talking about a cool fujinet file manager I'd suggest to add another feature: unarc decompression. For example, decompress and add or mount the compressed image. Those umich archives (if I remember correctly) included the blurb in plan text and .arc with the program. Just my $0.02
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Maxell-Mini-Floppy-Disk-MD2-D-10-Pieces-NEW-Double-Sided-Density-NOS-free-ship/303794513481 see?
  11. I did not noticed the HD vs DD before and got some HD for an unmodified XF551. They did work, but when I try to read those floppies with a 1050 I couldn't. Just be patient and you should find DD box of 10 for about $10-$12.
  12. I designed a PCB for PS/2 to Atari and Amiga mouse, based on an old design (not mine) using a PIC microcontroller. I tested it with Atari 8 bit (Diamond 2.0 and 3.0 OS, Centipede and Missile Command which it is super cool to play with optical mouse) and Amiga 500. I am waiting to see if it is compatible with the Atari ST (and fit inside the niche under the keyboard). It works with both ball mice and the only optical PS/2 mouse I could get in a thrift store for $2, soon will be tested with more optical ps/2 mice. If interested I will soon add an announcement, so stay tuned. This was initially designed for me, but given the results I thought I should share it with the Atari community, especially given the crazy prices of original Atari mice.
  13. You can check if a pin is pulsing by reading a significant voltage both in DC and AC mode with the multitester. So you can get a probe but meanwhile still can use a multitester. Less than ideal, but better than nothing.
  14. I also made another ESP32 Wrover with only 4MB work with Fujinet. The board included the SD reader. So I needed to redefine the use for several pins... like buttons , SD card reader, MTR control, etc.. and also the definition of the different partitions, to enlarge the spiffs. But it worked!.
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