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  1. Another option (only if like playing with soldering iron) is to build a xf551 clone. The minimum you need is a 360KB floppy drive you can get for less than $40 if you wait enough, the Dropcheck Xf551 board (or sf551 board) and all the components to build the board (and a power supply and one SIO cable). It is a very interesting project. Even to make it more fun and save some money on shipping you can order almost everything times two, and build both a 5.25" clone and a 3.5" clone. In general, the more complicated (for me) part is to get a proper case for the board and mechanisms (you can use a 1050 case as some members of this forum have done before). I am not sure you will save some money, but it is certainly a nice project if you consider this a hobby. Just my $0.02
  2. That would be great
  3. BTW, what is the current of state regarding mailing AvgCarts to the world? I would like to know if it can be sent to USA and how much$$$? I already have one and I am thinking in another one for a friend which isn't convinced (yet) to get back to this hobby.
  4. In my case the problem was fixed by changing the stepper motor. I used the stepper motor of a broken mitsumi d503 drive, and everything started to work.
  5. I am in a search for a cheap but decent solution to the problem of connecting an 800XL to a modern TV. I tried the same (at least from outside) converter that mytek is using and the delay is about half second or more. I tried to play space invaders and it feels like the base has inertia. So then I tried another similar design and it was different from outside, the same blue screen, "no signal" characters and delay than the other one. Now I want to try the ones in the $35 range. Have you experience delay with the Orei or udigital recommended in this thread? Thanks Mauricio
  6. The love Chileans show for Montezuma is something beyond measure. Somehow, it just triggers joy memories (me included). Probably the most popular game for Atari there. If ask someone of our generation, do you remember the 800XL? he/she would respond, "yes, do you remember Montezuma? I used to play it, for hours". Actually when you announced the modified version of Montezuma I thought you would get a lackluster reception, you know like doing doodles on a Picasso, I was wrong. Great job TIX.
  7. I got one 8bitdo, it arrived this evening. I opened and did the mod to supply power to pin 5, it works great. I paired with Wii controller and then with one Nintendo switch joycon. It worked with Moon Patrol redux with the Two button mod. So it really works well.
  8. ah.. OK you were talking from that point of view. you are totally right, it has to be used connected to the computer itself or to another device after the SIO splitter
  9. It depends on how much juice to put into the SIO splitter... I don't think the consumption by the SIO splitter is relatively important. I don't see why fujinet wouldn't work with SIO Splitter. The only "issue" I see is that it will keep powered when you power off your computer.
  10. The problem is that epson protocol esc/p is practically unsupported. There some code already written to convert esc/p protocol in a big image by interpreting the protocol and drawing dot by dot or sometimes using a predetermined font. For starters, Fujinet code is available, I haven't checked, but I guess is similar to code I've seen in which is a giant switch/case statement and some status variables in which you have to cover every single option and case of the protocol. I start writting my own code, I wanted to add it to respeqt, but I got discoraged after seeing how great programmers here in the group, implemented the same in a limited hardware as esp32. So maybe that code can be used as a starting point to make it happen in respeqt. Like 2 year ago or so, in a PC I was able to capture the printer information send by Atari thru the SIO to a file. Then I found some DOS and linux tools that interpret the esc/p protocol and transform it to an image or pdf. Check it out Better than nothing... atariout2.PDF
  11. It also happened to me, but i followed the alternative upgrade procedure from flashjazzcat video and i worked perfectly.
  12. 130XE emmu and XL delay line chips are also scarce. I guess Freddy (or Freddie? ) is not that easy to get.
  13. Check for other sources of the problem (the schematics are you fiends), it might be a non working pin in the keyword connector, a dirty mylar edge, etc. Now, if a new double layer Mylar is needed, I got mine from the brewing academy and it has been working great. @MacRorie is the contact you need here in Atariage forums.
  14. But sellmyretro.com is located in UK right?
  15. I actually prefer the type 4 keyboard you most likely have, I really like the feeling, I can type quickly in those keys. Type 2 keyboards with switches are also great. Anyway, I think you are very close to get this problem nailed down and you might not need a new mylar. maybe is the keyboard connector, or even the 4051 socket pin 14.
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