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  1. For almost everything there is the hardware way and the software way of doing things
  2. My esp01 and esp-07 generic boards crash with a watchdog timer reset error, when I use the 3.5 version. My guest is that it has something to do with pin configuration section which is not generic enough, and all those #define are NOT totally correct to be compatible with my model. So I am stuck with an old version.. I guess middle August 2017 from guthub if my memory served me well. So now I have switched to esp-modem a less ambitious implementation, which it is more simple to modify and still very usable but it does not have all the goddies of Zimodem.
  3. Hey Nezgar, we (atariage members) might try to send a rfq with more units to attract the interest, so we can get a decent quote. BTW, how many did you ask for?
  4. Me too. I don't like the way it is right now. However, in the case of type 4 xl keyboards and xe keyboards there no other option. Unless you can create some pcb with graphite contacts to connect to the mylar.
  5. Probably, since that connector is not easy to source, and it is a common source of problems (now 20+ years after). I've had problems with the tension of the keyboard connector contacts. I was able to "fix" it by pushing those contacts a little bit again the mylar with a little screwdriver and applying contact cleaner but it is not really a good fix. I was able to find similar connectors with the correct pitch but not with the correct number of pins. At least with thekeyboard based on pcb, not mylar, you can solder a series of ribbon cables between the keyboard itself and the motherboard, that is not possible with type 4 keyboards based on mylar contacts
  6. I would like to say thanks to MacRorie for the fast shipping of the UAV and other hardware pieces. The UAV (the kit version) is already installed in my original 65XE with shield: 1.- I did not want to go to the process of desoldering the CD4050 (I really suffered last time I desoldered a chip from this same motherboard), so I first soldered 5 pin headers (one by one for Lum0-3 and Synch) to the feet of the cd4050 (if my memory helps me.. pin 3, 5, 7, and 11 and 14 maybe?). So I soldered just the required minimum for the 5 signals. I used the supplied pin headers (the ones originally supplied for the configuration jumpers) but I cut (separated) them. 2.- I build jumpers with little pieces of wire (from a resistor) and soldered to the UAV to "configure" the UAV to XL/XE mode and redirect the signals coming from the cd4050. I did that to keep the uav low profile. 3.- I connected (soldered) good thick (but not that thick) cables to 5VDC and GND pads of the UAV and found a good place (thick trace) to pick the 5VDC from the motherboard. 4.- I soldered 4 cables (or wires) directly to "output section" of the UAV: Chroma, LUM, composite and Chroma In (input). So I did not use the green connector supplied (to keep the profile low) 5.- Since I wanted to avoid any interference and I want to eliminate the vertical lines on the left size of the screen, I cut all (except the audio and ground) traces arriving to the monitor socket Din 5 pins. 6.- I soldered all the outputs wires (Chroma, Luma and Composite) to the corresponding pin directly to the DIN socket (UAV-->DIN5 Socket) I also connected ground directly to the ground pin of the Monitor DIN5 Socket. 7.- I solder the chroma input wire to the right point in the motherboard (GTIA pin 21 or a close resistor.. I don't remember) 8.- Finally, I soldered the UAV to the 5 pins I installed in the step 1 (very carefully to be sure the pins were entering the right position), so the UAV sits on top of the cd4050 separated by small space, but it is still low enough to install the shield back. The vertical lines are gone, and the quality of the image is much better. I don't know why people keeps saying that the 130/65xe video circuit was good enough. Maybe I got bad luck with this unit since this 65XE (with 130XE motherboard) always produced vertical lines and super saturated colors (I have to decrease the saturation of the TV to get something close to the 800XL and 600XL I have). Thanks again!
  7. You may try to fix your xf551. If you are lucky a head cleaning and/or a check and re soldering of the SIO connectors might fix it. The SIO connectivity is the most common source of problems. Which are the symptoms?
  8. Some cable like this will make it. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163830022127 Sio splitter is 5.5mm 2.1mm or 5.5mm 2.5mm?
  9. In my experience, those multi output voltage PSU are not very good. Maybe you can reuse a phone changer, as long as you can find the correct barrel connector. I use an Ikea 2.1 or 3.1 amps USB changer with a homemade cable. If don;t want the DIY approach there should be a cheap 5VDC switching PSU with barrel connector in amazon or ebay.
  10. If you have time (and patience) to afford I recommend waiting for the original co17945. I've got 3 already at ~$14 free shipping on average in ebay. Just add a notification wait some months until you find one cheap and act fast. I needed 3, one for my xf551 (it came with originally with a 220vac psu) the I got used 1050 and a used xf551 without psu. Since I had a 220vac/110vac cheap trafo I kept using the drives with my original 220v psu, until I got a total of 3 110v original atari psu in a period of about 8 months.
  11. I don't remember using keys when playing moon patrol... But I don't think pushing random keys should make the game crash....
  12. You can replace that ribbon cable. I guess the other size is soldered to the pcb of the keyboard, so your version at least includes pcb. Then you have to replace the connector in the motherboard as well, for something easy to source, like pin headers. But first I would try if possible, to strip the insulation from the original ribbon to see if you can make something similar to the original ribbon end.
  13. I got a new one from Best few months ago...
  14. I might be wrong, but taking the switch out of the way to install the monitor socket does not disable the rf output. So you still can use it if you want
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