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  1. Well sweet if it is worth as much as a 16oz bottle of crystal pepsi unopend then this is worth about $100. I know you are kidding but that is serriously what a bottle of crystal pepsi is worth to a pepsi collector.
  2. So I am getting out of collecting Atari and Vintage Video games, I have been silent on Atariage.com for a long time and i figured that since the hobby does not interest me anymore that I should get out of it. So the reason why I am posting this going through my games I found what is a reproduction of the famed Pepsi Invaders. I cannot remember where I got it. I was wondering if somebody can give me some info about it who programed it and where did it come from. Also what is it worth. I am also having trouble attaching pics if someone could help me with that or if you just want them emailed to you let me know.
  3. Okay i really want to know why there was no interest in this item. I will try to sell it later but if any body knows let me know.
  4. I know the dude i bought it from was teh original recipeint of the console he recieved it right from atari for his video game store back in the 80's he said he riped then off because it would not sell if htey were still on there. He thought people would not want to buy it, like something against his contract with atari. I did think about selling it a s a used console but it has never been used the box is damaged and open but every thing is still in the original packaging and it has never even been plugged into a tv let a long taken out of the box for more than a pic here or there. I hope this helps and maybee it will sell the console.
  5. It is a promo box I am positive of that. This is Straight from the Atariage Web site, "The box that these came in looks like a normal box except it has "Not for Resale, For promotional Purposes Only" stamped on the underside. We're not sure if there are any technical differences to the console, or if it was just an early edition of the new style for retailers to distribute in advance of sales." And that stamp was taken off. I am taking any offer on this system now. Let me know PM me or something.
  6. Alright I know this has only been up for a couple of days but I need to sell it so make an offer!
  7. I will be posting pictures later today but for right now I have an Atari 2600 promotional use only not for resale console in the original box. This system is complete and has never been used. There is damage to the box where teh previous owner removed the "Not for Resale" Stickers but other than that this system is perfect. I am Taking OFfers, best offer at the end of the week will get it.
  8. Check out my auction Ihave a heavy sixer with a set of original paddles and 31 games for auction and a cannon portable printer if anyone is interested. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsteverbdQQhtZ-1
  9. Montezuma's revenge and 007 have sold Still have Blue Lable enduro+ Instructions.
  10. I am just trying to get rid of these I will let them go for pretty cheap. Just make an offer!
  11. Loose James Bond 007 Montazuma's revenge Blue Lable Enduro + instructions I am getting rid of these games as I just aquired them boxed, so I will let them go to the Best offer!
  12. Check out my auctions several games. And a set of wireless controllers. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsteverbdQQhtZ-1
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