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  1. Just looking for the 4 titles loose. Do not want the box or manual. Command, Scrapyard Dog, Summer Games, & Ikari Warriors.. Thanks!
  2. Finally got around to testing a 520 I had.. Keyboard only half worked and the LED didn't light. Took it apart to find a support post pierced the pcb, and some other spot knocked a hole in it.. it's been recommended to repair it, but I'd rather just replace it.. Here's some pics, what do you all say.. Anybody have just a compatible keyboard for sale?
  3. It does fail after you enter all your info in.. I hadn't thought about using a existing 354 shell..
  4. So I am trying to bring a 520STm back to life and want to use a Gotek as a external drive.. I have seen on Amibay a guy called a.mi.goun selling the cables I think I need. Problem is you can't register on there at all right now. Any idea on how to make my own? I've looked and have seen some confusing info. Thanks in advance! Dan
  5. So apart from some zip collections, I have been getting a lot from Fandal. Only thing I haven't been able to find is Dungeon Hunt? Was it ever publicly released? Looks like fun. I have so much to play now!
  6. Wow, there's a lot out there! Thank you for all these suggestions! Gonna have to d/l some of these! Amazing!
  7. So I am familiar with Yoomp! Which is awesome! But I was wondering what other new games are out there that I'm completely missing? What do you all recommend for the A8?? Thanks for all your input!
  8. Whoa, I guess I am confused. Can these cracked games be re-written back to a real floppy?
  9. These are wicked cool. Keep it up! Love the SDrive Max..
  10. Got mine working tonight! Had to do the cable twice cause all the diagrams for the SIO port are for the computer itself.. I figured out later that the cable is actually a reverse of that!
  11. Hey i like that pcb! Where did you find that one? i don't think mine has those holes in the pcb already.. I can see the plus to having it this way.. I also have to add, how did you get it to play just pac-man? I wasn't aware this could do binaries?
  12. I also would love to purchase two of these! Lemme know the details if your open to selling 2 of these.. color doesn't matter as I'm gonna paint them like a XL and XE.. Not yet ready to buy a printer, but I want one really. bad.
  13. Just for the sake of having both options I just ordered some 1N5819's. For the price might as well.
  14. So it looks like only 4 wires are involved if your not using the +5 volts. Doesn't seem so bad. Now I need a case printed.. if I only had a printed. That's a rabbit hole I choose to not run down into yet.. Any one with a printer care to make a cpl bucks?
  15. Just ordered all my parts.. Is there a great guide as to making the cable? I have the diodes on the way as well..
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