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  1. Speaking of this game... there are two more issues:


    It is sometimes impossible to hit the earwig or the caterpillar. The bullets go right through these two bugs, but nothing happens sometimes. I'm not sure this is also the case in NTSC ... but I always wondered what happened. I did not have this issue with the 1983 version. Anyone?





    Here we go:




    I hope that all PAL issues are fixed in this version.


    I'm attaching fixed ROM image for those who care too.




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  2. Hi all!


    Here is the way how to trigger easter egg in Joust: power console on and press select, then press 53x (!!!) joystick 1 down and then press 41x joystick 1 left and wait for hidden credits...




    I've never been one to sit and figure out easter eggs, so I have to know, how did you figure it out? Is it somewhere in the code? I don't see how anyone would just happen to stumble upon that easter egg by chance, but again, I don't know much about the topic.


    I disassembled binary and found the code to trigger it.



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  3. Raster's funeral will be held this Friday (5th August) in Prostejov/CZ.


    There will be a lot of Atarians and other sceners and I promise that we will say our last "good bye" for all those who will not be able to come.


    There were some questions from AtariAge/ABBUC/AtariArea/AtariOnLine members if they can donate a wreath or something like that. I think it is not necessary but thank you very much for all your condolences and prayers!



  4. Looks very interesting.


    I checked the code and I think it is designed for 4-port machines connected using joystick ports 3 and 4. Unfortunately, I can't test it as I don't have any 400/800 machines...




    I have some 800s... any idea of the port wiring for this setup?


    I have no idea but I would try direct pin to pin (1-1, 2-2, etc.) wiring...



  5. Well, I know, it barely fits the topic of this thread...


    Looking through Atarimaria site I've found Thinx game, and the message of its author (Erik Stok). The author apparently wanted to publish his game, but due to weird protection, he didn't manage it till now. Does anyone have contact with this guy, or at least ATR file with full version of Thinx (even dump of protected one, there are still the guys able to crack programs).






    OK. Here we go. Full version of Thinx cracked by me.


    Many thanks to Fred_M for selling me his last copy of this game! :)



  6. Hi all!


    Good news to everyone! I finally found some time to crack PRO image of Warlok. Attached ATR version works fine on my real PAL HW and it should work on NTSC too as I fixed DLI timing issue (somebody please, test it on real HW!).


    It seems to me that our unknown "Happy Hacker" just used some sector editor to change some text as copy protection was still there. Anyway, I replaced all those "funny" messages by original ones according to tape version.


    Many thanks to CyranoJ for PRO image and to TheRealBountyBob for crack request.


    Emulator users, switch fast SIO patch off.






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