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  1. Still waitin' for your first post, dude!

  2. Some time ago on Atari Area forums we talk about it. In that time You have connected the second POKEY IRQ pin. Did you disconnect this PIN? It should not be connected. The IRQ pin of second POKEY must be not connected to anywhere. We talked about it here: http://atariarea.krap.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4233 with greetings Sebastian Igielski (a.k.a. Seban/SLIGHT) Yes, you're right. It's a problem with my stereo upgrade. I have totally forgotten we have discussed it years ago. F.
  3. This new version freezes on my real PAL Atari. Boot is OK as well ask depack but the game doesn't start. Didn't you change stereo detection routine? F.
  4. Advanced: 2520. I hate unplayable games. Looking for next contest. F.
  5. Yes, thank you Goodman! F.
  6. You're doing absolutely great job! I was playing Tempest 2000 with rotary controller for hours this weekend and I can't wait seeing this awesome game on A8! F.
  7. The project is not dead! Wooha, May 2008 update!!! F.
  8. Amazing! You're simply the best! I'm going to retire... F.
  9. ZX Spectrum users must be happy now... F.
  10. Nice little game! But I don't understand how hints work... Some ideas: what about background music or keyboard control (entering numbers)... F.
  11. Totally unplayable game. This is the only score I'm going to submit as I don't want to go mad. F.
  12. 39,400 Frustrating game. I can't do it any better. F.
  13. Excellent work! I still can't believe it's possible to port games from another platforms like this! F.
  14. Asteroids is one of my favourite games... on 7800! F.
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