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  1. Witcher 3 (has tons of content) Dark Souls 3 (I would take all of them if I could) Bloodborne Don't Starve Dreams (PS4) - I can make my own games in it :) Planet Coaster OpenTTD (improved version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe) M.U.L.E. Lords of Conquest (Atari 8bit) No Man's Sky - keeps pulling me back in with updates
  2. A generation is easiest to define when the same company is putting out replacement consoles. The 5200 was meant to be a replacement of the 2600 with night and days differences in visuals and sound. Therefore it's a new console generation. Something like the Intellivision is harder to define where it's somewhere in-between the tech of the 2600 and the 5200/CV. But Atari also muddied this with the 7800 which was a second 2600 replacement designed only two years later. Is the 7800 a generational leap over the 5200? I'd say no. Not like 5200 over 2600 anyway. If you go by software, then you could argue that the current generation is actually still a part of the PS3/Xbox 360 generation since many of the genres and game design techniques are still similar.
  3. There only reason I'm considering this over running emulation is the PC keyboard doesn't map clearly to the C64 keyboard, and I think having the actual C64 keyboard in front of you will make more sense when playing certain games.
  4. I've been more of a computer/PC gamer than console. So my console-owning history is spotty. I've only owned four consoles-- 2600, Jaguar, Wii and PS4. Out of those, PS4/current gen is my favorite.
  5. Yeah, this irks me. In what crazy world are the 5200 and 2600 same generation? If anything, 5200 & CV should belong to the same generation as NES since they are closer to it in tech. Or maybe call it a lost gaming generation that was "won" by the C64 ? The years between the crash and NES dominance were some of my favorite years in gaming, and it's too bad how it gets ignored.
  6. Maybe check this out? 6502 assembly in your browser with tutorials. It might be easier to learn the basics this way http://skilldrick.github.io/easy6502/
  7. "ET It's like Sssnake on Sssteroids!" (couldn't resist)
  8. Early reviews of Stadia not looking so great Google Stadia review: Gaming's streaming future isn't here yet https://www.cnet.com/reviews/google-stadia-review/ Google Stadia Launch Review: A Technical, Conceptual Disaster https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/11/18/google-stadia-launch-review-a-technical-conceptual-disaster/#1b2d63a45ec7
  9. The built-in UI will also save changes to the .atari800.cfg file Also an advanced trick is to have multiple atari800.cfg files, maybe one to emulate an 800, one for XE, one for 5200, one to turn Basic on/off or whatever, you tell the command line which to load
  10. Yeah.. I was a KDE fan from the time it appeared in the late 90s, but they lost me with recent developments. I just couldn't bear it anymore, so I tried a bunch of alternate desktops. XFCE impressed me with how fast, configurable and familar it was. Does everything I need and didn't get in the way. (And I'm pretty sure it has MacOS themes if you get curious about it :) )
  11. Ah, unfortunately I'm not that familiar with Gnome, so I'm not sure how to get around that. I've used KDE and more recently XFCE.
  12. That is straightforward to add on linux, but it depends which desktop environment you are in. Usually you right-click on the the desktop and add a "launcher" or an "application". You tell it what command to launch, and can pick an icon for it.
  13. Keeping in mind that this was produced in the midst of the crash years, it reads rather bullish on the videogame market, believing there was very strong demand for the 7800 system, and strong demand for full priced cartridges.
  14. I believe you can do everything from the built-in atari800 Menu (press F1 to enter)-- change disks, change roms, change screen size, sound, OS revisions, cold/warm resets, 800/XL/XE modes, Ram expansions, etc.
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