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  1. I think retail has a problem where digital media has shrunk their physical media sections, and the "there's an app for that" world we live in means there's a bunch of electronics products they used to sell that there is no longer much of a market for. So they have more shelf space to fill, and I think they are more willing to take a chance on niche consoles than they would have been in the old days
  2. I've written a graphical front-end that runs full screen using SDL. It supports JZintv among many other emulators. If interested, I could send a copy
  3. I think the 800 looks a bit dated, but not horrible. It's from the 70s, at least it wasn't wood-grained 😄 The 400 takes my vote for being the "ugliest"
  4. I swear I don't touch the keys! but in an emulator the reset button is done with a mouse click, so it's hard to avoid touching the mouse in that case :)
  5. Sprites are called "Players and Missiles" or PM Graphics for short on the Atari. They are a little strange compared to other computers sprite implementations: Players are 8-bits wide and the full height of the screen, missiles are 2-bits wide and also the full height of the screen. All 4 missiles can be combined into an extra player. You can easily change the horizontal position of the PM graphics, but for vertical movements you need to shift the data up or down. One cool thing is you can use display list interupts to change the position of the PM graphics anywhere on the screen, creating a new set of independent sprites. This is useful for say a split screen game
  6. each character is 8-bytes, one byte for each row. They are stored in ATASCII order, first 128 characters only. The trick is there is a pointer that you need to change to point to your new character set, and I forget where that pointer is offhand.
  7. Since first owning an ST, I noticed that sometimes a key would get stuck, or keyclick sound would just keep repeating until you press a key. It often happens at boot time when you haven't even pressed any keys. It's something I always took for granted. Last night I noticed it was happening on the emulators too. What causes these phantom keypresses? Is there anything that can be done to fix the issue?
  8. Populous (1989?)- Promised Lands needed the original games. Flight Simulator II (1984?) had scenery disks you could buy separately The Sims (2000) had a bunch expansion packs The way "Alternate Reality" was originally described, it sounded like there was going to be three add-on content packs But AR The Dungeon was eventually released as a standalone game, and the other two never came out.
  9. Not many modern computers have RS232 ports anymore, I was wondering if it's possible to use emulators that let you specify the serial device file under /dev to instead direct it to a TTY that would give you a local login shell? So that if you open a TERM program, you can interact with the host filesystem. Many times this is easier than using the antiquated file managers and tools these emulated systems come with. Linux and similar OSes seem designed to make this kind of thing possible, but it's been ages since I played with TTYs, and don't know what's changed.
  10. Aranym is great for running high-end GEM/TOS machines that never actually existed. As MrMadDog said, It's great for running GEM apps that can benefit from more speed or higher-resolution. or running alternative Operating Systems. Hatari and Steem focus on emulating actual hardware.
  11. This is true, but games from that era that ran at 320x240 look very blocky on modern displays, and this may be personal preference, but I find scanlines somehow make things feel less blocky, so that's why I like to have them at low resolutions like that.
  12. Do I need to specify a subtarget as well, and does it take a comma separated list?
  13. I know the MESS Jaguar emulation can run some games fairly well. The Virtual Jaguar emulator can run some games Mess can't and Vice Versa, neither can run the entire library. There's a Russian Jaguar emulator that has high compatibility, but forces you to use its own front-end. (I want something that I can use with my front end). So there's no perfect Jaguar emulator With IIgs I found the quality of the emulators across the board rather poor, even though I did manage to get them running some software. Atari ST has great emulators, Falcon not so much. Hatari has some Falcon emulation, but it's not 100% The problem I've seen using Mess/Mame for running home computer emulation is that computers are complex beasts with lots of options -- different memory sizes, different OS revisions, different media types (cart, cassette, disk, hard disk image, host hard disk etc), emulate a TV vs hi-res monitor, and the list goes on and on. Mess doesn't have the flexibility to deal with all of these options and will usually emulate a fixed configuration instead. Usually there's a standalone emulator that better handles all these options, so I only use Mess as a fallback.
  14. lets say I wanted to make a small binary that can run a handful of games, but using different subtargets Maybe Pac-man, Donkey Kong, Frogger Can such a build be done?
  15. In the early days, every emulator release brought something new to the table and you were able to play things you couldn't before. Nowadays, many systems have one or two very mature emulators capable of running 99+% of its software library correctly, and new releases happen once a year or less. And when they happen, they aren't groundbreaking. What could bring excitement back is if people tackled emulation for systems that never got perfect emulators. Apple IIgs and Atari Jaguar + Falcon come to mind, but I'm sure there are many others.
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