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  1. That's the best news I've had all day! Can't wait.
  2. Is anyone still working on this game? I have great memories of playing this game with my friends on my Tandy 1000 SL back in the late 1980's. Seeing this on the Coleco/Adam would be a blast. Thanks, Mark
  3. I received my copy on Christmas Eve in the mail. It is phenomenal!!! Great work!!!!
  4. Team Pixelboy. You are awesome. Thank you for always doing this on Christmas! I look forward to it every year!! Hope you have a great day and a phenomenal 2020!!!!
  5. I registered an account on Discord, and that link didn't work.
  6. Is there a forum for bugs on the Phoenix, and when/how will we be notified if there are software updates? I am really enjoying the new console! Thanks! Mark
  7. This looks awesome. I'm definitely interested in this!!
  8. How can I get on the list for this? I'd like to buy a copy. I missed out on the original orders way back when? Please let me know. Thanks, Mark
  9. Great job with all the roms! I have been playing games on my RetroPie all weekend! Thanks again. -Mark
  10. All three would be awesome! Looking forward to the new releases.
  11. Just paid. Please add me to the list. Thanks, Mark
  12. That looks awesome! Can't wait until later this year when we get them! Great work. -Mark
  13. I'm definitely interested in joining the club. Please add me to the list. Thanks, Mark
  14. It looks phenomenal. Looking forward to the release. Great work!!
  15. This is awesome! Thank you and have very Merry Christmas and great 2019!!
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