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  1. oldgames


  2. Made another sale to Shawn. Great as always!
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a winner! (2 winners actually) The winner of the prize furnished by oldgames (me) is cremorecs! Cremorecs, I have sent you a GameGavel message. Let me know what you're interested in. The winner of the prize furnished by Mike (GameGavel) is synbiosfan. Synbiosfan, Mike will communicate with you. Congratulations to both winners!
  4. Last Call! If you've sold $50.00 worth on GameGavel during March and haven't messaged me yet, please do so. I'll be sending the final list to Mike on Monday April 4th and the drawing will take place soon after that. Winners will be notified by email. Good Luck, everyone!
  5. Didn't realize that. I hadn't checked it for a long time. I'm still getting a good amount of views and sales and I always thought that was part of the reason.
  6. This is a great game! Anyone with a Supercharger who doesn't have it yet should check it out.
  7. I use the 'select all' when relisting. I've never had a problem. It's at the top of the page when you display your expired listings. I do agree that it would be handy to have some type of store set up that was a list till sold arrangement. Overall, I am very happy with GameGavel. All the customers I've had are very good and I find the interface to be very easy once you're used to it. Different people like different things, though. I have been using fixed price listings almost exclusively. It works out for me because most of what I sell has a pretty well defined market price. My customers seem to like it because they don't have to wait to see if they win. Mike does a feed to Google Base daily, but I recommend that sellers publicize their listings here and other forums also. I think the site will continue to grow and everyone who gives it a chance by listing and buying there will help that process.
  8. When I say it doesn't make sense, I mean the buyer being out the return shipping on a damaged item. It does make sense to me that the item should be returned if the seller wants it, but they should foot the bill and Ebay / Paypal should make it easy for them to do so.
  9. This is Ebay / PayPal's policy and you're absolutely right, it does not make sense. IMO, a good seller would pay for the return shipping on an item damaged in shipping or one returned because it didn't match the description. Ebay doesn't force them to, though and in fact makes it harder to do. The seller has to issue the refund, then do a seperate PayPal transaction for the return shipping. The refund can't be more than the original payment. It would be so easy for them to allow this and then charge the refunder the appropriate fee on the overage.
  10. Entries are coming in! Still time to do 7 day listings before the end of the contest!
  11. One thing to be aware of on the comparison tool that I posted the link to. I didn't notice this at first, but it rounds the fees up to the next dollar. For low numbers of lisings and/or low final price items, the percentages won't be very reliable. Some on the Seller Central forum are asking the guy who came up with this to include the decimals so that it will be more reliable. Hope he does so.
  12. Here's a link to a tool that compares the current fees to the new ones. Just plug in some numbers with about how much you list and what the average shipping charges are and see what the effect will be. Fee comparison tool
  13. Almost 2 weeks left to list, sell, and qualify. Good luck everyone!
  14. I can think of better ways to eliminate those who practiced fee avoidance. It was very easy for me to avoid buying from them. No sales = no incentive to break the rules. All Ebay's move does is raise fees on all sellers who didn't break the rules. When I was in school the good teachers would identify the students responsible for problems and punish them. The very good teachers would identify the students responsible for problems and try to reach out to them and spark an interest in learning. Only the very worst teachers punished the whole class. IMO, Ebay's move has nothing to do with wanting lower shipping prices for buyers. They only want to increase their fees.
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