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  1. Star Wars: Death Star Battle: 21656 (You are winning so far Evandro_ECM.)
  2. Ice Hockey 21 (23-2) Basketball 0 (52-52)
  3. Dragon's Descent: 547 Seaweed Assault: 835 Pac-Man: 11240
  4. Don't really have a favorite Star Wars character, so I'll go with the Stormtrooper. The game will obviously find the player doing the things that the stormtrooper does. But what to call the game? 'Death Star Defenders'? 'Palpatine's Posse'? No! In the game you defend the death star from the rebels. Unfortunately the shooting controls will be so bad that you will have a hard time hitting the characters you aim at. You will have to do one of those 'search for an object' type levels, but it will be so convoluted that you will have a hard time to find the droids you are looking for. The controls will be so bad that going through some door ways will be enough to give you headache. Yes, this will be the sort of really bad game whereby, if someone plays it, (or a game like it where the controls severely inhibit the game play) they will don the white helmet and yell out in frustration: THIS IS: 'A Stormtrooper Game'
  5. Bermuda Triangle: 13100 Sky Diver: 84 Spitfire Attack: 25100 Thunderground: 102680
  6. Frankenstein's Monster: 2090. (Or is it Frankenstien?) Halloween: 12600
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