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  1. Hello, Very nice this diode rom. I have a question, since I have read recently about diode roms. https://hackaday.io/project/11860-diodes-only Have you had problems with voltage drops due to the large amount of diodes used? Did you use some ICs for that reason? Thanks for sharing this. Regards.
  2. Hello, Thanks for the replies. Yes, I see that screen. Then, I press "Enter" for instance, and I get into the next screen where the LEDs, the keyboard, and the HEX display appear. There is where I have the problem with the "run/play button". I have a GROM.bin, and EXEC.bin that I found on the web, but I do not know if these are originals. I tried to get them from the links of jzintv4droid, but I could not, so I look for them on the web. But I do not know if they are originals or not, I just tried to see if they worked, and that's it for the moment. I downloaded jzintv4droid last week as well. It is strange that there are 4 buttons empty, but I do not know even the game console. Thank you very much. Regards.
  3. Hi all, I found this topic searching on the web, and I was surprised, since I knew the link to the original science fair microcomputer kit. I found it very interesting that someone managed to do such emulation. Now, I would like to ask you for the demo included. I press the "Run/Play" button, and nothing happens. However, when I press one of the 4 empty buttons that are above the numbers of the intellivision pad, then, the demo starts, lighting the leds one by one, and showing digits on the 7 segment display. Am I doing it correctly? Is there a little bug in the rom? I do not know this console. I am running it in my smartphone, using jzintv4droid. Thank you very much for your attention. Regards. P.S. Which language did you use to make this rom? It is amazing, really amazing.
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