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  1. check this out looks like your not the only one ... http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/showthread.p...referrerid=2366
  2. yea those looks amazing and awesome !! keep up the excellent work !!!
  3. T2FREEKER has to be added to the LIST ! back in october 2007 I shipped him Sega CD back up ram cart and Rtype cartridge for sega master system. Plus a Jaguar CD system was shipped to him in around 2006 it actually belongs to diggs130 (doug) because Jason said he can fix it and he said he fixed the most stuff on it but has never shipped it back to Doug or me at all ...I suspect he kept the jag cd for himself or sold it off to someone else ! ... so watch out for this THIEF !!!! AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH HIM !!! I have tried PMing him and e-mailing him he keeps on making excuses saying he will paypal me or send me a money order or said he sent a money order and said I never got the money order ?? etc I AM SICK OF HIS BULLSHITS ! YET he goes on different Forums and wanting to buy alot of games from other people that means he has the MONEY !! so please do what is RIGHT ! and I will remove this once I receive the jag cd and sega cd ram cart and sms rtype cart back from him or jag cd back and paypal or money order of $30.00 !! so avoid this fellow at all costs !!! thanks ! I will NEVER do any more businesses with him ! JASON GREENE
  4. Atari 2600 Swordquest: Waterworld Cartridge ONLY MINT condition Swordquest: Earthworld BRAND NEW COMPLETE NEVER BEEN OPENED ! box has some wear Yar's Revenge BRAND NEW COMPLETE NEVER BEEN OPENED! Box has some wear ORIGINAL RELEASE not the REPRINT Looping Brand new Sealed ! CGE 2k3 Exclusive Big Bird's Egg Catch Cartridge ONLY Good condition but has screw showing in the middle. Will List some more stuff .... pictures can be provided am not sure how much these are worth so feel free to send me OFFERS Thanks ! Will ship anywhere in the world ! as for TRADES am interested in video games stuff ... some other stuff mainly computers electronics etc ...
  5. YEP it sure does EXISTS ! DreamTR is the EXPERT on this ! I bought one from him I believe Deluxe version is the one that I bought but I might be wrong . but BOTH reg and deluxe does EXIST in N.A. versions
  6. of course me too !!! heheh she hasnt seen the storage in a while LOL whew ....
  7. just buy them and hide them in ur car trunk or storage or shed or garage somethin' like that and act like you had it for a while ....
  8. Hi wow finally seeing u are selling it I remember seeing that ad and i sent the seller numerous of e-mails and kept on checking and refreshing the ad and checking my e-mails for HOURS HOURS LOL....for that even offered more $ to the seller never heard a word back from the seller but at least you got it heh ...
  9. FS/FT LaserActive Games Hi there am looking to sell or Trade those Laseractive games. Don't Like my Prices just Feel free to Haggle with me ! most of the prices includes shipping ! ALL are Factory Sealed ! brand new !!!! Photos available upon request I forgot how to add the images oops ... Hyperion asking $75 Manhattan Requiem asking $85 Space Berserker asking $125 Rocket Coaster asking $75 Triad Stone asking $95 Pyramid Patrol asking $50 am looking for GOKU for laseractive ! and many other games for other systems Don't Like my Prices ? feel free to Haggle !!!!!! Neo Geo AES Games I have are all are USA/English versions unless NOTED... All are complete (unless NOTED) and includes shipping World Heroes 2 JET $50 Top Player Golf no manual $25 Fatal Fury Special $50 Fatal Fury 2 Dog Tag $40 Baseball Stars 2 Dog Tag $85 King of Fighters '94 $75 Samurai Shodown $40 Fatal Fury Dog Tag $35 Fatal Fury DT Brand NEW ! $100 Magician Lord $35 Football Frenzy DT Brand NEW ! $75 Baseball Stars Professional $40 Super Sidekicks Brand NEW ! $100 King of Fighters '95 Brand NEW asking $250 Savage Reign Brand New asking $250 also have a Neo Geo CD system 100% COMPLETE BOXED Japanese version asking $175 shipped in USA VERY MINT ! MORE to COME !!!! have pictures upon request !
  10. NAH no rarities in there ! i doubt it will go for $5k LOL.
  11. dojosky

    Towers II

    i want to buy one that is complete please help me ! thanks
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