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  1. I just found one of these. It's in excellent condition. Please PM or post your offers please. Any price will include free shipping (USPS First Class). I guess as a BIN I would say $60. I don't know what these normally sell for. I can't seem to find any sales to compare. It's the same cart on this page: http://www.atariage.com/software_page.html?SoftwareID=3361 Any questions I will try to answer asap. Thank you.
  2. Maybe we should all post our lost/damaged package horror stories.
  3. Can you believe this was sold and now the post office has LOST THE PACKAGE!!! Unreal. It's insured but oh man I am pissed. Rare irreplacement game lost to incompetence of USPS. It's tracked and they have record of recieving it but it went from one post office to the next and then it vanished. IDIOTS!
  4. A) here is quicker B) more reliable buyers here
  5. This is for sale only here right now. I might ebay it though. My feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...tab=AllFeedback I used to own a game retail store in NYC so that's why I have a lot of inventory but the past 2 years I have stopped selling for the most part. Old timers probably remember Multimedia 1.0. Thanks for inquiring.
  6. I have one and only one copy of this. It's a mint sealed Cheetahman II for NES. $500 or best offer. Feel free to ask questions.
  7. Thank you for comments. It's appreciated. ITEM SOLD.
  8. Does anyone know if $100 is a good price for this to sell? It seems like the pac-man franchise being so large that this would increase this carts value. I am just not sure if $100 is a price I want to sell at.
  9. Looking for offers on this. It's a legit original 2600 Atari Loan Cartridge Pac Man Eprom...as you can read from the label. The end label is missing. Not sure what was there but it's not there any longer. Maybe someone can contact Jan Boehm and find out. Payment via paypal or Money Order. Any questions? Feel free to ask. -Jesse Labrocca btw if you are curious where I got this...it was from my vintage video game store that I closed a few years ago in NYC. Some may remember it, Multimedia 1.0. I have a lot more than this cart too but right now I would like to see what offers I can obtain here. EDIT: ITEM SOLD
  10. $75 plus $8 shipping http://www.timepassagesnostalgia.com/&sin=9127 $10 for 6 packs plus $3 shipping http://cgi.ebay.com/PAC-MAN-FLEER-COLLECTO...1QQcmdZViewItem Sorry but that's all I can find from Google, Froogle, and Ebay. If you know a cheap place to get these feel free to post them. I give you my full permission to show me a place I or anyone can get these at $25 per box.
  11. I didn't point them anywhere and I won't. Because you can't. I asked you in PM for locations of places selling cheaper. I am more than happy to offer my cards at a competitive price. Instead you are more than happy to ruin a sales thread. Thanks buddy...
  12. Well thanks anyways...you are doing a great job as Moderator. Sale closed. I will take the excellent advice of the guru Sku_u and post these on Ebay. I won't bother to post anymore sales here since it's standard procedure for a moderator to step in and say an item is overpriced. I guess that's how business is done here. bye
  13. I appreciate your post however I sent you a PM asking where you can get these for $25 per box. Before posting I did some searches and was unable to find pricing that low. In your PM reply to me neither could you. You stated that in the past there were Ebay auctions..well the past is simply that. I would be glad to match prices out there if they existed however I see no one selling boxes of these cards. Thank you.
  14. I have an entire CASE of the 1981 pacman scratch-off cards. http://i23.ebayimg.com/05/i/07/5a/ag/bc_1.JPG That is one pack. A box is 36 packs. A case is 24 boxes. Each pack contains 3 stickers, 3 rub-off cards, and 1 piece of gum (it's not advisable to chew). Prices: per pack $2.50 plus shipping costs via USPS per box (36 packs) $75 and free USPS shipping 4 boxes or more will recieve an additional 10% discount (great deal for anyone with a store or flea market seller) I accept paypal or money order. I will ship USA only at these prices. PM me if you are in EU and want to make a different deal. Feel free to PM me or ask any questions. My Ebay id is VIDEOGAMESDEAL so feel free to see my feedback.
  15. Can I ask Jumpman when you obtained it for $40 sealed?
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